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Episode 408 Spoilers: Sine Qua Non; May 30, 2008
5/30/08: Episode Summary Now Available
5/30/08: Though there are signs of a battle, there is no sign of Roslin, Baltar or Helo in the episode.
[From previous spoilers, we know that they turn up again next week.]
5/27/08: Spoilers from UK airing of the episode: At a quorum meeting, Zarek moves to become interim president though Lee tells him that Adama won't support him. Lee goes to Romo for advice over a compromise candidate. Cottle attempts to save Natalie's life, but she projects into a forest as she dies. Adama yells at Athena and ends it with ordering her to the brig. Galactica jumps and finds debris of a basestar as well as several Raptor's and the President's own ride in which Adama eventually finds his book. Tigh and Adama have their argument. Adama calls Tigh out on getting Caprica Six pregnant. Tigh counters that Adama is being reckless because of Roslin's disappearance. Tigh punches Adama because Adama wonders what Ellen would think of Tigh having knocked up a Cylon. Romo decides the best candidate would be Lee, which leads to a scene where Romo is pointing a gun at Lee and accuses Lee of using him to legitimize his own candidacy. Things apparently end well because Lee gets sworn in as President. Adama has another talk with Tigh where he admits that he's not acting rationally because of Roslin's disappearance. His last order is for Hera to be returned to Athena, who is to remain in the brig. He then gives his command pips to Tigh and departs in a Viper with the book heading for the coordinates he had agreed upon with the Cylons. [So Caprica is pregnant? Guess those four really are fundamentally different. Who's going to be the first to suggest that this means that Cally or Helo is the final Cylon? We are disappointed that Natalie is indeed dead.]
5/24/08: "A frantic struggle for power rages among the Colonials, and one of their most prominent figure is kidnapped; when the seized individual returns to the fold, it is discovered that they have undergone an extreme transformation." From TitanTV
5/24/08: On Colonial One, Lee says "This thing's heading for a showdown. There's going to be bloodshed." Natalie is on a bed in sick bay as Doctor Cottle can be seen looking over her. Adama asks Athena if she's trying to "sabotage this truce." He then tells her that he trusted her. Kara says to Adama, "My people are going to feel like they're being asks to go on suicide missiosn." Adama counters, "I'm not asking." Someone can be seen in space in an EVA suit. Tigh says, "I don't believe this" as he sees Caprica Ellen again. Lampkin points a gun. Tigh says, "How can you even ask me that? Question my loyalty?" Adama counters, "Do you deny it?" Tigh's lip quivers, but he says nothing. Adama yells, "You can't." Tigh calls Adama a "motherfrakker" and punches him, knocking him down. From SPACE Channel Promo
5/24/08: A second promo adds a couple of lines to the Adama/Tigh confrontation. Adama wants to know who was really interrogating who and Tigh responds incredulously, "How can you even question my loyalty." From SciFi Channel Promo
5/22/08: On Colonial One, Lee is on the wireless. He says that by not even meeting with Zarek, it's allowing Zarek to "fan the flames of suspicion" with the Quorum. Adama is on the other end of the line and says that suspicions aren't his concern. Lee concedes that Zarek isn't someone they like, but he is "next in line" and that the fleet needs reassurance right now, which is something "only its military commander can offer." Adama counters that Lee can reassure them since that's his job now. He adds that Zarek can "go to hell." Adama then hangs up the wireless. Still in his quarters, Adama questions Athena who is cuffed. He wants to know if she hates her own people so much that she looks for any excuse to kill one or was she trying to sabotage the truce. Athena says she wasn't. He walks up to stand right in front of her and wants her to tell him why she did it. Athena says that the Six was going to take Hera. Adama points out that all the witnesses said that Hera was lost and that Natalie just kneeled down and talked to Hera. Athena counters that she knew that the Six was going to take Hera because she had a vision of Six and Baltar taking Hera away from her. Adama scoffs at the idea of a vision and walks away from her. Athena then says that it was more than just a vision because once she saw them together, she knew that they'd take her child away. From SciFi Channel Preview
5/21/08: "Poor Adama. Not only is he clueless about the Cylons under his command, but now it looks like pal Roslin is headed for big trouble." "Divisions are nothing new to the Colonial fleet, but this time they're sparked by Roslin's sudden abduction by the sinister Cylon Hybrid. Battling cancer, she really doesn't need this right now." From TV Guide
5/19/08: Here's another shot at the promo: Adama tells Tigh, "Execute the jump." Tigh asks "What? And leave the rest of the fleet?" Adama tells him, "Give my order." Tigh picks up the phone. The Galactica jumps. Lee and Zarek look out the window of Colonial One and Lee asks, "Where the hell are they going?" Cottle reports to Adama that he ran some tests on Caprica Six and suggests that he found something. Tigh walks into Caprica Six's cell in the brig. Tigh sits with his hands on his knees while Caprica Six puts her hands on top of his and kneels in front of him. Caprica Six looks vulnerable as she is grabbed. Tigh reaches out and touches/cups the side of her face as he stands and forces her to stand. Caprica Six is pushed/thrown into the same chair. Adama asks Tigh what he was thinking. Adama then says, "I'm through jeopardizing this ship because of your weakness." Tigh gets a look of anger and punches Adama, knocking him down as he can be seen that they are in Adama's quarters. Kara looks at someone [kinda looks like Adama]. A Raptor follows three other ships [other Raptors?]through a path in space. Natalie lies on a white table/bed with a look of sadness on her face. Lee takes an oath of office as Adama and Zarek look on. Athena is taken away by a pair of Marines. Romo Lampkin can be seen. Someone [Racetrack?] is out in an EVA suit investigating something. A basestar can be seen in what looks to be a similar setting as where the Raptor was flying.From SciFi Channel Promo [Adama decides to ditch the fleet at least briefly. Looks like Cottle finds out that Tigh has been fooling around with Caprica Six and tells Adama. We don't think he finds out that she's pregnant, just that she's been "getting busy." We wonder if there isn't more to the exchange between Adama and Tigh since Tigh gets angry enough to punch Adama. Lee looks to be taking over as acting President since he's a less polarizing figure than Zarek... and he has his Daddy's support. The most intriguing peek is of Natalie. She doesn't look all pale like she's in the morgue, so maybe she survives Athena's attack. Also, Kara seems to be looking at Adama, but if she is then she would have gotten back from the baseship somehow.]
5/16/08: Adama tells Tigh to execute a jump. Tigh asks "leave the rest of the fleet?" Adama tells him to "just do it." Lee looks out the window of Colonial One and wants to know where Galactica went. Cottle reports to Adama that he found something when he was running some tests on Caprica Six. Caprica Six and Tigh get physical in the brig. Adama wants to know what Tigh was thinking by jeopardizing the entire fleet because of his weakness. In Adama's quarters, Tigh punches Adama, knocking him down. Dead Natalie can be seen. Lee takes an oath of office. From SciFi Channel Promo
4/6/08: Updated Episode Speculation from TPR
4/6/08: President Roslin's abduction by the Cylon Hybrid triggers a bitter power struggle within the Colonial fleet. From SciFi Channel [THE Cylon Hybrid? Can this be the same one that apparently was blown up in Razor?]
3/31/08: According to current TV schedules, BSG will enjoy a seven week run before being pre-empted for a week, so the eighth episode (this one) will be air two weeks later kicking off a three-week run of the final episodes of the first half of the season.
3/20/08: Lampkin can be heard saying, "you are a shining beacon of hope. Only hope is the last thing we need." From SciFi Channel Network Upfront Preview [Lee is shown in several clips while Lampkin speaks, so we're to believe that's who Lampkin is speaking to.]
11/17/07: According to Michael Taylor, there is a "relatively brief but quietly powerful scene between Adama and Tigh." From Chicago Tribune: The Watcher
11/17/07: Michael Taylor, who wrote the episode, says that a familiar character "who's undergone something of a crisis since we last touched base with him" returns. From Chicago Tribune: The Watcher [This item along with the episode title, which is a legal term that means "without which it could not be," likely confirms the previous spoiler that Romo Lampkin returns in this episode.]
11/17/07: Added episode title. From Chicago Tribune: The Watcher
11/3/07: Romo Lampkin is listed as making his return in this episode. From IMDB [Unlike Gonzo's listing, we're skeptical about this one. We know Romo's back, but not sure when.].
11/3/07: Lt. Eammon 'Gonzo' Pike is slated to appear. From IMDB
11/3/07: VFX/post-production work is on schedule for this episode to be completed by mid-December. From VFX World [That would result in eight episodes "in the can" by the Christmas break.]
8/16/07: Leoben appears as well as Anders [which isn't really news anymore since Michael Trucco is a regular this season.] From Battlestar Galactica UK Convention Appearance
8/16/07: This episode is finishing up now. When done, production is going on a six-week hiatus to give the writers time to put together the scripts for the second half of the season. From Battlestar Galactica UK Convention Appearance

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