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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4

Episode 5: The Road Less Traveled; May 2, 2008
1/10/09: So How Wrong Were We? - We missed again. The Cylons did show up, but Leoben's appearance contributed to the mutiny rather than helping defuse it because of Kara's insistance about going to meet with Leoben's basestar rather than returning to the fleet with pre-arranged coordinates. They also didn't reach the basestar in this episode.

4/6/08: Pair the episode title with the episode description from SciFi and we're guessing that Natalie's Cylon faction makes contact with Kara on the Demetrius. We already knew that Kara has overextended her mission by this episode which leads to a mutiny. Apparently, she's bailed out by the Cylons. We're assuming that Natalie is involved, but we know that Leoben is going to turn up. We're guessing that Kara's interest isn't enough. The scenes of Kara and Athena onboard a Cylon Basestar could take place here. Athena's conversation with Boomer would carry more weight with Adama these days than whatever Kara had to say.

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