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Episode 403 Spoilers: The Ties That Bind; April 18, 2008
4/18/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/17/08: Publicity thumbnails confirm previous general spoilers that it is in this episode, Lee joins the government and almost immediately is passed some confidential information by Zarek. Roslin also is off of Galactica at least long enough to preside over a cabinet meeting. From NBCU Photo Bank Archive
4/16/08: Cavil, Natalie and two Eights talk. Cavil at least appears much more interested in their concerns now that he's been shot up. One of the Eights says that they want the lobotomizing of Raiders to stop, to which Cavil immediately agrees. Natalie then requests that the D'Annas (Threes) be unboxed because they want to unite the twelve models. Cavil points out that the model's pursuit of secrets "better left alone" that triggered the devisiveness that they are now in the midst of, but agrees to take it to the others. From SciFi Channel Preview
4/16/08: Cally says, "you're machines." Cavil says "they started it," as an Eight (Boomer?) stands behind him. Natalie says, "they're really trying to kill us." Natalie can be seen dodging gunfire. Tory, while holding Nicky, knocks Cally down. Basestars fire on one another. From Sky One Promo
4/12/08: Boomer is there at the resurrection tub as Cavil climbs out. He says that they have no idea of the threat that they have unleashed. Cavil looks over at an approaching Centurion. Natalie tells the Centurion to escort him off off the ship and then adds "please" as the Centurion cocks its head. Kara tells Anders that she feel like she's watching herself and not really living. She adds that it's like her body is this alien thing. Tigh, Tyrol and Tory are meeting. Cally is hidden [in a locker?] and hears Tigh says that the last thing that they need is for Cally to find out that there are a bunch of "skin jobs" running around and that her husband is one of them. Cally paces around, visibly upset. Tyrol has a head wound. Natalie crawls through a shower of sparks. Tory holds Nicky. Cally is bleeding from the side of her mouth. Tory, still holding Nicky, has a eerie look on her face and then she pushes a button. A second promo actually shows Cally taking a swing at Tyrol with a wrench. From SciFi Promos [We had to revisit this promo description to add missing elements and fix inaccuracies. It looks as though Tory is somehow involved with Cally's death.]
4/8/08: "We've heard tell that the crew might be one less after tonight's episode, in which Cally learns that Tyrol is really a Cylon. Uh-oh..." From TV Guide [Nothing new here other than seeming confirmation from a well-regarded source... unlike TPR.]
4/6/08: Updated Episode Speculation from TPR
3/31/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:
4/6/08: With Kara Thrace piloting a lone freighter in her desperate search for Earth, political intrigue and marital discord aboard the Galactica are paralleled by deep rifts in the Cylons' solidarity. From SciFi Channel
4/5/08: Updated Speculation from TPR
3/31/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Lee has settled into the President's cabinet.

Roslin presides over her cabinet with her extremist VP to her right and her ever-loyal secret-Cylon to her left.

Cally and Nicky.
[Cally looks a bit tense. We're guessing she's confronting Tyrol about his secretive comings and goings.]

Tory reaching out to Tyrol.
[No wonder Cally has gotten suspicious that Tyrol is fooling around.]

Thanks to drewcypher

3/25/08: Here are some items that occur at point during the first three episodes: Natalie and Cavil disagree over his treatment of the Raiders. Cavil picks up a new love interest (or at least someone that he makes out with in front of the other Cylons). [Put this with the clip of Cavil calling Sharon in and that the long admitted spoilers that she's back in a big way and we'll guess that she's the one fooling around with Cavil.] Zarek passes classified info to a "new colleague" in an effort to stir up trouble. [Lee, anyone?] Anders jumps ship not long after his close encounter with that Raider. From Digital Spy
3/25/08: Apparently, Cally is suspicious of Tyrol who has become secrative. She follows him and finds out that he's a Cylon. This triggers a shocking response by Cally. From IO9 [Yet another seeming confirmation of Cally's death/suicide.]
3/3/08: "As the lines between the humans and Cylons blur, Kara pilots a freighter in her search for Earth and the members of the Galactica deal with political and marital issues. Meanwhile, the Cylons' solidarity is challenged." From SciFi Magazine
11/17/07: Taylor mentions that a character dies. This would seem to fit with the long ago spoiler about Cally's death that we attributed to Episode 404. From Chicago Tribune: The Watcher
11/17/07: Michael Taylor wrote the episode. From Chicago Tribune: The Watcher
11/3/07: Reza Hebrides is listed as making her first appearance. From IMDB [A Reza Chronicles was listed in casting calls for Episode 4, so this seems legit. We're guessing she's part of the cult of Baltar storyline.]
9/22/07: Lt. Eammon 'Gonzo' Pike is slated for another appearance. From IMDB [Maybe a new recurring pilot was needed since it was getting thin there? Interestingly, IMDB has his first appearance listed in the season premier even though the character was listed in this episode's casting calls.]
9/22/07: Tigh, Tory and Adama are in CIC and the Cylons are there. [UPDATE: As was pointed out to us, this likely referred to the season premier since its the third episode in the production order and would simply mean that things picked up where the finale left off.] [We blew that one.]
7/17/07: Starbuck is lightly used in this episode since Katee Sackhoff mentioned that she shot her scenes for both episodes three and four in a single day. From Katee Sackhoff BSGcast Interview
6/23/07: According to Katee Sackhoff, the fifth Cylon has not been revealed yet.
6/20/07: Guest characters include Jacob Cantrell, Lt. Gonzo Pike and Picon Delegate. From Casting Calls
6/20/07: Added episode title.
4/15/07: Tigh, Tory and Adama are in CIC and the Cylons are there. From Kevin Grazier, Richard Hatch and Bradley Thompson Interview with [Well, we know the Cylons are there because Tigh and Tory are there. This could be the first Season 4 foiler.]

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