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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4

Episode 10: Revelations; June 6, 2008
1/10/09: So How Wrong Were We? - We got one thing right: they did find Earth. Galactica wasn't involved with the attack on the Hub. There were no factions concerning the Final Five. The Cylons wanted them outed in order to find Earth. Adama's grieving likely referred to episode nine (eleven in production order) and subsequent spoilers indicated that Roslin (and Mary McDonnel) made it to the end of the series although it's still possible that she dies early in Season 4.5 and other appearances are as visions or flashbacks.

6/13/08: Episode Summary Now Available

4/6/08: The SciFi episode description seems to indicate that Roslin's kidnapping in episode eight has continued. So it seems that one faction has chosen to press things further than the rest of the pro-fleet faction. They want the Final Five revealed immediately, while the other Cylons work with the Galacitca to destroy the Resurrection Hub. Now there are two other items that are interesting. There were rumors that Roslin dies since Mary McDonnell supposedly said that she only had a few episodes left prior to the midseason cliffhanger. Now, this can be explained away as also coinciding with the timing of the then-impending writers' strike. Although, a counter to that would be that Edward James Olmos supposedly said that in episode eleven, Adama was grieving over Roslin. We're guessing that the cliffhanger has two bits to it: the discovery of Earth and the "presumed" death of Roslin. What a way to end the first half of the season.

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