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Episode 13: The Woman King; February 11, 2007
2/17/07: Episode Review Now Available
2/11/07: Episode Summary Including Extended Bonus Scene Now Available
2/11/07: Caprica's Inner Baltar wonders why she came to the fleet. Athena is visiting Caprica. She tells Caprica that her best chance of survival is to cooperate including helping them expose Baltar's crimes. Athena then says she needs to leave and will look into getting her some clothes. As Caprica thanks Athena for the visit, it turns out that Roslin and Tory are there eavesdropping. Inner Baltar then asks her if she thinks any of them care about her. He asks why they are there. Caprica says that she doesn't know. Inner Baltar guesses that she wants to save him. She again says she's not sure. He says that they are there because she wants to be there. He then tells her that in order to be human she has to think only about herself. From Yahoo Preview
2/9/07: Tigh has indeed replaced Helo as XO. Helo has now been put in charge of the refugees, most of which are Sagitarrons. From Tahmoh Penikett Interview
2/9/07: Vice President Zarek tells Roslin that Baltar's trial will bring the fleet to a halt with violence and work stoppages. Roslin's aide, Tory, counters that they have a security plan in place which includes rapid deployment Marines, increased CAPs and security details. That doesn't faze Zarek and he advises that Roslin to declare martial law. He says that it'll take more than patience to survive the trial. He offers his help if she needs it and then leaves. Tory is skeptical, but Roslin says that she's never seen him that way and he really seemed frightened. From Preview
2/8/07: Tyrol and Tigh express racist views toward Sagitarrons. From RDM Episode Podcast [not sure how sarcastic he was being.]
2/8/07: Athena apparently is suspicious of Helo's relationship with Mrs. King. From RDM Episode Podcast [not sure how sarcastic he was being.]
2/8/07: In the deleted scene, Helo confesses to Adama sabotaging the use of the biological weapon (the virus) against the Cylons in Episode 306. From RDM Episode Podcast [Moore seems to indicate that the scene is likely NOT canon.]
2/8/07: Caprica Six's Inner Baltar returns in a scene that includes Roslin. From RDM Episode Podcast
2/8/07: Racetrack appears in a scene set in Joe's Bar. From RDM Episode Podcast
1/29/07: Dr. Robert describes a disease that attacks major organs. Mrs. King says that he killed her son. Helo tells Tigh and Adama that he believes that Robert is killing people because he's racist. Helo, blocked by armed guards, yells at the Dr. Robert that he knows that he's killing people. From Promo
1/29/07: Athena asks Helo how Hera is. He's taken aback. Athena points out that Hera wasn't well and was taken to Dr. Robert. Dr. Robert brandishes a sinister look. A toddler's wail can be heard as the promo cuts to the BSG logo. From Promo
1/29/07: Zarek predicts that there will be attempts on Baltar's life and civil unrest. He says that putting him on trial will rip the fleet apart. From Promo
1/28/07: Zarek is back. From Promo
1/28/07: Episode doesn't air for two weeks. [SciFi Channel airing a repeat on Super Bowl Sunday, which is a good idea considering how the Colts-Patriots game throttled the ratings last Sunday.]
1/24/07: The Colonials are under siege from a medical crisis linked to Sagitarron refugees, which leads to acts of prejudice and murder. From TV Guide
1/10/07: Updated episode airdate. There will be a two-week gap between Taking a Break from All Your Worries (Ep 312) and this episode. From SciFi Channel Schedule
1/9/07: Bruce Davison (X-Men) appears as Dr. Robert.
1/9/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Athena pays a visit to Baltar's Six, who has her very own bed in the brig.
[That's confirmation that Baltar's Six came back to the fleet with him.]

Helo and Athena talk down in a crowded hangar deck.
[Likely about Hera's health.
Athena doesn't seem worried to be among all the civilians.]

Helo visits Dr. Robert.
[Notice the heavy security behind Helo.]

Later, in the same scene, Helo has pulled his sidearm, while security holds off the civilians.
[This probably triggers Helo's investigation.]

The Woman, King

Tigh listens to an intense Dr. Robert.
[Looks like the scene where Dr. Robert reveals his prejudice.]

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

1/1/07: A "Helo" episode where he does something that is apart from his relationship with Athena.
10/21/06: Doctor Robert's medical facility might actually be located on the lower decks of Galactica.
10/12/06: When Helo attempts to move a heavily sedated Hot Dog from Doctor Robert's care, Doctor Robert intervenes by ordering Marines in. Just then Tigh and Cottle arrive, and to Robert's surprise Tigh turns on him. Cottle admits to Helo that he finally did the an autopsy on Willie and found that he died of acute apoptosis, while Buckminster was suffocated. Dr. Robert says that he had only six months to live and he was saving medicine for those who could really use it. Cottle says that they had anemia. Robert then goes on a rant against Saggitarons and blames the genetic condition on their attitude. [Remember, Zarek is a Saggitaron and they have long been looked down upon by the other colonies.] Robert says that he was going to save Hot Dog because he was a pilot and unlike most Sagittarons, willing to defend humanity.
10/12/06: Doctor Robert and Tigh know each and are on friendly terms. Doctor Robert commands Marines, which would seem to indicate that he's in the military structure. Whether or not he's still XO of Galactica, Tigh appears to still be part of the military command since he gives orders to the Marines and Helo.
10/12/06: Dr. Robert had to suture a wound of some kind that Hera had.
9/27/06: Guest cast listed as: Sykes/Burrell, Willie, Portia King, Doctor Robert, Buckminster, Buckminster's Father, Scorpion.
9/27/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: Medical care in the fleet is dismal with shortages of medical supplies and practioners. After one such death, a mother is suspicious of the autoposy results. Helo investigates a particular ship's doctor, who seems to discriminate in his treatment of fellow Saggitarons. Helo's daughter Hera ends up under the doctor's care. Hot Dog also comes under the doctor's care. When Helo learns that he isn't doing well, he attempts to have him transferred to Doctor Cottle's care, but the doctor and guards stop him.
9/27/06: Working Episode title added.

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