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Episode 12: Taking a Break From All Your Worries; January 28, 2007
2/3/07: Episode Review Now Available
1/28/07: Episode Summary Including Extended Bonus Scene Now Available
1/27/07: Adama and Roslin utilize drugs during their interrogation of Baltar. From Edward James Olmos Interview with Wizard Entertainment [That means the promo pics show Adama and Roslin interrogating him while on the drugs which is what Ishay must be overseeing.]
1/26/07: Sitting in the bar, Lee tells Dee he figures that there is nothing he can say to make things right, but that he married her because he was in love with her. In his cell, Baltar tells someone that "they" made him face up to his weaknesses and now he feels liberated. Lee says that he loved Kara and a part of him probably always will. Baltar says that in his heart he knows that he's always what he had to do. Lee says that he married Dee (not Kara) and when he looks back on their marriage, he knows that Dee is good for him and that he needs her. He says that he didn't realize that until he knew that he was losing her. Baltar was talking to Gaeta, who says that he can't promise a trial. He suggests that Baltar "give them something, anything..." Lee pleads for another chance. From Preiew Clip [The intercuts basically put Batlar and Lee on the same moral level.]
1/24/07: Baltar proclaims his innocence and wants to know why Roslin doesn't believe him. Baltar ends up in sickbay where Adama has his hand around Baltar's throat as he "requests" information about the Cylons. Baltar's Inner Six expresses doubt ("I'm not sure I can."). Two Sixes look to be in Baltar's resurrection vision. From Promos
1/24/07: Roslin interrogates Baltar, telling him that she has no wish to see him suffer. Later, he tells her that he "did not collude in the genocide of my own people." Roslin loses her cool and tells Tigh to throw Baltar out the nearest airlock because he won't tell them anything. Two Marines drag Baltar out of his cell as he tells them to release him and proclaims that he deserves a fair trial. There's also some Lee/Dee/Kara/Anders soap opera. Anders asks Kara if she loves Lee. From Canadian Promo [Better promo than the SciFi Channel one. Shows a lot of Baltar and much less of the soap opera.]
1/21/07: Dee isn't happy. Lee says that she doesn't trust him to not cheat. As they sit and look over at Lee and Dee, Anders tells Kara that she needs to go to Lee. Kara asks Lee that if she leaves Anders, will he still leave Dee? From Promos [Bah. Battle-soap Galact-opera. Right after getting a really good episode including a revisiting of Kara's "destiny," we're teased with a promo that just screams soap opera.]
1/9/07: Baltar is imprisoned on Galactica and charged with treason, which leads him to attempt suicide. From TV Guide [So much for Gaeta attacking Baltar, who much snatch the pen and stab himself.]
1/8/07: Ronald D. Moore confirmed that the Baltar resurrection tub scenes are not "real." From Ronald D. Moore & David Eick Interview in Chicago Tribune [so they must be dreams/projections/visions as he recovers from his neck wound.]
1/6/07: Guest character Ishay looks to be a medic. From Promos
1/6/07: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Lee and Tyrol enjoy a drink in the newly discovered bar.

Lee sits in the bar and contemplates his marriage.

Gaeta listens to Baltar... with the pen nearby.
[Someone, likely Gaeta stabs, Baltar with a pen.]

Adama and Roslin visit Baltar... likely to ask him if he's a Cylon.
Doctor Cottle's back... along with medic Ishay.

Baltar's Inner Six pays him a visit.
[Assuming that Caprica Six doesn't have a matching red dress.]

Baltar looks to be having unpleasant vision of being reborn in a Cylon tub
and greeted by the dead that he is responsible for.

Baltar again dreaming he's in the resurrection tank.
[That Six is likely his Inner Six again... but never can tell.]

Inner Six looks to again be bolstering Baltar's fragile psyche.

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

12/29/06: Baltar is questioned by Roslin about being a Cylon and also looks to be tortured. From Promos [Baltar gets tortured everywhere he goes, no matter how "helpful" he's been.]
12/29/06: Dee calls her marriage to Lee a lie. Lee plays with his wedding ring. Lee somehow resolves to give his marriage another chance. From Promos [This storyline is fallout from the midseason two-parter.]
10/21/06: The [working]episode title is a reference to a line from the theme song of Cheers, a long running sitcom set in a Boston bar.
10/18/06: Tyrol finds the bar, whose existance is apparently not widely known.
10/18/06: Lee once again pines for Kara. [That might explain some of those marital issues he and Dee are having.]
10/18/06: A Galactica officer attacks Baltar in the brig, stabbing him in the neck with a pen. [Previews have shown Gaeta in the cell with Baltar, but his culpability is speculation at this point.] As a result, Baltar has a near-death experience in which his Inner Six tells him that he's human and thus cannot be resurrected if he dies.
10/7/06: Baltar is in the brig and Roslin visits him. The scene mirrors Baltar's visit to Roslin in Episode 301. Baltar later ends up nearly dying. His Inner Six tells him that he's not a Cylon, but a human. Baltar flashes back to discussions with Number Three concerning the hybrid and the five unknown humanoid models. He was there watching the Three model be terminated and he asked her if he was a Cylon.
10/7/06: Apparently, spending time in the bar helps Dee and Lee "reconnect."
10/3/06: Dee and Lee are still married, but having very public marital problems. [Guess not only is Dee still around, but she and Lee are still together.]
10/3/06: Tigh takes a stand to keep a bar from being closed.
9/27/06: Preliminary Episode Synopsis: Baltar is recaptured and ends up in the brig. He is now suspected of being a Cylon and he's not sure that they are wrong.
9/6/06: Episode title added.

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