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BSG Speculation (and Rumors):
Season 4
Unlike the spoiler section where we aim to filter out as much unreliable content as possible, there is no such disclaimer here. The material here springs from the imagination of TPR and/or other sources NOT OFFICIALLY AFFILIATED with Battlestar Galactica or the SciFi Channel. Also featured here are "spoilers" which have very little or no evidence of being true spoilers and can thus be thought of as no more than rumor.

General Speculation:
4/16/08: Last Updates

Kara's Fate Speculation:
1/10/09: So How Wrong Were We?
11/3/07: Last Updates

Episode 1: He That Believeth In Me (Link redirects to the General Spec); April 4, 2008
The thin line that separates humanity from the rapidly evolving Cylons is redrawn, as Starbuck returns from the dead with claims that she has found Earth.
4/4/08: Episode Review Now Available
4/4/08: Episode Summary Now Available
3/9/08: Last Updates

Episode 2: Six of One; April 11, 2008
Conflict and mistrust torment humans and Cylons alike, as both sides struggle to understand their respective mythologies - one rooted on Earth, the other in the mysteries of the Final Five.
6/9/08: So How Wrong Were We?
6/9/08: Last Updates
6/9/08: Episode Review Now Available
6/9/08: Episode Analysis Now Available
6/9/08: Episode Summary has been updated.
4/11/08: Episode Summary Now Available

Episode 3: The Ties That Bind; April 18, 2008
With Kara Thrace piloting a lone freighter in her desperate search for Earth, political intrigue and marital discord aboard the Galactica are paralleled by deep rifts in the Cylons' solidarity.
1/10/09: So How Wrong Were We?
4/18/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/6/08: Last Updates

Episode 4: Escape Velocity; April 25, 2008
Religious freedom is debated and defended as the messianic Gaius Baltar promotes his belief in one true God.
1/10//09: So How Wrong Were We?
4/25/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/6/08: Last Updates

Episode 5: The Road Less Traveled; May 2, 2008
The prospect of a truce between humanity and the Cylons encourages Starbuck to trust an old enemy.
1/10//09: So How Wrong Were We?
4/6/08: Last Updates

Episode 6: Faith; May 9, 2008
1/10//09: So How Wrong Were We?
5/9/08: Episode Summary Now Available
The cancer-stricken President Laura Roslin and hotheaded pilot Kara Thrace both must make difficult leaps of faith in order to accept an uneasy alliance with the Cylons.
4/6/08: Last Updates

Episode 7: Guess What's Coming to Dinner; May 16, 2008
President Roslin's leadership is tested as the Galactica teams up with Cylon rebels in a plot to destroy the enemy's vital Resurrection Hub.
1/10//09: So How Wrong Were We?
5/16/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/7/08: Last Updates

Episode 8: Sine Qua Non; May 30, 2008
1/10//09: So How Wrong Were We?
President Roslin's abduction by the Cylon Hybrid triggers a bitter power struggle within the Colonial fleet.
5/30/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/6/08: Last Updates

Episode 9: The Hub; June 6, 2008
1/10//09: So How Wrong Were We?
6/6/08: Episode Summary Now Available
In pursuit of the enemy's Resurrection Hub, a misfit team of Viper pilots and Cylon rebels become uneasy collaborators as they formulate a battle plan.
4/6/08: Last Updates

Episode 10: Revelations; June 13, 2008
1/10//09: So How Wrong Were We?
A band of rebel Cylons holds President Roslin hostage while attempting to lure the Final Five out of hiding inside the Galactica and the human fleet.
6/13/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/6/08: Last Updates

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