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Season 4.0 General Spoilers
6/13/08: Based on a Tricia Helfer interview, Baltar's Head Six returns early in the second half of the season (around ep 12 or 13). She adds that Head Six has become more of an angelic guide and moved away from the sexually-charged manipulator. Also, that there will be some sort of explanation of Head Six late in the season. From IGN Interview
6/12/08: In response to a question about the Resurrection Hub, Resurrection Ships and the Cylons' ability to rebuild resurrection technology, Bear McCreary responded, "You raise some interesting questions about the Cylons and their resurrection technology. I can't say too much, but I can tell you that some of these questions will be addressed in the future." From Bear's Blog
6/6/08: There will be "a bit more" Lee and Kara. From Jamie Bamber Interview [Here's to hoping it is only a little bit more.]
6/6/08: Dee will have a "big story." From Jamie Bamber Interview
5/30/08: The storyline hinted at during Gaeta's appearance in Baltar's trial will have "some semblance of a resolution." From IGN Interview
5/21/08: There will be ten webisodes that will "link" the first ten episodes of the season to the 2nd ten. From Chicago Tribune
5/12/08: Concerning Kara's death and return from Edward Olmos: "Well, we've filmed something that started to explain it. And it's not an uplifting understanding. [Laughs.] I will say that. It's as dark as everything else. You sit there and you go, "Oh my God, you guys are sick!" They're pushing the envelope. And the network is allowing it." From Boston Globe Interview
5/12/08: Kara's pristine Viper will come up again later in the season. From Ron Moore Podcast Commentary
4/23/08: Michael Trucco said that the writers want to work in the seven inch long scar on the back of his neck that he has as a result of an accident during the writers' strike. He then added, "That's all I'm allowed to say." From TV Guide Interview [The added bit about not being allowed to say anything else indicates that non-disclosure agreement that the cast had to sign and that there is the probably of a storyline that would result in such a scar.]
4/22/08: Tigh and Adama appear to get into a fight. Tyrol runs toward a Cylon screaming about the one true god. Kara opens a notebook and finds that '6' has been written over and over. From New York Comic Con
4/16/08: Updated Speculation
4/6/08: According to Ron Moore, D'Anna's return at midseason sets up the second half: "The story has to do with 'un-boxing' D'Anna. There are a lot of people that are very interested in un-boxing D'Anna because she knows certain things and there is a long plot that culminates in what she reveals. It's a pivot point for the upcoming season. Once that happens, things change and drive us to the finale." From Interview
4/6/08: According to Ron Moore, the reveal of the final Cylon "will be late in the season, it won't be in the first half." From Interview
4/2/08: On the strike forcing a break and giving the writers a chance to watch the first half of episodes, "We didn't really change that much overall. Although there was one episode in particular where we did make some changes. Those were more to plot elements within that episode which didn't affect the direction of the whole show. But no, otherwise we have it worked out until the very end and are sticking to our plan. From Mark Verheiden Comic Mix Interview [Verheiden's comments seem to contradict or at least greatly minimize Ron Moore's comments we posted back on 3/19]
4/2/08: In the second half of the season, "Starbuck will become inexplicably drawn to a handsome, charismatic, slick and mysterious piano player over the course of two episodes. The two will become so connected that she'll find herself telling him things no one else knows." From Ausiello
4/2/08: Ron Moore reiterated that no one in the Last Supper promotional photo is the Final Cylon. From Ron Moore Chicago Tribune Interview [We already knew that Head Six, Natalie and Athena were the humanoid Cylons models, while Tigh, Tyrol and Anders were part of the four just revealed. That leaves Roslin, Lee, Baltar, Starbuck, Helo and Adama as seemingly eliminated from being Cylons.]
4/2/08: Joss Whedon had been looking to direct. From Ron Moore Chicago Tribune Interview [Some stories tried to spin it that Whedeon decided not to direct because he didn't want to be spoiled, but we're with Moore in that Whedon's new series Dollhouse had more to do with it.]
4/1/08: "Not all Eights know everything the other Eights know. But during a download, memories are stored and can be accessed by a curious Cylon who knows how. Different models may differ on how widely memories are shared between different incarnations of the same model." From Jane Espenson Interview
3/31/08: Lee can be seen taking an oath of office as his father, Tom Zarek and the press watch. From SciFi Channel Promo [We know Lee becomes a civilian member of the government, but what is interesting is that Roslin isn't seen... now that could just be that the clip cuts off before Roslin appears since the camera is still panning across the scene when the promo ends.]
3/29/08: The cast has been told who the final Cylon is, although Katee Sackhoff seems skeptical that whoever they were told really is the final Cylon. From Park/Sackhoff Interview
3/29/08: According to Katee Sackhoff, through the first thirteen episodes there is no explanation of how Kara returned from the dead, what her trip to Earth meant or resolution of her marriage to Anders. From io9 Recap of S4 Press Conference
3/22/08: Concerning Baltar and Starbuck's Cylon connections, Ron Moore says, "There are similarities, and there are connections, between Starbuck and Baltar that will develop as time goes on." From Cinema Blend
3/22/08: The season will be "less political" according to Ron Moore. From Flick Filosopher
3/22/08: Ron Moore claims that the final Cylon is not one of the primary humans (Roslin, Adama, Lee, Starbuck or Baltar). From TV Guide
3/22/08: Concerning the four newly revealed Cylons: Tigh "will be in big denial." Tyrol "tries to make it make sense." Tory "tries to embrace being a Cylon in some way" and becomes more politically prominent. Anders finds "being a Cylon goes against everything he stands for. He's a stauch hero, but this brings out his darker side." From TV Guide
3/20/08: Natalie says, "the final five are in your fleet." From SciFi Channel Network Upfront Preview [Five, not four. This also seems to hint at the possibility of that Cylon-human alliance if Natalie is close enough to be speaking to someone in the fleet.]
3/20/08: Baltar speaks to his cult, telling them that the gods can't be blamed for not helping them because there are no gods. Several clips then seem to show an attack on Baltar's cult which leads into a scene with Six telling him that she hasn't gotten him that far to let "it end here." Interspersed in these clips are a couple of shots of Tory. From SciFi Channel Network Upfront Preview [There were early spoilers that Tory was sent by the other three to seduce Baltar for any information he might have on the Cylons.]
3/20/08: Face to face, Adama asks Kara, "what were you thinking? Tell me, who's going to help you?" Adama then attacks Kara. From SciFi Channel Network Upfront Preview [Obviously, Kara did something that Adama feels completely betrayed him. We're just at a loss as to what.]
3/20/08: A male voice [Doral/Five?] says, "the Sixes have no idea of the threat they've unleashed," as Natalie walks up to the Cylon "boardroom table" with a pair of Cylon Centurions on either side of her. Simon, Doral and Cavil are the only human models present. From SciFi Channel Network Upfront Preview [This seems to either be the scene that leads to at least foreshadows the long ago rumored extermination of three models.]
3/19/08: There will be webisodes for this season. From BSG Panel [Guess they'll lead into the second half of the season.]
3/19/08: Ron Moore said that they had no overall plan when the series started, but did start to move toward a concluding arc during the third season. From Ron Moore Interview [Kinda seems to finally lay to rest the argument over whether the they (the showrunners-not the Cylons) had a plan.]
3/19/08: Commenting on the impact of the pause because of the stirke, "I had time to catch my breath and really think about some things," Moore said. "We're still going to have an ending, not an ambiguous ending, but how we get there has been changed a little bit." From Ron Moore Los Angeles Times Interview
3/18/08: Lucy Lawless indicated that they "got everything we needed done" before the writers' strike. From Lucy Lawless IF Magazine Interview [Doesn't look like Lucy expects to be back in the second ten episodes.]
3/18/08: In CIC, Kara tells Adama that the way to Earth was so clear to her at the nebula, but it's fading as they move away from the nebula. From WPIX Interview
3/18/08: Romo Lampkin should return one more time in the second ten episodes of the season. From Ron Moore Chicago Tribune Interview
3/9/08: Finally, Speculation from TPR
3/8/08: Caprica Six (or perhaps Natalie) says, "they are here with you." A battered Baltar sits while surrounded by clapping women. Tory says, "God has a plan for us." A hybrid tells Kara that, "you will lead them all to their end." From SciFi Channel Promo Clip [The "they" seems to imply the Five or Four and directed at Roslin, but that could just be some editing within the promo. We knew Kara found out about the prophecy and now we know how... she gets on a basestar and talks to a hybrid. There's some additional stuff with Kara, but it's footage we've seen already.]
3/3/08: Jamie Bamber says Lee is "no longer on the Battlestar. He's on Colonial One, and he's involved in the civic debate with the fleet." From Preview Clip
3/3/08: In a preview clip, the four newly revealed Cylons are meeting in Tigh's quarters. Tigh declares that they won't "brainwash" him into helping them. Tyrol counters that Boomer thought the same thing. Tigh argues that Boomer didn't know what she was, while they do. He insists that it won't happen. He then pulls gun out, puts it on the table, looks at the other three and say, "Agreed?" From Preview Clip
2/28/08: Baltar's Inner Baltar tells Baltar that he knows that "she" is special and fragile. Baltar starts to agree with his Inner Baltar. From Preview Clip [So who is she? We like Baltar, but it was so much fun to see him interacting with his red-dress clad Inner Six, so this Inner Baltar interaction better be really good.]
2/28/08: Kara walks up and points her gun at what turns out to be Roslin. From Preview Clip [This fits with the earlier spoiled bits that Tigh is sent in to diffuse the hostage situation between Kara and Roslin.]
2/28/08: A hybrid babbles about the Temple of Five and that "they" will not harm their own. A Six [Natalie?] can be seen leaning on the hybrid's tub, listening. Also intercut are scenes of Boomer dancing/exercising as Cavil looks on. From Preview Clip [Perhaps the hybrid is hinting at the turmoil that leads to the rumored Cylon civil war.]
2/28/08: Lee has paid a visit to Kara, who is in the brig. He says that he now understands what she said about having a destiny. He says that he has to do it. She smiles weakly and simply replies, "so say we all." From Preview Clip [We're assuming that he's explaining his reasoning for being a lawyer or maybe that other civilian pursuit that puts him back in the circles of the President and her staff.]
2/28/08: While Cavil, Leoben, Doral and Eight can be sitting at a table, Natalie stands nearby. Cavil says something extraordinary has happened. Natalie is clearly not in on the news. Boomer walks into the room. From Preview Clip [The room they are in sounds similar to the one described as being shot up during the rumored "purge" of certain Cylon models.]
2/28/08: Cavil says that they are "tools not pets" and it has to be done. Natalie counters, "says who?" Cavil shoots back, "God Almightly." From Preview Clip [We're assuming that he's talking about the Raiders or Centurions or both.]
2/28/08: A man has a knife to Baltar's throat. What looks to be his Inner Six (she's wearing red) wants to know if he really meant to give his life in place of "the boy's." Baltar affirms that and says it for the man to hear. From Preview Clip
2/28/08: Adama is in Starbuck's face, wanting to know what happened to her. She's breaking down in tears as she tells him that she's been to Earth, smelled it and it's "in [her] pores" like she'd been there before and like she'd never left. From Preview Clip
2/28/08: On the hangar deck, Kara is suprised by the intense reaction by Anders, Lee and everyone else on the deck. She makes a comment about being gone only a few hours and Anders points out that she's been gone for two months. Kara doesn't believe him. From Preview Clip
2/28/08: Zarek appears in three or four episodes and is expected to appear in 2nd half of the season as well. Richard Hatch @ WonderCon [
2/9/07: Here are two interesting nuggets from the most recent SciFi Channel spoilers. Tigh and Caprica Six sit on her cot in the brig. Caprica Six is cozying up to him as she practically whispers, "We learned things about how you worked that you've never known." The new Number Six, Natalie, tells the other humanoid models that "it's time to unite the twelve models once and for all." From SciFi Channel [So another hint that Caprica Six's new romantic interest might be Tigh, but we're still leaning toward the Anders spoilers. Natalie's comment seems to indicate that she's on the "pro-fleet" side in the Cylon civil war.]
1/30/07: General spoilers indicate that the first half of the season has three main storylines: the search for Earth with the Kara complications, how the four newly revealed Cylons deal with their identity and the splintering of the Cylons over Earth and the Final Five. The second half of the season [if filmed] would seem to have two main storylines: dealing with the fallout of finding Earth and discovering the identity of the Final Cylon.
1/30/07: Three's (Lucy Lawless) unboxing has to do with what she might know about the Final Five. [This seems to tie in with the long ago spoiler that her appearance would trigger the storyline for the latter half of the fourth season... if it gets filmed.]
1/24/08: Tyrol is the 12th Cylon model. Tyrol and Adama have a scene in the bar. Aaron Douglas @livejournal
1/24/08: Anders is out in a Raptor when he encounters a Cylon Raider. The Raider seems to recognize him and then disengages. From Canadian Hypaspace Preview
1/24/08: The Earth that is found will be in the 22nd century and what is found will be surprising to everyone. From SF Crowsnest [This spoiler is a couple of months old, but still interesting. We're still going with a post-apocalyptic Earth which is probably similar in appearance to the post-Cylon attack Caprica.]
1/15/08: Kara learns of the hybrid's prophecy heard in Razor. From TV Guide [Wonder how that happens since only Kendra seemingly heard it and she's dead.]
1/13/08: In the extended cut found only on the Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD, the hybrid could be heard to say this as the rescue team moved through the basestar: "At last they've come for me. I feel their lives, their destinies spilling out before me. The denial of the one true path, played out on a world not their own, will end soon enough. Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening. Struggling with the knowledge of their true selves. The pain of revelation bringing new clarity. And in the midst of confusion he will find her, enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. The way forward, at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. I can see them all. The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin. But in time, it is sin that will consume them. They will know enmity, bitterness, the wrenching agony of the one splintering into the many. And then they will join the promised land, gathered on the wings of an angel. Not an end, but a beginning." [Guess that's a hint about the final Cylon, as well as foreshadowing of the rumored Cylon civil war]
1/13/08: In Battlestar Galactica: Razor, the hybrid had this to say to Kendra: "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of Death. They must not follow her. All this has happened before and all of it will happen again, again, again..."
1/12/08: has posted a BSG promotional photo with some vague hints from Ron Moore.
1/12/08: Kara claims that she has been to Earth and has to repeat it several times since it is not believed. Because of accusations and the missing time, Kara even begins to question if the Cylons captured her, brainwashed her or if she's a Cylon. There's a scene in the Memorial Hall where she's considering this and Anders is there trying to be supportive. She tells Adama that he thought of her as his daughter and now he needs to trust her. He says that he can't afford to. In another scene, she tells Adama that they are going the wrong way. From Canadian Hypaspace Preview
1/5/08: The new Six, Natalie, will be leading a faction of Cylons who have a different agenda than most of the Cylons. She is different from other Sixes in that she does not defer, but steps up. She and Cavil will face off. It's also hinted [in Moore's comments over the Entertainment Weekly photo] that she might be at odds in some way with Athena and Helo [likely over Hera]. From various comments by Ron Moore and Tricia Helfer [Our guess is that she's a spearhead in the 'Cylon civil war'. We'll also venture to speculate that it might be Natalie and not Caprica Six who ends up on the Demetrius with Athena, Helo and others...though this would be a longshot.]
11/29/07: ""Bloodstopper" is a nasty medical powder that will be featured in an upcoming season-four episode of BATTLESTAR. Evidently it's something you pour into bad wounds to quickly cauterize the area. This lovely bit courtesy the diabolical medical/military mind of BSG writer/producer Bradley Thompson." From Mark Verheiden's Blog [OK, so it's not much of a spoiler, but we don't expect too many spoilers to trickle out at the moment. Since he credits Bradley Thompson, it's likely from either the first episode or the midseason two-parter. We can assume that either one of the familiar characters gets badly wounded or Doc Cottle makes an appearance.]
11/21/07: At a convention appearance, Katee Sackhoff indicated that Kara spent a lot of time in the brig as well as with Leoben. She also has plenty of scenes with Roslin. Kara also comes to believe that she is a Cylon. At some point, Kara builds a bonfire on a beach. From Roadrunner's LiveJournal
11/17/07: According to Michael Taylor, "Boomer will be back, baby. Big time!" From Chicago Tribune: The Watcher [Maybe now that Tyrol knows he's a Cylon and Cally presumably be dead, Tyrol and Boomer's relationship will be somehow rekindled.]
11/14/07: At a convention appearance last weekend, Katee Sackhoff described Lee and Kara's journey in Season 4 as "closure."
11/7/07: Updated Kara Speculation from TPR
11/3/07: When asked about elements of Razor appearing in the 4th season, Jamie Bamber said "I know they had to make some pretty big changes in editing. So everything I say is based on what I shot and read in the script, so it may not be 100% accurate. But yes, I know that they are very conscious of fulfilling the hybrid Starbuck element and that was the main thing they introduced, which was a new seed about the direction we were going."From Interview [Now we may be reading too much into that comment, but his use of the term 'hybrid' gets our attention.]
11/3/07: John Dahl will direct an episode. From Kevin Smith's Blog [Not sure what episode yet.]
11/3/07: There is a significant amount of human/Centurion "bonding." The VFX for the season are described as "This year we are brightening it up a little bit. The tone is a little bit harsher, with faster cuts and more violent action." Also, Ron Moore has told Gary Hutzel that "there will be a full-on conflict at the end of the season." From VFX World
11/3/07: According to Terry Moore (Ron's wife), thirteen scripts will be done before the impending writers' sstrike on Monday (11/5/07). [Now can someone email us here at and explain the new math that another "news" site is using to conclude that such news leaves SIX scripts to be done. Last time we checked, it was a 20-episode season so that would leave at least seven and if Razor (an additional two episodes) was included in that number, then that would leave as many as nine left to be completed.]
11/1/07: Early in the season the four newly revealed Cylons try to ply Baltar for information. When he's less than forthcoming, the next step is for Tory to bed Baltar.
11/1/07: Ausiello seemed to confirm that the season would start in April 2008. Although he did add that there would be a recap episode in March.
10/28/07: Here's a report of a "groundswell of fan support" prompting the possibility of a fifth season. From 24 Hour Vancouver [We're not giving this rumor even a single grain of salt.]
10/28/07: Ron Moore is expected to direct an episode.
10/28/07: The latest rumor is that Season 4 will not premier until April 2008. [We're guessing that this is due in part to the uncertainty of a writers' strike.]
10/14/07: In Razor's last 20 minutes, the film features a faction of Cylons who are responsible for protecting the "Guardian." This is something that carries over as a subplot into the fourth season. From Eclipse Magazine Review
10/14/07: Tigh asks Adama if he believes in miracles and Adama says that he doesn't. Caprica Six tells Roslin that she can feel that the final five are close. Roslin, wearing what looks to be a hospital gown, fires a gun. A woman [Roslin?] tells Adama that it's a Cylon trick. Tigh takes a pistol out of his locker. In CIC Tigh points the gun across at Adama [or whoever is standing next to Adama] while can be heard asking what he's doing. Baltar's cult thinks of him as a healer, while he seeks some hope for the future. Roslin asks Starbuck how she got "here." Adama shakes Starbuck as she can be heard asking why they can't trust her. She also says that she saw Earth. Anders tells Starbuck that if she's a Cylon then she has been since the beginning. Cylons, including an Eight, a Six and a Cavil are seen. Lastly, Kara lays on the deck and screams, "We're going the wrong way." From SciFi Channel Season 4 Promo
10/6/07: In response to a post on Galactica Sitrep, Mark Verheiden stated that the last few season 4 scripts will not be done by November 1st, which is the earliest date that a writers' strike might be called. From Galactica Sitrep
9/26/07: Caprica Six will fall in love. From Tricia Helfer SDCC Interview [Guess she's finally over Baltar.]
9/26/07: Tory becomes a better assistant for Roslin, who is having a rough time dealing with her cancer. Tory's attention to detail could be important. From Mary McDonnell SDCC Interview
9/26/07: There will be another Six model named Natalie turning up quite a bit early in the season. From Tricia Helfer SDCC Interview
9/26/07: Earth will be found "earlier than anyone thinks." From Katee Sackhoff SDCC Interview
9/26/07: Lee has not rejoined the military and his relationship with Roslin is "not good" as a consequence of how he put her on the spot at Baltar's trial. From Jamie Bamber Interview
9/26/07: The cult that plucked Baltar in the season three finale becomes his personal harem. [We finally realized that the recurring character Tracey Anne is probably part of the cult. Also, there is a rumor that Inner Six will be gone and replaced by Caprica Six's Inner Baltar. If that's the case, that means Inner Six could put up with his threesomes with Caprica Six and D'Anna, but not a whole harem.]
9/22/07: A podcast was recorded on the last night of a three day writers' meeting where the second half of the season was mapped out.
9/3/07: Rumors have kicked up again about SciFi Channel splitting the final season by up to a year with a 2009 finish. The renewed discussion comes from comments made by Aaron Douglas and Jamie Bamber at a convention. While their comments were likely either a joke or exaggerated, this isn't first time that a split season has come up. Either way, it seems indications are that SciFi Channel is leaning toward a model like Season 2 where there was a long delay [the question is how long] between the first and second half, rather than Season 3 where there was only a short break.
9/1/07: Kevin Smith has posted his version of the directing/not directing story. From Kevin Smith's Blog [Talk about a non-story taking off.]
8/28/07: Mark Sheppard apparently has confirmed that he will return as Romo Lampkin. From LiveJournal [This was in the works, so we're willing to buy the validity of this rumor.]
8/28/07: Kevin Smith (Clerks) will be NOT directing an episode. From
8/24/07: Kevin Smith (Clerks) will be directing an episode. From AOL Television Intervew
8/16/07: Helo and Gaeta have split off "into a splinter group that's forming." From Battlestar Galactica UK Convention Appearance
8/11/07: Rick Worthy expects to reprise his role as the Cylon model Simon. From MediaBlvd Magazine Intervew
8/11/07: Tom Zarek is still vice-president and makes an appearance at some point in the first six episodse and possibly again in the first half of the season. From Richard Hatch @ Comic Con. [Question is whether the scene(s) make it into the final cut(s).]
8/10/07: In spite of the Adama/Starbuck conflict, he decides that he has to trust her in order to find Earth so he sends her on a mission to the Demetrius.
8/10/07: The cult of Baltar appears to also function as his personal harem as he'll be getting action that is not with Six.
8/10/07: The name for the 13th Colony in the Scripture is 'Cylon'. From Ausiello
7/24/07: Romo Lampkin may return. From Chicago Tribune Article. [The fact that the actor has signed on for several appearances on Bionic Woman would seem to bolster this possibility.]
7/24/07: Two semi-regular/regular characters die [so far]. From Chicago Tribune Article. [This seems to strengthen the rumor that Cally dies early in the season.]
7/9/07: Miscellaneous Starbuck bits
7/9/07: There's a new set which resembles a harem or brothel. [Our guess is this is tied to Baltar's cult.]
7/4/07: Aaron Douglas spilled that the Final Five Cylons are completely different and set apart from the other seven human models. According to the press article, these five aren't even Cylons (at least the modern version first created in the colonies), but rather immortal. These five fit with the "it's all happened before and will happen again" mantra. From MediaBlvd Magazine [The bit from Aaron Douglas isn't really anything new. The part about how they fit into the Cylon history is new, but we again wonder how much of it is actually speculation.]
7/4/07: During the digital media tour, the press saw a completely rebuilt (shiny new) Viper, which looks matches the Viper that Starbuck was seen flying the finale. The fact that it's been rebuilt sparks suspicion in the fleet that Starbuck is a Cylon. From MediaBlvd Magazine [This seems to match with what Katee Sackhoff hinted in previous interviews.]
6/29/07: "Some" of the new four Cylons "embrace" their new identity while "some" carry on in denial. From TV Addict
6/29/07: Tyrol is at odds with Roslin, who apparently threatens a repeat of what she did to Leoben (airlocking). From TV Addict [Combined with Katee Sackhoff's spoiler below, it looks as though the news of the four being Cylons and the natural suspicions about Kara don't take long to surface at least onboard Galactica.]
6/23/07: According to Katee Sackhoff, Starbuck and Roslin have a bit of a "competition" between them. [Perhaps competing over who will lead the fleet to Earth?]
6/23/07: Apparently early in the season, there is suspicion in the fleet that Kara is a Cylon as Katee Sackhoff says that she does a lot of screaming including about not being a Cylon.
6/23/07: According to Katee Sackhoff, there's more Leoben/Starbuck interaction, but she's not sure if it's Leoben or head-Leoben (Maelstrom).
6/9/07: Half (ten episodes) of the season have been written. The plan is to flesh out and reassess before breaking the second ten episodes From Ron Moore Interview with
6/9/07: The significance of "All Along the Watchtower" will be explored later in the season. Baltar and Six's relationship will be revisited and go in a new direction. Adama and Roslin's relationship will continue. From SciFi Channel Q & A [Guess they will make up after Adama let Baltar off Roslin's hook at the trial.]
6/9/07: Lucy Lawless has been approached about returning as a regular. From SciFi Channel Q & A
6/3/07: The final five Cylons' "true" backstories will be revealed. From Lower Hudson Online Blog
6/3/07: The season will end with a definitive end to the "quest." Though not discounting the possibility of miniseries or movies, the main storyline will be completed [unlike Stargate SG-1's unresolved Ori storyline]. From Lower Hudson Online Blog
6/3/07: Season 4 will be the final season. From Ronald D. Moore & David Eick Official Statement
5/27/07: Roslin will not be using chamalla to treat her cancer, but rather chemotherapy as her battle with cancer will be public. From IESB Interview with Mary McDonnell
5/12/07: Edward Olmos expects to direct at least one episode during the season. From IESB Interview with Edward Olmos
5/12/07: On May 11th, David Eick contradicted Olmos' comments about the fourth season being the last for sure. Eick indicated it was undecided. From SciFi Wire Article
5/12/07: At the Saturn Awards on May 10th, Edward Olmos, Katee Sackhoff and David Weddle all indicated that the fourth season could be the last. From IESB Interviews [This isn't the biggest surprise since the ratings have been on a slide.]
5/12/07: Apparently, the season will be split [ikely into two ten episode blocks.] when the show returns in 2008. From SciFi VP Mark Stern Interview with Crave Online
4/17/07: Ron Moore indicated that SciFi Channel had backed off on pushing for standalone episodes From Ron Moore Interview with AV Club [For the fans that didn't like Black Market, The Woman King, A Day in the Life or Dirty Hands, this is great news.]
4/17/07: On the Cylons: "The plan is as we go into the next season or so, to start bringing more of that to the fore and tying it into everything else that's been going on in the show. If you take the story all the way to the end, you do need to give the audience some answers to some of these things. Maybe not everything. There's probably some elements that we will leave mysterious even after the show is over. But I think you have to at least ground the audience in some reality for some of these things that have happened. Even if the explanation is a supernatural one, you want to give them some explanation and feel a payoff for the time and effort they've put into the show up to that point." From Ron Moore Interview with AV Club
4/15/07: When Dee walked out, that was the end of Lee and Dee's marriage for good. Kandyse McClure asked Ron Moore and he confirmed that the relationship was done. From Jamie Bamber Q & A at I-CON 26 [and the L/K shippers rejoice]
4/15/07: Shooting is scheduled to begin on June 6th. From Kevin Grazier, Richard Hatch and Bradley Thompson Interview with
4/15/07: RDM would like a fifth season, but if the SciFi Channel won't commit to it, then the storylines will be crammed into the fourth season so that the Cylon and Earth arcs are finished off rather than left unfinished. From Ron Moore Season Finale Q&A Podcast
4/15/07: Neither Adama nor Roslin is the final Cylon. It was decided that having either be Cylons would strain the credibility of the show. From Ron Moore Season Finale Q&A Podcast
4/15/07: The shared vision of Athena, Caprica Six and Roslin from the Season 3 Finale will be followed up. From Ron Moore Season Finale Podcast Commentary
4/15/07: The first nine episodes have been broken by the writing staff. From Ron Moore Season Finale Podcast Commentary
4/15/07: Finding Earth and what they find when they get there will be the final "chapter" of the show. From Ron Moore Interview with MTV [So no Galactica:1980-like scenario]
4/15/07: RDM on whether the fourth season would be the last: "The show has really moved into the third act in the three-act structure where we're all moving towards the finale and the climax of all these different plot lines. In my head there's two chapters to go in the story and those can be of varying lengths." From Ron Moore Interview with MTV [Finding Earth is one chapter. TPR assumes the newly discovered Cylons and the Final Five make up the other chapter.]
4/15/07: On "All Along the Watchtower:" "There is an idea in the show that all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again. There's a cycle of time and there's a sort of larger story that is told many times in many ways and that there is a direct connection between their reality and our reality. We will get to the reasons why all of these things are connected." From Ron Moore Interview with MTV
4/15/07: Lee's sighting of Kara was not a hallucination. From Ron Moore Interview with MTV
3/27/07: There have already been clues about the identity of the fifth Cylon. From Ron Moore Q&A on Boards [However, in other interviews he wouldn't commit to whether we've already seen this fifth Cylon.]
3/26/07: When asked whether Lee was hallucinating when he saw Kara, Ron Moore responded, "This, too, is a fine question. It's exactly the kind of thing I want people to chew over the next few months." From Ron Moore Interview with
3/26/07: The fourth season is "about new alliances and broken alliances among the panoply of our characters within the rag tag fleet and without. Different allegiances in terms of loyalties, relationships broken and some new ones formed. All the pieces line up in different ways than they have heretofore." Ron Moore Interview with
3/26/07: There is a developing storyline concerning what D'Anna saw and who she was talking to when she saw the Final Five, but Lucy Lawless has not yet been contacted and her availability (due to filming the pilot of Footballers' Wives) might be an issue. Ron Moore Interview with
3/26/07: The fifth Cylon might or might not be revealed during the fourth season. From Ron Moore Interview with
3/26/07: Anders, Tigh, Tory and Tyrol are full Cylons, but "different fundamentally." From Ron Moore Interview with
3/26/07: RDM's comments on the significance of the the four hearing the music: "It's more that they arrived at a certain point in space and they were made aware of who they are. The music manifests a dawning awareness. These are four of the final five, which puts them in a separate category from everybody else. There are reasons for that I can't really get into. We'll be playing out those plot lines for quite a while." From Ron Moore Interview with
3/26/07: Tyrol, Tigh, Tory and Anders ARE Cylons. From Ron Moore Interview with E! Online
3/26/07: Concerning the significance of "All Along the Watchtower," Bear McCreary says "the idea was not that Bob Dylan necessarily exists in the characters' universe, but that an artist on one of the colonies may have recorded a song with the exact same melody and lyrics. Perhaps this unknown performer and Dylan pulled inspiration from a common, ethereal source." From Bear McCreary's Latest Blog Entry
3/26/07: Kara will be back in Season 4. From Ronald D. Moore Q&A with TV Week
3/24/07: The first eight episodes have been "broken." Ronald D. Moore Interview with
3/24/07: RDM's response concerning the two-hour "special event" to be broadcast between Season 3 and 4: "That story will not pick up our cliffhanger at the end of Season 3. But the events set up in that story will then pay off in Season 4. " From Ronald D. Moore Interview with
3/24/07: RDM's response to whether Season 4 is the last: "I'm considering that right now, to be honest. It's in the air. I don't know. It hasn't been formally decided and I haven't made my own decision. It's a possibility. The worst thing that could happen to us is if we overstayed our welcome and got to a place where we had not finished the story and then we got canceled. I'd rather go out on my own terms creatively and go out strong." From Ronald D. Moore Interview with
3/22/07: SciFi Channel announced that it was expanding its order from 13 to 22 episodes. Two hours of which would be a "special two-hour extended event," which results in another twenty episode season. From SciFi Channel [Now the question is whether it'll be the last season.]
3/10/07: RDM response to a question about the spiritual bits of the show arc: "This will certainly be a key aspect of the end of the series, but I really can't talk in any specific terms about it." From Ronald D. Moore Q&A @ Board
3/10/07: RDM response to a question about winging it with the mythology: "I began to put into place most of the fundamental cosmology of the BSG universe as far back as the first season. Since then, we've talked it over in the writers' room periodically so as to keep everything within the same parameters. There are still some elements to put into place, but we pretty much have it worked out by now." From Ronald D. Moore Q&A @ Board
3/10/07: There is a specific plan for Dee. From Ronald D. Moore Q&A @ Board [Hopefully, this isn't vague in a "The specific plan for Dee is for her to be the Comm Officer in CIC like always" kind of vague.]
3/9/07: Jane Espenson recently had this to say about whether the showrunners had a plan: "So imagine my delight when I recently began full-time at BSG and learned that there are (and have been) plans that extend far longer into the future than one season!" From SyFy Portal Interview
2/21/07: David Eick confirmed that a familiar character would be revealed in Season 3 to be one of the final five Cylons, but had this to say when asked about the last four: "I think the audience has to start by asking the question, 'What really defines a Cylon?' That's part of what Season 4 is really going to be dedicated to. And the tip of that iceberg will be introduced in the season finale." From Ask Ausiello
2/13/07: Season 4 could have as many as 22 episodes. From SyFy Portal
2/13/07: Read the Official SciFi Channel Season 4 Renewal Press Release here [Thanks to drewcypher for passing it along]
2/12/07: David Eick and Ronald D. Moore went to Las Vegas last weekend to begin working on Season 4's storylines. From Los Angeles Times
2/12/07: Season 4 is expected to be greenlit with at least thirteen episodes filmed over the summer for a Janaury 2008 premiere. From Los Angeles Times
2/8/07: If Season 4 is picked up, filming would likely begin in June. From BuddyTV
1/28/07: In spite of the all the rumors swirling, no official renewal (or cancellation) has yet to be made. SciFi has to until the end of February to pick up the contracts for the next season and they look to be waiting to see how the new Sunday night ratings shake out.
1/2/07: SyFy Portal is reporting (with a rumor disclaimer) that Battlestar Galactica will indeed be renewed by the SciFi Channel for a fourth season, perhaps even before new episodes return on January 21st. From SyFyPortal
1/2/07: In spite of Kara being missing from the final three episodes of Season 3, Katee Sackhoff claimed [before she clammed up] that Starbuck will be back.
1/1/07: Ronald D. Moore has said that he'd like to have about five seasons. [If the show lasts that long, they'll probably find a way to get to 100 episodes for syndication.]
1/1/07: News on whether there is a fourth season is expected in late January or early February.
1/1/07: Started a Season 4 Spoilers page.
12/29/06: The season will end with multiple cliffhangers.
11/21/06: At a con, Michael Trucco (Anders) announced that he had signed as a regular. [It is unclear if he is referring to Season 3 or 4.]

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