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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4

General Speculation:
4/16/08: Here are some "spoilers" from a poster at TWOP. We're less than confident on their reliability, but since some of their spoilers fit with previous news, we're going ahead with them here in the spec section because they at least give us something to talk about.
— Tyrol supposedly distances himself a bit emotionally from Cally following her death saying that he didn't really love her and that he was tired of her whining. He also doesn't suspect Tory's involvement. [Nothing much to this one.]
— Baltar starts giving speeches and even has a scene that is similar ro Jesus driving the moneychanges out fo the Temple. Tory continues to buy into him. [This development has long been known except for the mention of the particular scene.].
— Kara wonders around trying to find her way to Earth and ends up picking up Leoben, Sixes and Eights who have survived the fierce Cylon-on-Cylon battle. Kara also ends up on a basestar where the hybrid tells her about the prophecy, but also adds that a Three will lead them to the Five from the Thirteen. [Again, not much new except for the extra bit about the hybrid including the Three in its ramblings, which could explain why Three gets unboxed later in the season.]
— In the mutiny, Anders shoots Gaeta in the leg. A Six and Eight both die (for good?) as does Seelix. [So that means Anders still seems to take Kara's side since we know Gaeta wouldn't be defending her. Also, the bit about Seelix dying sucks since she's just started to get developed enough to become interesting.]

4/6/08: Thanks to episode descriptions for the first eleven episodes have been revealed. Now, after the fall-out of the spoiling of last season's finale, we here at TPR find it ironic that the first big blow comes from SciFi itself. We're betting no one from BSG will have much to say about this gaffe even though the brief descriptions give away a big chunk of the story arc for the first half of the season.

4/5/08: Now that the first episode has aired, we're going to try some spec on the next three episodes. Episode two picks up with Kara holding Roslin hostage. Adama send Tigh in to take Kara down without harming Roslin. Roslin does end up getting shot in the arm. However, Kara manages to tell Roslin something that gives Roslin pause. Adama is angry with Kara (which leads to the scene where he physically attacks her). Meanwhile, Boomer, who has long felt close to the Raiders, has learned that the Final Five are in the fleet. Cavil also somehow knows this because he's lobotomizing the Raiders so that they'll mindlessly carry out orders. Natalie, a Six, doesn't like this and tells Cavil to stop. Cavil refuses, so Natalie sends a message with the help of Centurions. the Cylon conference room is shot up and a few models are killed (don't worry, they resurrect... this time).

In episode three, Zarek passes some information to Lee that leads to some dissention in the fleet. At the same time, Kara is given a chance to find Earth. She, Athena, Helo, Anders, Barolay and Caprica Six (we think) take the Demetrius, a sewage refining ship on this mission. Cally has grown suspicious of Tyrol who sneaks off to meet with the other three Cylons. Meanwhile, in the Cylon fleet Natalie's message didn't have an effect. Boomer has become involved with Cavil. However, she learns some critical information and tips off Natalie. This leads to three models (like Cavil, Doral and Simon) being completely wiped out. As big as that is, the episode ends with Cally dying. It could be suicide or it could just be caused by the fact that she's following Tyrol.

In episode four, the fallout from Cally's death and the elimination of three Cylon models is dealt with. A priestess appears and we're guessing that it's Tyrol that pays her a visit. His guilt also drives him to shave his head. Kara's mission isn't going well. She hasn't found Earth yet and she's running out of time. There already was a lot of skepticism about her and this only pushes tensions on the Demetrius, which leads to the mutiny in episode five.

3/9/08: Here's our first try at speculating on some of the major storylines from the first half of season four. The first episode picks up immediately where the season three finale left off. Lee acts as Kara's wingman. Anders gets out into the battle where he has an encounter with a Raider that seems to recognize he's a Cylon and it takes off, leaving him unharmed. Lee, Kara and Anders return to Galactica where she's surprised to learn that she's been gone for a couple months. She comes under suspicion and is thrown in the brig where she continues to repeatedly claim that she's been to Earth.

The second episode likely brings us up to speed on Baltar and his new cult/harem. His Inner Six moves on and is replaced by an Inner Baltar. Somewhere in here, Kara gets ahold of a gun and holds Roslin hostage. Adama sends Tigh in to solve the problem. Likely something during this confrontation fits with one of Roslin's visions, so she ends up believing Kara about Earth. This leads to Adama letting Kara take the Demetrius on a mission to find it. Athena and possibly Caprica go along because of those shared visions. Meanwhile, the Cylons are in turmoil because of the knowledge that at least some of the Final Five are in the colonial fleet. Natalie, a Six, becomes a leader of one of the Cylon factions in opposition to Cavil. Also, Cally learns of Tyrol being a Cylon and kills herself either at the end of episode three or the start of episode four. There's even been a rumor (unsubstantiated) floated that it'll turn out that Nicolas is not Tyrol's son which would conveniently solve that whole issue of Nicolas not having a destiny like Hera.

Kara's mission doesn't go her way. They spend a couple of episodes off following her lead with no results. It's time to turn back, but Kara wants to keep going. She ends up triggering a mutiny (Athena and Helo have been seen restraining her). However, in the seventh episode, a faction of Cylons show up (thus the "Guess What's Coming to Dinner" episode title). This could be the Natalie faction, but we're not sure. The Cylons back up what Kara is saying and this puts the long-rumored human/pro-fleet Cylon faction alliance in motion. Athena ends up having another chat with Boomer and Kara learns of the first hybrid's doomsday prophecy from the basestar's hybrid.

Episode eight brings Romo Lampkin back, but he's had a bit of a crisis since we saw him confidently stroll off. Episode nine brings Ellen back in flashback, possibly dressed very much like Caprica. We know that Caprica has finally moved on from Baltar and finds a new love interest and there is some indication that it could be Tigh, which would explain Ellen's strange appearance. It's also about this time that Number Three is unboxed in order to learn what she knows about the Final Five (or at least Episode ten has the fleet, or some part of the fleet, reaching Earth only to learn of the revelation (yes, we intentionally referenced the episode title) that Earth is abandoned or post-apocalyptic, which leaves them without the welcoming haven that they had been expecting. Following on the heels of the letdown about Earth, Roslin apparently succumbs to her cancer which shakes Adama's world.

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