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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4

Episode 7: Guess What's Coming to Dinner; May 16, 2008
1/10/09: So How Wrong Were We? - Though we were right about most of it, we went overboard on the dissention in the fleet. Lee and the Quorum aren't happy about the alliance, but Baltar's cult plays no role other than Baltar's influence on Tory. We never speculated on Natalie's shooting.

5/16/08: Episode Summary Now Available

4/7/08: As much as we like KoenigRules' suggestion that this episode will be a two-parter, we're not so sure. This episode (or part one as KoenigRules suggests) is scheduled to air on May 16th. The following week, BSG is pre-empted for a movie marathon thanks to the holiday Memorial Day weekend. On May 30th, BSG resumes. We're jumping to the conclusion that KoenigRules somehow assumed that the missing week meant that the episode had been split. We've found no mention of this being a two-parter anywhere especially considering that this episode has been "in the can" for months and everyone continues to talk about the first eleven episodes being done and returning to film the last nine. Of course, we've also found no sign of anyone clearly stating that this episode is NOT a two-parter. As much as we'd like to see a twenty-first episode in the mix, we're still not counting on it.

4/6/08: Pair the episode title with the SciFi episode description and you get dissention within the human fleet. Though episode six brought word of the Cylon truce to Galactica, it's apparently in this episode that the rest of the fleet learns of the proposed alliance with Natalie's Cylon faction. Not only that, but the plan is to take out the opposing Cylon faction's Resurrection hub. We're guessing the pro-fleet Cylon faction comes up with the idea in order to get the other faction to back off which gives them time to find Earth and the Final Five. They need the fleet because the fleet has managed the job once before when they successfully took out the Resurrection Ship. Our question is where do Baltar and his followers end up standing on this Cylon alliance? Based on the workings of Inner Six, we're guessing that they actually help Roslin win over the rest of the fleet to the plan.

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