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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4

Starbuck's Fate Speculation:
1/10/09: So How Wrong Were We? - We were right about Kara being thrown in the brig largely because she showed up at the same time as the Cylon fleet. We were right that Kara's "unlikely allies" turned out to be Cylons in the form of Anders. We were wrong that it was Caprica Six and head-Leoben. She did make an alliance with the remaining Leobens, Sixes and Eights. Earth was found much sooner than expected and Earth turned out to be desolate or "dead." Spoilers concerning a big battle at the end of Season 4.5 leave the possibility that Kara's "harbinger of death" prophecy isn't complete yet.

11/3/07: When Kara gets out of her Viper, Lee greets her with a big hug. Kara is quite surprised by this since she thinks it has only been a few hours since she left. It doesn't take long for her to get put in the brig because of suspicion that she's a Cylon. This is probably due to the Cylons' (Leoben) overwhelming interest in her back on New Caprica and her sudden appearance at the same time as the Cylon fleet. Among others, Roslin questions her and her motives. Anders is happy to see that his wife is back, but at the same time gets worried about his own newfound Cylon-ness being uncovered.

Con't: After stewing in the brig for a while (the first four episodes), Admiral Adama decides to send Kara on a mission on the Demetrius, a sewage recycling ship. Also on the mission are Athena, Helo, Anders, Barolay and Caprica Six. The mission has to do with finding Earth. They are given a certain amount of time before they are to turn back and rendezvous with the fleet. As the deadline nears, Kara wants to keep going rather than turn back. This results in a mutiny and this is likely when Kara screams "we're going the wrong way" as seen in the Season 4 trailers. At some point during the mutiny, Kara finds she has some "unlikely allies." We're thinking that this might be Caprica Six. Leoben also turns up around this time, but we're guessing it is Kara's head-Leoben from her "destiny" vision.

Con't: As to what ultimately happens with Kara, her unlikely allies and the mission, we haven't heard anything yet. The one speculation that we have is the comment that Earth is found much sooner than expected, so perhaps the mission succeeds in finding Earth, but with some obstacles blocking the way (Cylons?). One other "X-factor" is the Cylon bybrid's prophesy that Kara is the harbinger of the Apocalypse. This could be because she leads the fleet (the last of humanity) into a Cylon trap or the outcome turns out to be a unification of the Cylons and humanity (as Caprica Six long believed to be the next step) and thus the end of humanity as it is currently known.

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