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Season 4.0 Search for Earth Spoilers
6/12/08: From someone who attended the Los Angeles screen: the directions to Earth are found in Kara's Viper. The fleet and the Cylons find Earth in the future, but it's desolate as humanity has been wiped out because of a nuclear holocaust. {Finally confirmation that they not only find Earth at midseason, but that it's not the happy discovery that they had hoped for with the planet in a post-apocalyptic state.]
4/23/08: Casting sides from episode 16? for a piano player consist of a conversation with Kara in which she says, "When I was taking the fleet to Earth, everything was so clear." Kara continues, "For the first time in my life, I knew what I was doing. Now [the] rug's been pulled out again. I'm lost again." From Casting Sides [So the fleet already found Earth, but it appears to have been a letdown at least for Kara. At least this seems to confirm earlier spoilers that the fleet reaches Earth around midseason.]
2/28/08: Adama is in Starbuck's face, wanting to know what is going on. She's breaking down in tears as she tells him that she's been to Earth, smelled it and it's "in [her] pores" like she'd been there before. From Preview Clip
1/30/07: General spoilers indicate that the first half of the season has three main storylines: the search for Earth with the Kara complications, how the four newly revealed Cylons deal with their identity and the splintering of the Cylons over Earth and the Final Five. The second half of the season [if filmed] would seem to have two main storylines: dealing with the fallout of finding Earth and discovering the identity of the Final Cylon.
1/24/08: The Earth that is found will be in the 22nd century and what is found will be surprising to everyone. From SF Crowsnest [This spoiler is a couple of months old, but still interesting. We're still going with a post-apocalyptic Earth which is probably similar in appearance to the post-Cylon attack Caprica.]
1/16/07: Episode 11 More photos of the ruins set have surfaced. They show the campsite, which likely explains the bonfire that Katee Sackhoff mentions. A Raptor can also be seen. In addition to Aaron Douglas' (Tyrol) comments that they were on location for filming, Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama) and James Callis (Gaius Baltar) can be seen. Tricia Helfer (but which Six?) was also there. From bloginhood [We're assuming that the ruins are on Earth and those are the characters who actually set foot there. We're now also guessing that they reach a post-apocalyptic Earth (think Planet of the Apes).]
1/13/08: In the extended cut found only on the Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD, the hybrid could be heard to say this as the rescue team moved through the basestar: "At last they've come for me. I feel their lives, their destinies spilling out before me. The denial of the one true path, played out on a world not their own, will end soon enough. Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening. Struggling with the knowledge of their true selves. The pain of revelation bringing new clarity. And in the midst of confusion he will find her, enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. The way forward, at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. I can see them all. The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin. But in time, it is sin that will consume them. They will know enmity, bitterness, the wrenching agony of the one splintering into the many. And then they will join the promised land, gathered on the wings of an angel. Not an end, but a beginning." [Guess that's a hint about the final Cylon, as well as foreshadowing of the rumored Cylon civil war]
1/13/08: In Battlestar Galactica: Razor, the hybrid had this to say to Kendra: "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of Death. They must not follow her. All this has happened before and all of it will happen again, again, again..."
1/12/08: has posted a BSG promotional photo with some vague hints from Ron Moore.
1/12/08: Kara claims that she has been to Earth and has to repeat it several times since it is not believed. Because of accusations and the missing time, Kara even begins to question if the Cylons captured her, brainwashed her or if she's a Cylon. There's a scene in the Memorial Hall where she's considering this and Anders is there trying to be supportive. She tells Adama that he thought of her as his daughter and now he needs to trust her. He says that he can't afford to. In another scene, she tells Adama that they are going the wrong way. From Canadian Hypaspace Preview
11/21/07: Episode 11 Katee Sackhoff indicated that Kara and Leoben have some sequences in a forest. Later, Jamie Bamber seemed to hint that those scenes were on Earth. From Roadrunner's LiveJournal
11/14/07: Episode 10: Revelations | Episode 11 Screencaps from a report on GlobalTV BC (British Columbia) following a severe windstorm on Monday (11/12/07). Sets that were built to serve as ancient ruins were damaged. The BSG crew were going to attempt to salvage and repair what they could ain hopes of resuming filming on the set later in the week. We're assuming that this set would be used for both parts of the mid-season cliffhanger.

thanks to Hugh

10/29/07: Episode 6: Faith Along with Starbuck, Helo, Anders and Athena also are on the Demetrius on the mission to find Earth, which is an old sewage refining ship. Starbuck faces a mutiny because she wanted to go further. From Grace Park Interview in Cult Times [Looks like Starbuck's unlikely allies might include Caprica Six, who appears to also be on the ship based on the photos with Tricia Helfer and Michael Trucco.]
10/14/07: Tigh asks Adama if he believes in miracles and Adama says that he doesn't. Caprica Six tells Roslin that she can feel that the final five are close. Roslin, wearing what looks to be a hospital gown, fires a gun. A woman [Roslin?] tells Adama that it's a Cylon trick. Tigh takes a pistol out of his locker. In CIC Tigh points the gun across at Adama [or whoever is standing next to Adama] while can be heard asking what he's doing. Baltar's cult thinks of him as a healer, while he seeks some hope for the future. Roslin asks Starbuck how she got "here." Adama shakes Starbuck as she can be heard asking why they can't trust her. She also says that she saw Earth. Anders tells Starbuck that if she's a Cylon then she has been since the beginning. Cylons, including an Eight, a Six and a Cavil are seen. Lastly, Kara lays on the deck and screams, "We're going the wrong way." From SciFi Channel Season 4 Promo
9/26/07: Earth will be found "earlier than anyone thinks." From Katee Sackhoff SDCC Interview
8/16/07: Episode 5:Kara is dealing with a mutiny on the Demetrius and her unlikely allies help her with the situation From Katee Sackhoff Interview [There are those "unlikely" allies again. Previously, Sackhoff had mentioned that they turned up in episode six, so either storylines shifted episodes or it's possible that the storylines of her allies and her mission continue into this episode with a mutiny on the ship building up in this episode.]
8/10/07: Episode 5: In spite of the Adama/Starbuck conflict, he decides that he has to trust her in order to find Earth so he sends her on a mission to the Demetrius.
8/10/07: The name for the 13th Colony in the Scripture is 'Cylon'. From Ausiello
6/23/07: According to Katee Sackhoff, Starbuck and Roslin have a bit of a "competition" between them. [Perhaps competing over who will lead the fleet to Earth?]
6/23/07: Apparently early in the season, there is suspicion in the fleet that Kara is a Cylon as Katee Sackhoff says that she does a lot of screaming including about not being a Cylon.
4/15/07: Finding Earth and what they find when they get there will be the final "chapter" of the show. From Ron Moore Interview with MTV [So no Galactica:1980-like scenario]
4/15/07: RDM on whether the fourth season would be the last: "The show has really moved into the third act in the three-act structure where we're all moving towards the finale and the climax of all these different plot lines. In my head there's two chapters to go in the story and those can be of varying lengths." From Ron Moore Interview with MTV [Finding Earth is one chapter. TPR assumes the newly discovered Cylons and the Final Five make up the other chapter.]
3/10/07: RDM response to a question about winging it with the mythology: "I began to put into place most of the fundamental cosmology of the BSG universe as far back as the first season. Since then, we've talked it over in the writers' room periodically so as to keep everything within the same parameters. There are still some elements to put into place, but we pretty much have it worked out by now." From Ronald D. Moore Q&A @ Board
3/9/07: Jane Espenson recently had this to say about whether the showrunners had a plan: "So imagine my delight when I recently began full-time at BSG and learned that there are (and have been) plans that extend far longer into the future than one season!" From SyFy Portal Interview

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