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Episode 407 Spoilers: Guess What's Coming to Dinner; May 16, 2008
5/16/08: Episode Summary Now Available
5/9/08: Athena finds that Hera has drawn pictures and numbers of Sixes. This disturbs Athena, who finds that Hera has wandered off. Hera walks down the hall. Natalie is being escorted on Galactica and Hera walks up. Natalie greets her and gently grabs Hera's arms. Athena runs up with her gun drawn. She orders Natalie to let go of Hera. She continues to move toward Natalie with her gun up as Tigh calls for her to stop. From SciFi Channel Promo
5/2/08: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Looks like Tigh visits a basestar with a full Marine escort.
[Complete with his usual sour look.]

[We're just not sure where he is. Looks too roomy to be on the Demetrius.]

Adama in CIC. [Likely reacting to the Cylons' arrival]

[Still no long hair or beard.. that's about all this pic reveals.]

[looks like she's on Colonial one

Thanks to drewcypher

4/23/08: Natalie's Cylon faction talks truce with the fleet. From TV Guide
4/11/08: According to SciFi Channel's own schedule, this episode is NOT a two-parter contrary to KoenigRules' report. SciFi Channel 5/16/08 Sched & SciFi Channel 5/30/08 Sched
4/7/08: Updated Speculation from TPR - concerning whether this is a two-parter.
4/6/08: Updated Episode Speculation from TPR
4/6/08: President Roslin's leadership is tested as the Galactica teams up with Cylon rebels in a plot to destroy the enemy's vital Resurrection Hub. From SciFi Channel
3/8/08: KoenigRules is reporting that this is a two-parter. From The Doctor and Mrs. Who [KoenigRules has been fairly reliable, but this seems to contradict what Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune just recently reported.]
2/23/08: Added episode title. From The Watcher @ The Chicago Tribune [Pair the title with the spoilers about Kara's unlikely allies and we're guessing that it's here that the pro-fleet Cylons make contact.]
11/3/07: Lt. Eammon 'Gonzo' Pike and Reza Hebrides are listed as appearing. From IMDB [Reza's 1st appearance is listed as in episode 3].
8/16/07: Kara is dealing with a mutiny on the Demetrius and her unlikely allies help her with the situation. From Katee Sackhoff Interview [There are those "unlikely" allies again. Previously, Sackhoff had mentioned that they turned up in episode six, so either storylines shifted episodes or it's possible that the storylines of her allies and her mission continue into this episode with a mutiny on the ship building up in this episode.]
8/10/07: A 'Gunnery Officer's Voice' is listed as a guest character. From Casting Calls

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