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Episode 410 Spoilers: Revelations; June 13, 2008
6/13/08: Episode Summary Now Available
6/12/08: From someone who attended the Los Angeles screen: the directions to Earth are found in Kara's Viper. The fleet and the Cylons find Earth in the future, but it's desolate as humanity has been wiped out because of a nuclear holocaust. {Finally confirmation that they not only find Earth at midseason, but that it's not the happy discovery that they had hoped for with the planet in a post-apocalyptic state.]
6/10/08: On Galactica's hangar deck, Lee welcomes his father back. Lee says, "It's good to have you back." Adama replies, "It's good to be back." Tigh can be seen looking. D'Anna is standing at the Raptor's hatch opening. Tigh notices her. Tory then can be seen watching her. D'Anna walks off the Raptor. Anders and Tyrol can be seen watching from the catwalk. Adama and Lee turn to face D'Anna as Kara can be seen standing behind them. D'Anna announces that Roslin and the pilots are alive and well. Adama says that she wants the four Cylons in the fleet and will keep Roslin and the pilots hostage until then. D'Anna says that they don't have to do anything since she's already in contact with them. She continues that they now know that they have nothing to fear and that they are loved, they should find a way of joining her. She adds that she doesn't want them to "interfere with shuttle traffic." Lee asks, "So you're plan is to take these four Cylons and head off to Earth leaving us behind?" D'Anna answers, "That's up to them." Lee says, "Alright. If these four Cylons want to come to you, I won't stop them." D'Anna then asks Adama, "Do you agree with this, Admiral?" Adama answers, "Agreed." From Hulu Preview [Four Cylons? What about the fifth? Wonder if Tory is the one that made contact and revealed that there were only the four.]
6/7/08: Anders, Tigh and Tyrol stand on the hangar deck by Kara's fighter. Tyrol says that something brought them there. On the baseship, Adama and Roslin calmly watch as Helo and Marines draw weapons on someone. Tigh is glimpsed followed by a shot of D'Anna. Tyrol says that "something's changed." Kara sits in her Viper. On the baseship, Adama has his gun drawn as Roslin stands behind him. Anders, Tigh, Tory and Tyrol stand together on the hangar deck. Lee punches Tigh. Anders? Marines run in. Kara runs through the hangar deck. in the airlock, Tigh stands on the far end while Anders and Tyrol stand on the near side. Roslin and Adama (who is still in flight gear) hug as she tells him, "You can't let this happen." Adama grimaces in front of the mirror. Tory is escorted by two HUGE Centurions as what looks like Galactica pilots scatter out of the way in front of them. A Six turns with a concerned look on her face while Leoben looks on behind her. Adama punches his mirror. While they still embrace, Roslin tells Adama something has been "shot to hell." Adam a is extrememly update as Lee tries to console him. He says, "What have I done? All the people I've sent to die." From Space Channel Promo [So it looks like Tory makes a power play and D'Anna fills the leadership vacuum. Roslin and D'Anna also look to be on Earth]
6/7/08: Here's another go at the promo. Tigh tells Adama that he's a Cylon. Adama punches a mirror. D'Anna says that it's a great day for their people as what looks like Tory is escorted by D'Anna and an Eight. Tory is on the baseship with the Cylons and says she's come back to her people. Tory tells Roslin that she's done taking orders from her. Tyrol says that Kara's pristine Viper has changed. Kara sits in her Viper. Kara runs up and says, "Please stop. Those three Cylons just gave us Earth" as she keeps Lee from pressing the airlock release. Dee appears to be the person standing next to Lee. Tigh, Anders and Tyrol can be seen calmly standing in the airlock. Tory is escorted by two HUGE Centurions as what looks like Galactica pilots scatter out of the way. Baltar and his cult hold hands in a group prayer. Lee punches Tigh. Roslin and D'Anna look to stand on a planet as a third person can be seen off in the background. From SciFi Channel Promo [So it looks like Tory makes a power play and D'Anna fills the leadership vacuum. Roslin and D'Anna also look to be on Earth]
6/6/08: Tigh tells Adama that he's a Cylon. Adama punches a mirror. Tory is on the baseship with the Cylons and says she's come back to her people. Tory says that she doesn't take orders from them. Tyrol says that Kara's pristine Viper has changed. Kara sits in her Viper. Lee punches someone. Kara orders someone to stop. She says that "those three Cylons" just gave us Earth as Tigh, Anders and Tyrol can be seen. From SciFi Channel Promo
6/3/08: "The fleet heads into a mid-season break with an OMG! moment that'll have Apollo wondering why he ever wanted to be president." "The rebel Cylons try to lure the 'final five' out of hiding." "Executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick are promising BIG things for the mid-season finale of the series' fourth and final year. Eick teases the cliff-hanger "definitely rivals the Season 2 'one year later' shock," but he's otherwise playing it coy. What we know for sure is 1) ailing Laura Roslin is abducted by the Cylon rebels and, according to Moore, 2) suspected toaster Kara Thrace "is going to make an important discovery [and] all hell's going to break loose. Eick says he's drawn to this plot because "the struggles Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) faces on her own ship call into question the nature of who these people are." From TV Guide
5/16/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Acting President Adama looks to have settled in nicely.

Tigh, Tyrol and Anders on the hangar deck
[Anders is still a pilot, while it looks like Tyrol is at least back to working on the hangar deck.]

[Update: We stand corrected with no excuse but the lack of powers of observation.
Several emails have pointed out that Kara is indeed in her own pristine Viper (Cpt. Kar...).]
Kara sits in someone else's (Cpt. Har...) Viper.

Thanks to drewcypher

4/6/08: Updated Episode Speculation from TPR
4/6/08: A band of rebel Cylons holds President Roslin hostage while attempting to lure the Final Five out of hiding inside the Galactica and the human fleet. From SciFi Channel
3/22/08: io9 previously reported this a couple weeks ago and now they are reporting it again along with some other nuggets. They claim that Kara will find her own body in a crashed ship. She'll then plant some fake dogtags and burn it all. Leoben is also supposedly with her when she "finds herself." Tigh also supposedly is "in the water screaming for Ellen" and Tyrol flashes back to a past life. From io9 [We just can't buy this spoiler just yet, but io9 seems pretty intent on it. We will throw in that this is similar to the whole Count Iblis/Ship of Lights storyline from the old BSG. Starbuck, Athena and Apollo found Count Iblis' crashed ship with his body and he turned out to be the devil. So would this make Kara the devil? And when do we see the Ship of Lights?]
11/14/07: Screencaps from a report on GlobalTV BC (British Columbia) following a severe windstorm on Monday (11/12/07). Sets that were built to serve as ancient ruins were damaged. The BSG crew were going to attempt to salvage and repair what they could ain hopes of resuming filming on the set later in the week. We're assuming that this set would be used for both parts of the mid-season cliffhanger.

thanks to Hugh

11/11/07: This episode is the last that has a script that was finished before the writers' strike began. This episode is filming now and then production will be shut down until the writers' strike is resolved. From IGN Article
11/3/07: Another guest character is Byron Harder. From Casting Calls
10/29/07: While supposedly visiting her daughter at Brandeis University, Mary McDonnell purportedly said that she only had two or three more episodes left to film as Roslin, which based on the film schedules would put it around the midseason two-parter. Ron Moore subsequently denied that Roslin dies. However, another bit of news (listed in Episode 11) seems to give it credence. [We're skeptical, but at the same time it fits. Back in the first season, Roslin seemed destined to be the dying leader. Also, the midseason two-parter seems to involve Hera's destiny and Roslin seems entwined with that child's fate.]
10/29/07: Guest character is Ryan/Brasko. From Casting Calls
10/29/07: Added episode title. From Casting Calls
9/22/07: The midseason two-parter is being written by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle.
8/16/07: Helo has a large role in the mid-season two-parter. From Battlestar Galactica UK Convention Appearance [And we're guessing that Hera and/or her destiny will be a storyline in the two-parter.]
8/10/07: Lucy Lawless is set for a two or three episode return with D'Anna's unboxing serving to set the direction of the second half of the season. D'Anna and Roslin will have a scene together. From Comic Con Panel [We're assuming that this will be take place during the mid-season cliffhanger.]

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