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Episode 409 Spoilers: The Hub; June 6, 2008
6/6/08: Episode Summary Now Available
6/4/08: The hybrid is plugged in, she yells jump and the baseship jumps. Roslin finds herself in another vision in a darkened Galactica corridor. Elosha appears and Roslin hugs her. The baseship arrives back in normal space. Roslin immediately asks an Eight, "Why the jump? Where are we?" The Eight answers, "I'm more concerned with why we're here." Baltar suggests, "Why don't I talk to the hybrid. Find out why." Helo asks, "She can just do that? Just..." The hybrid yells, "Jump" and the baseship jumps again. Roslin is back in her vision in the darkened corridor. Elosha says, "Will you walk with me?" They begin walking side by side. Roslin finally observes, "Galactica. What's going on? It's empty." Elosha responds, "It is. Feels better this way, doesn't it?" Roslin observes, "It's so quiet. It's strange." Elosha says, "A lot of things are strange." They walk into sickbay and Roslin sees herself lying a bed struggling to breathe in the final throes of her losing battle against the cancer. From SciFi Channel Preview
6/2/08: An Eight says, "We're going towards the Resurrection Hub. I think the mission is still on." Battle scenes appear to show an attack on the Hub. Roslin tells Helo, "If there's even a chance that we can end Cylon resurrection forever, we must take it." As Cylon models face off with the Galactica pilots, an Eight says, "You might want to think about how you're going to work together, because we're all be dead if you don't." As Roslin watches, Baltar demands of the Hybrid, "Tell us what happened in the Opera House now, all right." Lastly, Three turns up in scenes also in the SciFi Channel Promo. From Space (Canadian) Promo 5/31/08: Three is unboxed and resurrected by Cavil as Boomer stands by. She wants to know why she was brought back and he answers because of Civil War. She says that makes "this" all the more meaningful. She then grabs him and breaks his neck. D'Anna is then led through the ship by someone [looks like Helo] in Colonial flight gear. D'Anna then says, "You went through a lot of trouble to bring me here, so I suppose you've got some questions for me." Two pilots can be seen moving through another corridor. Baseships attack the Hub. [We think it's the Hub?] Adama sits by someone's bed [Probably Roslin], looking worried. A Centurion turns to face Baltar. D'Anna says, "You know about the Final Five, but you don't know that you're one of them." It then appears that she was talking to Roslin. From SciFi Channel Promo [We're assuming that the timeline for this episode runs at least partly in parallel with the events of episode eight starting from when the hybrid jumped the baseship away. We would say completely in parallel except for Adama's appearance.]
5/30/08: "An offensive is plotted by Viper pilots an Cylon rebels." "As rogue Cylons team with Viper pilots to pursue the Resurrection Hub, Baltar makes a stunning confession." "Word is Baltar's ready to confess one of his crimes against humanity. That only leaves him with about a zillion others to make up for!" From TV Guide
5/16/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Roslin's still on the basestar.

[It doesn't look like a basestar. The resurrection hub?]

Athena? Boomer? Some other Eight no longer destined to dance for Cavil?
[Looks like she's on a basestar going by the display on her face.]

Thanks to drewcypher

5/8/08: Someone claims to have seen the script for this episode and enough of their info seems to jibe with previous spoilers so we're going with it. One thing to consider is that they read a script, so even it all is accurate, not everything may make it into the episode: Both Roslin and Baltar are with Natalie's Cylon faction. Along for the ride as well are Helo, Seelix and Gonzo Pike. Helo has issues while on the basestar since Athena's death [We're clarifying that this "death" refers to when Helo and Athena orchestrated her death to retrieve Hera.] resulted in her memories up until then becoming "public access." Baltar confesses to Roslin concerning his part in the original Cylon attacks on the colonies and does so at an unexpected time which puts Roslin in a difficult position. Three (D'Anna) is unboxed in this episode. There is a battle over the destruction of the Resurrection Hub. Elosha returns as a spiritual guide for Roslin. Roslin's death is revealed in a flashforward. Adama and Roslin are reunited and Roslin tells him she loves him which Adama responds to favorably (no kiss). Lee and Kara are NOT prominant in the episode. From LiveJournal
4/6/08: Updated Episode Speculation from TPR
4/6/08: In pursuit of the enemy's Resurrection Hub, a misfit team of Viper pilots and Cylon rebels become uneasy collaborators as they formulate a battle plan. From SciFi Channel
2/23/08: Added episode title. From The Watcher @ The Chicago Tribune
1/24/08: Adama and Athena have a scene together in his quarters. Kate Vernon can also be seen dressed in a wig and black outfit similar to one of the Sixes. From flickr [Question is whether it's a gag for the photos or from what they really were filming.]
11/21/07: At a convention appearance, Kate Vernon confirmed Ellen's return and seemed to indicate it was indeed in a flashback/dream. From Roadrunner's LiveJournal
11/11/07: We're guessing that this is the first episode of the three episode arc for which Lucy Lawless is returning, based in part on the timing of the following linked interview. From IF Magazine
10/14/07: Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh) was back filming. From Supanova [Flashbacks?]
10/14/07: Looks as though filming was scheduled for between October 4th and 15th.

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