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Episode 3: Exodus, Part 2; October 20, 2006
10/20/06: Episode Summary Now Available
10/18/06: Pegasus also jumps into orbit over New Caprica. From Previews [Apparently, Lee's spine grows back faster than expected.]
10/17/06: Galactica enters New Caprica's atmosphere during the liberation. From Previews
10/7/06: Based on promo pics for Episode 304, it doesn't look like Baltar ends up on a basestar until that episode.
10/7/06: Tigh learns of Ellen't betrayal of the resistance and confronts her. [This might actually be where Ellen dies, rather than the next episode.]
10/5/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

What's Kara doing with that knife?

Anders comes to Kara's rescue.

Kara with Kacey, who she believes is her Cylon/human child by Leoben.

Tigh and Adama are reunited on Galactica.

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

10/3/06: Baltar ends up on a basestar. Kara escapes from Leoben, probably with Anders' help. Kara's "daughter" Kacey makes it back to the fleet with Kara.
9/27/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: The escape from New Caprica is made. Pegasus' FTL drive is damaged so it's used to ram a basestar, which enables the fleet's escape.
9/6/06: Episode has been split into two parts.

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