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Episode 405 Spoilers: The Road Less Traveled; May 2, 2008
4/25/08: A heavy raider docks with the Demetrius and it turns out to be Leoben. Kara tells Helo that the Cylons can help them since they understand about Earth. As Leoben can be seen helping Kara with her painting in her quarters, Athena says that Kara is out of control and will get them all killed. Kara orders a jump and Helo refuses to execute it. She then turns to Gaeta, who also refuses. Another scene has Tyrol, who has shaved his head, holding a gun to his own head as he screams. From SciFi Channel Promo
4/23/08: The search for Earth produces tension aboard the Demetrius for Kara and her crew mates. From TV Guide
4/17/08: Publicity thumbnails pull together some of what has already been glimpsed in previous photos. Apparently, Adama gives Kara quite a crew with Helo, Athena, Hot Dog, Anders and Gaeta all along for the ride. From NBCU Photo Bank Archive
4/14/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode: [Unfortunately, there's little to be gleaned from these pics.]

Kara again looking full of angst and with that not familiar stomach clutch.
[Arguing with Helo about going the wrong way?]

Anders points his gun at someone.
[Foreplay with Six?]

Hot Dog.
[... so Hot Dog appears...]


Thanks to drewcypher

4/6/08: Updated Episode Speculation from TPR
4/6/08: The prospect of a truce between humanity and the Cylons encourages Starbuck to trust an old enemy. From SciFi Channel [Who else but Leoben.]
3/5/08: Sharon has Kara in a headlock as Helo walks around. She says that they are giving up their last chance to find Earth. From SciFi Channel Promo
2/23/08: Added episode title. From The Watcher @ The Chicago Tribune
12/1/07: Bradley Thompson confirmed all existing episode titles except "Into the West," so we're updating the episode back to untitled. While he would confirm the ones that were right, Thompson would not fill in the gaps. From Battlestar Wiki
11/14/07: [Came across an old spoiler that we're filing here since Kara is supposedly little used in episodes 3 and 4.] After spending a few episodes in the brig, Kara breaks out and holds Roslin at gunpoint. Tigh is sent in with some Marines to save Roslin no matter what.
10/29/07: Along with Starbuck, Helo, Anders and Athena also are on the Demetrius on the mission to find Earth, which is an old sewage refining ship. The mission lasts longer than expected and with only two days left before the deadline to meet back up with Galactica, there is dissention because Starbuck wants to go further. From Grace Park Interview in Cult Times
9/22/07: Lt. Eammon 'Gonzo' Pike and Tracey Anne are both slated to appear. From IMDB
8/10/07: In spite of the Adama/Starbuck conflict, he decides that he has to trust her in order to find Earth so he sends her on a mission to the Demetrius.
7/24/07: Leoben appears. [Callum Keith Rennie is filming this week and we're guessing it's on this episode.]
7/11/07: Pheobe is listed as a guest character. From Casting Calls [Interestingly, there was no episode title listed in the casting call.]
7/8/07: The Demetrius was previously mentioned during the vote counting for the presidential election, but this would be its first appearance.]
6/29/07: A new ship named the Demetrius will appear. The ship is described as cramped and "submarine-like." From TV Addict [The set is being built now, so it's likely for this episode but could be for episode 6.]
6/29/07: Added episode title. From TV Addict

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