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Episode 402 Spoilers: Six of One; April 11, 2008
6/9/08: Episode Analysis Now Available
6/9/08: Episode Review Now Available
6/9/08: Episode Summary has been updated.
4/11/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/6/08: Updated Episode Speculation from TPR
4/6/08: Conflict and mistrust torment humans and Cylons alike, as both sides struggle to understand their respective mythologies - one rooted on Earth, the other in the mysteries of the Final Five. From SciFi Channel
4/5/08: Updated Speculation from TPR
4/2/08: Among other things in the promo, Boomer announces to the Cylon leadership that the Final Five are in the fleet. Natalie tells Cavil to stop lobotomizing Raiders. Cavil says "No." Natalie reinforces her request with two Centurions, who arm themselves. Cavil looks on. Cylon Centurion gunfire sprays a room. Kara screams about going the wrong way. From SciFi Promo
3/26/08: Corrected the caption on Lee in the Viper.
3/25/08: Here are some items that occur at some point during the first three episodes: Natalie and Cavil disagree over his treatment of the Raiders. Cavil picks up a new love interest (or at least someone that he makes out with in front of the other Cylons). [Put this with the clip of Cavil calling Sharon in and that the long admitted spoilers that she's back in a big way and we'll guess that she's the one fooling around with Cavil.] Zarek passes classified info to a "new colleague" in an effort to stir up trouble. [Lee, anyone?] Anders jumps ship not long after his close encounter with that Raider. From Digital Spy
3/25/08: Supposely, Baltar's encounter with Head Baltar takes place when he runs into Caprica Six and is able to see Head Baltar. From IO9 [As interesting as this sounds, someone please explain to us how Caprica Six and Baltar can cross paths when she's locked up in Galactica's brig in part for her own safety and he's been spirited off Galactica by his cult for his own safety.]
3/25/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Helo, Tigh and Adama look at a restrained Kara.
[Notice the pistol in Tight's hand.]

The reverse perspective of the above picture has Kara looking quite upset.

Tigh looks all stoic in his dress uniform.
[So what's the occassion for the dress uniforms? Memorial service?]

Roslin may be made at Lee for what he did her at the trial,
but she's still willing to shake his hand as Tory looks on.

Hot Dog is in his dress uniform, but Athena has her flight suit on
and Lee is still in what's left of his civilian suit.
[Lee, and even Athena since she's in her flight suit, looks to have stumbled into the ceremony.]

Lee in Starbuck's Viper.
[Either he's trying to figure out what happened to her or he's thinking about things they've talked about and will end up visiting her cell to tell her that he understands what she's been saying about destiny (seen in one of the preview clips).]

Thanks to drewcypher

3/3/08: In the episode, "conflict and mistrust embattle both the Cylons, in their struggle with the mysteries of the Final Five, and the humans, in their attempts to find Earth." From SciFi Magazine
1/30/08: Tracey Anne is a member of Baltar's harem. [Long revealed. We just finally posted it.]
9/22/07: Tracey Anne is listed as making the first of several appearances. From IMDB [Another pilot? Civilian? Tracey was listed on casting calls for the first episode. The actress' official website states that she is slated for recurring roles on both BSG and Bionic Woman]
8/11/07: Colin Corrigan returns as Nowart, a Marine. From IMDB
7/8/07: The episode was written by Michael Angeli and Directed by Anthony Hemingway. From MediaBlvd Magazine Article
6/17/07: Guest characters include Head Baltar. From Casting Calls [We're not so sure about this one. Why would there be a need to cast a Head Baltar? We wonder if this isn't a cover for another pivotal guest role that the showrunners don't want spoiler-hounds to learn about.]
6/17/07: Added episode title.

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