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BSG Season 4.0 Spoilers:

Despite efforts to filter out unreliable content, this information can be considered RUMOR and subject to change or otherwise inaccurate. Season 4 spoilers are dated and will not be edited after the original posting in an effort to establish a track record (good and bad), rather than revisionist history. Webmaster's comments can be found in italicized brackets.

BSG Seasons 1-3 Recap
2/28/08 - [8:30]

General Spoilers:
6/13/08: Last Updates

Earth Spoilers
6/12/08: Last Updates
Final Cylon Spoilers
4/6/08: Last Updates

Kara's Fate Spoilers:
6/6/08: Last Updates

Episode 1: He That Believeth In Me; April 4, 2008
4/11/08: Episode Analysis Now Available
4/4/08: Episode Review Now Available
4/4/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/3/08: Last Updates

Episode 2: Six of One; April 11, 2008
6/9/08: Episode Analysis Now Available
6/9/08: Episode Review Now Available
6/9/08: Episode Summary has been updated
4/11/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/6/08: Last Updates

Episode 3: The Ties That Bind; April 18, 2008
4/18/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/17/08: Last Updates

Episode 4: Escape Velocity; April 25, 2008
4/25/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/23/08: Last Updates

Episode 5: The Road Less Traveled; May 2, 2008
4/25/08: Last Updates

Episode 6: Faith; May 9, 2008
5/9/08: Episode Summary Now Available
5/5/08: Last Updates

Episode 7: Guess What's Coming to Dinner; 5/16/2008
5/16/08: Episode Summary Now Available
5/9/08: Last Updates

Episode 8: Sine Qua Non; May 30, 2008
5/30/08: Episode Summary Now Available
5/30/08: Last Updates

Episode 9: The Hub; June 6, 2008
6/6/08: Episode Summary Now Available
6/4/08: Last Updates

Episode 10: Revelations; June 13, 2008
6/13/08: Episode Summary Now Available
6/12/08: Last Updates

Battlestar Galactica: The Phenomenon; March 28, 2008
1/27/08: This special is described as focusing on critical and fan response to the show. [The official press release makes it more like a showcase for some B-list celebrities.]

Battlestar Galactica: Revisited; March 28, 2008
1/27/08: Recap of the first three seasons. [Thirty minutes (minus commercials) to cover the first three seasons? No chance that it'll do the show justice, or truly bring any potential new viewers up to speed.]

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