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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4

Episode 8: Sine Qua Non; May 23, 2008
1/10/09: So How Wrong Were We? - We weren't even close again. Though we've been given hints about a third faction since Razor aired, there was no sign of that faction here. As a matter of fact, the Cylon basestar along with the humans that were onboard doesn't even appear in the episode which was many about the Adama boys and a long-awaited (though somewhat underwhelming) return of Romo Lampkin.

5/30/08: Episode Summary Now Available

4/6/08: The episode description from SciFi has us largely stumped. It refers to the Cylon Hybrid, which we assume has to be the same Cylon Hybrid that was presumably killed by Kendra in Razor. He would be the only one that would have a following (the old Cylon Centurions) that follows his orders. The other hybrids have been portrayed as babbling what the Cylons had considered to be nonsense and left to control the ships. The one weakness in our argument are a couple of scenes that have already slipped into previews. Kara hears about the Cylon Hybrid's prophecy from another hybrid and Natalie and an Eight (Boomer? Athena?) are also seen watching a hybrid. Either way, we're thinking that this would be a third faction of Cylons loyal to that original Hybrid. This rekindles the spoilers that came from news about Razor that the hybrid elements of that movie would play a role in the fourth season. What we're not sure of is how the legal term or Lampkin's reappearance fit into the episode. We know he tells someone (likely Lee) that they are a beacon of hope, one that is not needed.

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