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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4

Episode 3: The Ties That Bind; April 18, 2008
1/10/09: So How Wrong Were We? - We were very wrong. We missed by aquite a bit on this episode. Yes, Cally died and she was contemplating suicide, but ended up being killed by Tory to protect the new Cylons' identities. Natalie's faction didn't break away on their own. They were actually set up by the Cavils and that did lead to a one-sided battle which could hardly be called a civil war. Lee did spar with Roslin, but it didn't trigger widespread dissention in the fleet.

4/18/08: Episode Summary Now Available

4/6/08: Picking up on the symbolic killing of the disagreeing models in episode two, the argument continues. The shooting solved nothing, so we're guessing that the episode description hints at the ante being upped. Here, Natalie's faction "kills" all the members of the other faction (not just the ones in the leadership council) so they can break away, find the Final Five and come with a way to prove the folly of the opposition of the three opposing models. This also allows for a break in the Cylon storyline while the three "killed" models gradually resurrect at their Hub. Once they do, the Cylon civil war begins in earnest. Also, Kara has been given a ship (the Demetrius) in her search for Earth. Also, Tyrol's secretive behavior and Cally's suspicions lead to marital issues and her long rumored death.

4/5/08: In episode three, Zarek passes some information to Lee that leads to some dissention in the fleet. At the same time, Kara is given a chance to find Earth. She, Athena, Helo, Anders, Barolay and Caprica Six (we think) take the Demetrius, a sewage refining ship on this mission. Cally has grown suspicious of Tyrol who sneaks off to meet with the other three Cylons. Meanwhile, in the Cylon fleet Natalie's message didn't have an effect. Boomer has become involved with Cavil. However, she learns some critical information and tips off Natalie. This leads to three models (like Cavil, Doral and Simon) being completely wiped out. As big as that is, the episode ends with Cally dying. It could be suicide or it could just be caused by the fact that she's following Tyrol.

3/9/08: Somewhere in here, Kara gets ahold of a gun and holds Roslin hostage. Adama sends Tigh in to solve the problem. Likely something during this confrontation fits with one of Roslin's visions, so she ends up believing Kara about Earth. This leads to Adama letting Kara take the Demetrius on a mission to find it. Athena and possibly Caprica go along because of those shared visions. Meanwhile, the Cylons are in turmoil because of the knowledge that at least some of the Final Five are in the colonial fleet. Natalie, a Six, becomes a leader of one of the Cylon factions in opposition to Cavil. Also, Cally learns of Tyrol being a Cylon and kills herself either at the end of episode three or the start of episode four. There's even been a rumor (unsubstantiated) floated that it'll turn out that Nicolas is not Tyrol's son which would conveniently solve that whole issue of Nicolas not having a destiny like Hera.

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