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Episode 1: Occupation; October 6, 2006
10/7/06: Episode Summary Now Available
10/3/06: Roslin tells Anders of the importance of the baby Hera (seen in trailers). [This must happen in a later episode.]
10/3/06: Baltar and his Vice-President, Zarek, had a falling-out.
10/3/06: Lee and Dee have married during the time jump seen in the Season 2 finale.
10/3/06: Helo is now the Galactica's XO.
9/30/06: Kara is led to believe by Leoben that they have a hybrid child together.
9/30/06: The seven known humanoid Cylons all appear in this episode: Threes (Biers), Fives (Doral), Sixes and Eights (Sharon) along with Brother Cavils, Leobens and Simons.
9/30/06: Kara is led to believe by Leoben that they have a hybrid child together.
9/30/06: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Five of the humanoid Cylon models look to be exerting their authority over 'President' Baltar.

Leoben has Kara drugged and brainwashed into believing that they are married and have a child.

Tigh clearly has at the least a serious eye injury and might have lost his eye.

Full size versions along with other pics are available on drewcypher's Live Journal (Now Offline).

9/27/06: Kara is held captive by Leoben who has brainwashed her.
9/6/06: Promotional images available on drewcypher's Live Journal
4/12/06: Filming began on April 10th.
4/12/06: The episode picks up four months after the arrival of the Cylons and Baltar's surrender.
4/12/06: The fleet is only a background (B) story in this episode.
4/11/06: D'Anna Biers visits the Oracle Selloi Dedona. Apparently, the Cylons have not given away the fact that she's another Cylon model, but the Oracle knows she is a "Three." Ellen is cheating on Tigh with someone who works at the "Cylon Planning Ministry." Tyrol and Anders work on a much needed bombing for the morale of the resistance. Laura and Tory gather the names of the 200 or so odd collaborator police force working for the Cylons. Tigh, who has lost one eye, has recently been captured and is "debriefed" by a Cavil. D'Anna makes another visit to the Oracle, who tells D'Anna that she knows that she's lost her faith in both the pantheon and the Cylon god. She tells D'Anna that she knows that her dream brought her to see her. The Oracle then reveals to D'Anna that Sharon's child still lives. She also tells D'Anna that she is doomed because of the flaw she shares with Madusa.
4/11/06: Episode title added.
2/06: Helo appears.

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