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Episode 404 Spoilers: Escape Velocity; April 25, 2008
4/25/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/23/08: Baltar's beliefs create a controversy for those faithful to the 12 Lords of Kobol, and a crew member's demise casts a pall on the Colonials. From TV Guide
4/18/08: Tyrol tells Adama that he won't make someone an angel who wasn't an angel. Ellen, dressed as Caprica Six, appears to Tigh. Then the next shot IS Caprica Six, who asks Tigh what he wants of her. He's obviously confused. Caprica jumps on top of Tigh and seems to be enjoying beating up on Tigh, who just lies there and takes a few punches. Tory says that they were meant to be perfect and to think about what means. From SciFi Channel Promo [Tyrol had to be referring to Cally. Tigh is confusing Caprica with Ellen and the scenes of them fighting reminded us of Tigh and Ellen's fights. Question is whether Tigh gets to "make-up" with Caprica like he used to with Ellen.]
4/17/08: Publicity thumbnails add to previous pics of Cally's memorial service. Tyrol and Adama both speak at the memorial service. Caprica Six also appears. From NBCU Photo Bank Archive [There had long been spoilers that Caprica Six hooks up with someone other than Baltar and there were also pics of Tricia Helfer in a fight that involved Barolay and Anders. With Caprica Six still in the brig, we give up on our spec that Caprica Six somehow ended up on the mission with Kara and hooked up with Anders. Looks like the rumors of Tigh and Caprica were far more accurate. This means that it must be Natalie that is involved in the same fight as Anders and Barolay.]
4/16/08: It's toasters versus tasties as the heavy-metal Cylons begin plotting to put Six's humanoid peeps in their place. Coolest. Coup. Ever. - Baltar stirs up trouble once again as his messiah complex creates divisions within the Colonial fleet. Seems his monotheistic teachings don't sit too well with those who believe in the 12 Lords of Kobol (like Roslin and Starbuck). Also, look for fallout galore in the aftermath of a beloved crew member's death. From TV Guide
4/9/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Adama reads to Roslin in sick bay.
[Looks like her cancer treatment isn't working.]

Looks like Caprica is trying to get a good look at that right eye of Tigh's that is gone.
[So is this another hint at something going on between the two of them?]

Tory, Roslin, Adama and Tigh sit listening to someone. Notice Tigh is looking away.
[Now why would Roslin and Adama be listening to someone else? See the next picture.]

Adama and a haggard Tyrol.
[Put this and the previous picture together and we know why Adama and Roslin were sitting and listening.
They were listening to the priestess speak at Cally's funeral.]

Meanwhile, baltar embraces his new role as a religious leader.
How do we know? The candles, of course?

Thanks to drewcypher

4/6/08: Updated Episode Speculation from TPR
4/6/08: Religious freedom is debated and defended as the messianic Gaius Baltar promotes his belief in one true God. From SciFi Channel
4/5/08: Updated Speculation from TPR
11/17/07: Michael Taylor mentioned that a character dies in episode 403. This would seem to fit with the long ago spoiler about Cally's death. Perhaps this episode deals with the aftermath of Cally's suicide at the end of the previous episode. From Chicago Tribune: The Watcher
11/3/07: "Marine at Baltar's complex" is listed as appearing. From IMDB [Fits with the casting call.]
9/22/07: Tracey Anne makes another appearance. From IMDB [She must not be a pilot since she doesn't seem to appear when Gonzo does.]
9/16/07: Edward James Olmos directed the episode. From Edward James Olmos Interview
8/10/07: Various spoilers seem to be pointing to a bit of a civil war breaking out within the Cylon once they learn that four of the remaining models are in the human fleet. This leads to dissention over whether or not to continue to attack the human fleet. Apparently, three models (all of the same gender) will be entirely wiped out with the help of the Cylon Centurions. [Not sure if all of this takes place in episode four or that's just where the arc starts.]
7/17/07: Starbuck is lightly used in this episode since Katee Sackhoff mentioned that she shot her scenes for both episodes three and four in a single day. From Katee Sackhoff BSGcast Interview
7/15/07: Lee looks to have rejoined Roslin's administration. From Space Channel [Guess that stuff about Lee getting involved in the civilian side of the fleet is actually being written in.]
7/15/07: The spoiler regarding Cally's fate has been removed from TrekBBS at the request of the poster. [This makes us think that there's something to this spoiler, or at least the poster truly believes that there is and had second thoughts about revealing it.]
7/8/07: According to someone who auditioned for the part of the priestess, Cally kills herself. From TrekBBS [This is highly speculative, but considering Cally's thorough distain for Boomer and other Cylons, the fact that she's married to one could push her to this. That said, we hope this isn't true.]
7/4/07: During the digital media tour, the press was shown a set that was described as a Cylon conference room which had been shot up. Apparently, a number of Cylon Centurions have rebelled against the human Cylons when they learned that the human Cylons had been repressing intelligent thought in the Centurions using a chip so that they remain passive. From MediaBlvd Magazine [Not sure how much is legitimate spoilers and how much is speculation. If it is legitimate, then this would seem to indicate that the human Cylons might have their own agenda apart from the Final Five Cylons.]
6/26/07: Guest characters include Reza Chronides, Lilly, Priestess, Gemenon Representative, Lieutenant, Marine and Marine Guard. From Casting Calls [More red shirt Marines... The Marine recruiter in the fleet must be top notch to keep adding "fresh meat."]
6/26/07: Added episode title.
6/23/07: According to Katee Sackhoff, someone dies. [We assume that this refers to a character that we're familiar with and not just another "red-shirt" Marine.]

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