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Episode 401 Spoilers: He That Believeth in Me; April 4, 2008
4/11/08: Episode Analysis Now Available
4/4/08: Episode Review Now Available
4/4/08: Episode Summary Now Available
4/3/08: Not only does Kara's Viper look as good as new, but her nav computer has also been wiped so he has no proof. She and Roslin clash over the way to Earth. Roslin wants to continue on the planned course while Kara has other ideas. Baltar doesn't waste much time in bedding one of his new cult members, blesses a sick child and shaves his prison beard. Tigh is determined to carry on like nothing has changed. Anders is unhinged, worried that he'll kill someone (think Boomer suddenly shooting Adama). Tory and Tyrol are worried that someone will find out they are Cylons and kill them. From TV with MeeVee Review
4/1/08: "The last few seconds of the episode are pretty frakkin' dramatic. I won't say it's a cliffhanger. But yeah, okay, it's a cliffhanger." From Flick Filosopher Review
3/31/08: The recurring characters of Seelix (now with a handle of Hardball), Racetrack and Charlie Conner (one of Anders' resistance fighters) appear. Also appearing are Jeanne (who was first seen as the reporter who visited Baltar and wanted him to bless her baby) and Tracey Anne, both of whom are part of Baltar's cult. Lastly, following up on the long-ago casting calls, Derrick, Shaunt, Paulla Schaffer and Marine #2 appear.
3/31/08: Starbuck's mysterious return unhinges the Galactica crew in the middle of a Cylon attack. Meanwhile, Anders enters the space melee and has a surprising standoff with a Cylon raider. From TV Guide
3/31/08: The first ten minutes or so of the episode are full of "eye-popping" visual effects. [So we jump back in with the battle full on and apparently get to see a lot of it (like the Pixis biting it) onscreen, rather than offscreen.]
3/25/08: Here are some items that occur at some point during the first three episodes: Natalie and Cavil disagree over his treatment of the Raiders. Cavil picks up a new love interest (or at least someone that he makes out with in front of the other Cylons). [Put this with the clip of Cavil calling Sharon in and that the long admitted spoilers that she's back in a big way and we'll guess that she's the one fooling around with Cavil.] Zarek passes classified info to a "new colleague" in an effort to stir up trouble. [Lee, anyone?] Anders jumps ship not long after his close encounter with that Raider. From Digital Spy
3/20/08: In CIC, Roslin wonders how the Cylons found them. From SciFi Channel Network Upfront Preview [That clip immediately cuts to the familiar scene of Kara, held by Marines, claiming that she's seen Earth. Roslin obviously suspects that Kara sudden reappearance was the tip-off.]
3/18/08: Kara comes back with recon photos which she says match the star charts that they saw in the Tomb of Athena. From Hypaspace preview
3/18/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Apollo welcomes Kara back.

Kara, Anders and Lee's reunion is interrupted by someone entering the hangar.

Roslin and Tigh watch as someone leaves (or enters) the hangar.
[Our guess is that Roslin and Tigh interrupt the reunion and Kara ends up heading for the brig.]

Roslin giving her presidential look while Tory looks on in the background.

Athena, Tyrol and Anders talk.
[We're guessing it's about Anders' close encounter with the Raider.]

Baltar in his harem room.

Baltar and his Inner Six.

Athena, Tyrol and Anders talk.
[We're guessing it's about Anders' close encounter with the Raider.]

Thanks to drewcypher

3/3/08: The episode "will address some of the cliffhanging moments from the season-three finale, including Kara's apparent return from the dead." From SciFi Magazine
2/28/08: On the hangar deck, Kara is surprised by the intense reaction by Anders, Lee and everyone else on the deck. She makes a comment about being going only a few hours and Anders points out that she's been gone for two months. From Preview Clip
1/29/08: The Pixis is destroyed with a loss of 600 passengers. Battle scenes also seem to indicate other ships in the fleet are destroyed. From Canadian Hypaspace Preview
1/27/08: The season is set to premier on April 4, 2008. Back on Friday nights [all but confirmed] and likely its old 10PM Eastern timeslot [based on the announced timeslot for the two specials that will air the week before]. From BuddyTV
1/12/08: The episode picks up with the ending of Crossroad, Part 2. Lee tells Kara that he saw her Viper blow up and she replies that he didn't. She tells him not to lose her "this time" and the two of them fly back into the battle. From Canadian Hypaspace Preview
11/3/07: Spelling in episode title was corrected.
11/1/07: Lee is the first to greet Kara and she's surprised because she thinks she's only been gone for six hours. Anders is at first excited to see his estranged wife, then he's worried that she might know he's a Cylon. The other three (Tigh, Tory and Tyrol) task him with trying to pick some information from Kara. This leads to his line [seen in the promos] about saying that if she were a Cylon, he'd still love her. Her response is underwhelming and continues the strained ties between the two. From Cult Times Interview with Michael Trucco
11/1/07: Ausiello seemed to confirm that the season would start in April 2008.
9/22/07: Lt. Eammon 'Gonzo' Pike turns up in the first of several appearances. From IMDB [Maybe a new recurring pilot was needed since it was getting thin there? Also of note is that he's not listed in casting calls until episode 3, so this first appearance may be bogus.]
8/21/07: The episode was written by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle. From Mark Verheiden's Blog [Apparently, Derrick is a child.]
8/11/07: Lucas Pummell is listed as portraying Derrick and Colin Corrigan returns as Nowart, a Marine. From IMDB [Apparently, Derrick is a child.]
8/10/07: There will be a lot of Adama/Starbuck conflict during the season starting with the first episode. From Comic Con Panel
6/29/07: Tigh has some scenes with Caprica Six, who he is interested in hearing out now that he's learned that he is a Cylon. From Michael Hogan & Katee Sackhoff Interview with [On a side note, Michael Hogan doesn't like that Tigh has now been revealed as a Cylon.]
5/19/07: Guest characters include: Lance Corporal Eduardo Moldonaldo, Paulla Schaffer, Derrick, Shaun, Stig, Tracey and Marine. From Casting Calls [Considering the fleet is finite in size, there seems to be at least one new Marine per episode... BSG's equivalent to Red Shirts.]
5/19/07: Added episode title.
4/15/07: Shooting is scheduled to begin on June 6th. From Kevin Grazier, Richard Hatch and Bradley Thompson Interview with

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