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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4

Episode 2: Six of One; April 11, 2008
6/9/08: So How Wrong Were We? - We've decided to have some fun and grade our spoilers and spec for the first ten episodes of season four. First off, our spoilers for this episode were close to nothing mostly because we kept having trouble pinning down what happened in which of the early episodes since the whole production numbering offset was confusing. Surprisingly, an early spoiler that we considered sketchy turned out to be right about the Centurions having their inhibitors removed even though we didn't have it listed for this episode. We turned out to be correctly skeptical of io9's spoiler that Caprica Six and Balter would meet up and she'd see his Inner Baltar. Our spec was hit and miss, but mostly miss. We knew about Kara holding Roslin hostage and then somehow managed to get sent off in the Demetrius, but we missed with our guesses that it was Roslin that believed her and that Caprica Six ended up on the mission. We also apparently read too much into Boomer's motives and she actually sided with Cavil in lobotimzing the Raiders and never switched sides. We did hit on Natalie siccing the Centurions on the opposing faction to send a message and not to end the three series. All in all, we pretty much blew it on this episode.

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6/9/08: Episode Summary has been updated.
4/11/08: Episode Summary Now Available

4/6/08: In light of the discovery of the episode descriptions for the first eleven episodes, we've got to revisit our speculation for this episode. Early spoilers indicated that three Cylon models were wiped out, killed off and by the looks of the previews, we were thinking that it happened here. Now, we think that was just the first salvo. Much like Caprica Six was shot on New Caprica for her dissention, we're now guessing that Natalie uses the Centurions to send a message to the models by killing the models on the leadership council. However, since she also states that she wants the twelve models brought together, the models are able to resurrect. The one thing we're still not sure of is what is Boomer's complete role in this. She either plays both sides to her own agenda or she's a "double agent" who ends up helping Natalie and her faction.

4/5/08: Episode two picks up with Kara holding Roslin hostage. Adama send Tigh in to take Kara down without harming Roslin. Roslin does end up getting shot in the arm. However, Kara manages to tell Roslin something that gives Roslin pause. Adama is angry with Kara (which leads to the scene where he physically attacks her). Meanwhile, Boomer, who has long felt close to the Raiders, has learned that the Final Five are in the fleet. Cavil also somehow knows this because he's lobotomizing the Raiders so that they'll mindlessly carry out orders. Natalie, a Six, doesn't like this and tells Cavil to stop. Cavil refuses, so Natalie sends a message with the help of Centurions. the Cylon conference room is shot up and a few models are killed (don't worry, they resurrect... this time).

3/9/08: The second episode likely brings us up to speed on Baltar and his new cult/harem. His Inner Six moves on and is replaced by an Inner Baltar. Somewhere in here, Kara gets ahold of a gun and holds Roslin hostage. Adama sends Tigh in to solve the problem. Likely something during this confrontation fits with one of Roslin's visions, so she ends up believing Kara about Earth. This leads to Adama letting Kara take the Demetrius on a mission to find it. Athena and possibly Caprica go along because of those shared visions. Meanwhile, the Cylons are in turmoil because of the knowledge that at least some of the Final Five are in the colonial fleet. Natalie, a Six, becomes a leader of one of the Cylon factions in opposition to Cavil. Also, Cally learns of Tyrol being a Cylon and kills herself either at the end of episode three or the start of episode four. There's even been a rumor (unsubstantiated) floated that it'll turn out that Nicolas is not Tyrol's son which would conveniently solve that whole issue of Nicolas not having a destiny like Hera.

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