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Episode 411 Spoilers: Sometimes a Great Notion; January 16, 2009
1/17/09: Episode Analysis Now Available
1/16/09: Episode Recap Now Available
1/16/09: We'll find out how long ago Earth was nuked. Herc also lists a bunch of other hints that confirm (but shed no further light on) previous spoilers about Kara's find on the planet, the Cylons being at a loss themselves and the awakening memories of Anders, Tigh, Tory and Tyrol. From AICN
1/16/09: From an early review: The "episode reveals quite a few things about the Cylons, someone on the fleet, and scene that made me gasp literally." From Daemon's TV [The someone in the fleet is Kara and that find on Earth. The one jaw-dropping scene probably concerns how Dee ends up in her dress on the deck with that gun that appears like it fell from her hand. We know the reviewer is not talking about the identity of the Final Cylon since that takes place at the end of the episode and was removed from the screener of the episode.]
1/16/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
1/15/09: Ron Moore says that 'keys to the Cylons' mysterious past will be found amidst Earth's ruins.' From TV Guide [That pretty much confirms (again) what Aaron Douglas spoiled months ago.]
1/15/09: Adama reminds Roslin about her [cancer] treatment. She says that she doesn't need it. He can't believe that she's just going to "lie down and quit" and adds that she's the one who made him believe in it in the first place. Roslin says that she was wrong. She also says that he should have stayed and held his ground when the Cylons first attacked because she was wrong then and wrong now. From io9
1/15/09: It appears that Dee kills herself. Adama later mourns over her. From Sky1 [Dee's death would impact Adama pushing him further into his despair. And suicide in the first episode was the "specific plan" for Dee (according to RDM) and her big storyline (according to Jamie Bamber)? We might have more on this in our spec section soon.]
1/15/09: [1/15/09 - UPDATE: This clip is from Kara's mission on the Demetrius. We thought we saw Barolay in the clip which should have been a tip-off, but went with it anyway. Blew it.] One of the clues on's "You Will Know the Truth" site is a clip of the pilots talking about Kara. Seelix says, "this is bad." Gaeta says, "Can't explain this one away." Helo then says that Starbuck has more kills than anyone. Another pilot counters that no one knows what really got off the Viper "two months ago." Kara strolls in and all the pilots get up from the table and no one speaks to her. From SciFi Channel [This seems to indicate that whatever Kara found on Earth is common knowledge and that it likely is Kara's remains.]
1/14/08: With Laura's return to the fleet, new President Lee has to defer to her, but since she's ill he's still "in a key position withint the fleet. From Reading Eagle
1/14/09: The episode is scheduled to run three and a half minutes long. From SciFi Wire
1/13/09: The Episode 411 (production #413) shooting guide also lists Ellen Tigh as appearing. That seems to lend more credance to her being the final Cylon [or Tigh has gotten drunk and is either having a flashback or one of his visions]. Also of note is that her and Saul Tigh's stunt doubles are listed so we assume that they scuffle. From BSG Props Auction Website [Thanks to Werthead for sending the link our way.]
1/13/09: The Episode 411 (production #413) shooting guide lists supporting characters Seelix, Dr. Cottle, Hot Dog, Hoshi, Figurski, Marine Nowart as well as Baltar's women Tracey, Jeanne and Paulla. From BSG Props Auction Website
1/10/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
1/10/09: Preview clip: Water laps up on the shore. Tigh walks up to the shoreline and looks out over the water. Baltar stands in some ruins, looking up and around. Anders looks around. Lee stands by some ruins with a look of disgust on his face. Roslin picks the closest thing to a flower to be found on the planet. As she stands up, we see a Raptor right behind her. Helo calls Admiral Adama. Adama walks up and reports that the other scouts report the same conditions around the planet with no responses to hails or signs of human life. D'Anna walks up as Helo makes his report and she adds that her scouts reported the same. From SciFi Wire [Any thoughts of there being a plot twice with life somewhere else on the planet are eliminated with this clip.]
1/10/09: The Final Cylon appears on the newly found Earth. From SciFi Channel Forums [We already knew the fifth would be revealed in this episode. It was hinted that it would be revealed to the audience and not necessarily the characters. Now with the appearance being on Earth, we wonder if the fifth appears to D'Anna who is left behind. And if the fifth appears on Earth, who does it appear to and does it end up with the fleet after it leaves? Also, the poster had been convinced that Ellen was the final Cylon although he seems to backtrack in his latest posts.]
1/2/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

President Roslin and Adama

Acting President Lee is there too.

Tigh and an Eight are there as well.
[We're guessing that they're meeting concerning the bleak findings on Earth and what to tell their combined human and Cylon fleet.]

A Dee sighting.

Tyrol notices something on the ruins.

Now Tyrol is playing in the sand.
[This is probably where he recalls those locked away memories of his Cylon past indicated in previous spoilers.]

Tigh and Caprica Six on Earth.

Tigh and D'Anna on Earth.

Anders in deep thought on Earth.

Kara's coming apart... again. [Is this after she finds the crashed ship that might have her body in it?]

Helo on the planet.

Inner Six?
[This is by far the most interesting pic to us and the many possibilities that it might hint at.]

11/12/08: "Look for the discovery of Cylon remains on Earth to set off an existential downard spiral on both sides of the conflict." From TV Blog @
10/18/08: Added air date From Official Press Release
8/28/08: In yet another interview, Aaron Douglas had this to say about the planet that they found in the midseason finale: "Earth, in the scriptures, is the Cylon homeworld. Yeah, they say they found evidence, they found other people, and they're all Cylon. Or they found bones and stuff, scattered all around, and they're Cylon... Watch the last 10 minutes. They say, when they're digging in the, all that kind of stuff." From Cort and Fatboy Radio Show [Douglas seems to describe scenes set on the planet that we haven't seen and would presumably turn up in the second half of the two-parter.]
7/29/08: Kristin (E!) says that D'Anna gets left behind on Earth, which means that the fleet leaves Earth. [So now we might know how D'Anna and the fleet part company, but we don't know the why.]
7/29/08: SpoilerTV and list January 9, 2009 as the air date and the following description: "Kara struggles with the forbidding prediction of the Cylon Hybrid while Adama and the Colonial fleet face despair over their shocking discovery."
7/27/08: D'Anna talks with the hybrid. From Comic Con Season 4.5 Trailer [We're all but certain the scene has to come from this episode since Lucy Lawless only filmed three episodes and was done before the strike.]
7/27/08: According to David Eick, episodes 411 and 412 have the fleet dealing with horrible living conditions and the desire to leave the very place that they had longed to find.From Comic Con
7/21/08: The second half of the season premiers in January 2009. From IF Magazine
7/16/08: Either a confirmation of Aaron Douglas' comments (or perhaps creative rehashing), another source claims that the showrunners intended for the Final Cylon to be revealed before the mid-season hiatus and that the revealed final Cylon is key to the direction of the second-half storylines. [This does fit with previous news that the showrunners had intended that both parts of the mid-season two-parter be aired before the hiatus.]
7/6/08: Aaron Douglas' comments during the writers' strike regarding the Final Cylon: "I was curious quite a bit but it was certainly a shock when I found out who it is. I never would have expected that person. It is revealed in the last thing we shot so if we don't come back, that will be the end of the show." From Aaron Douglas Interview [This episode was the last filmed before the strike. Aaron's comments fit with the mid-season teaser that had Tigh addressing someone as the fifth Cylon.]
6/14/08: President Lee's Cylon amnesty extended to Caprica Six and that was her alongside Tigh on Earth in the final scene of episode 410. From Mark Verheiden Interview
6/14/08: The second half of the season is likely to return in the first quarter of 2009. From Chicago Tribune
6/14/08: A bonfire is built by Kara on that desolate beach on Earth. From SciFi Channel Promo
5/21/08: There will be ten webisodes that will "link" the first ten episodes of the season to the 2nd ten. From Chicago Tribune
4/6/08: Updated Episode Speculation from TPR
4/6/08: Starbuck learns that the dire predictions of the Cylon Hybrid might be true, and a devastating discovery plunges the fleet into chaos and despair. From SciFi Channel [they find Earth, but are greatly disappointed in what they find there.]
3/8/08: KoenigRules has reported an episode title of "Sometimes a Great Notion." From The Doctor and Mrs. Who
1/30/08: Three's (Lucy Lawless) unboxing has to do with what she might know about the Final Five. [This seems to tie in with the long ago spoiler that her appearance would trigger the storyline for the latter half of the fourth season... if it gets filmed.]
1/16/08: More photos of the ruins set have surfaced. They show the campsite, which likely explains the bonfire that Katee Sackhoff mentions. A Raptor can also be seen. In addition to Aaron Douglas' (Tyrol) comments that they were on location for filming, Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama) and James Callis (Gaius Baltar) can be seen. Tricia Helfer (but which Six?) was also there. From bloginhood [We're assuming that the ruins are on Earth and those are the characters who actually set foot there. We're now also guessing that they reach a post-apocalyptic Earth (think Planet of the Apes).]
1/5/08: On an appearance on Vancouver TV's Urban Rush, Aaron Douglas echoed Katee Sackhoff's previous statement that the midseason two-parter could act as a series finale. However, he also stated that it would give the show a very dark ending. He added that the last day of filming was on location and no one was in their "regular" costumes. [so if it was Earth that they find at midseason, sure doesn't sound like it comes as great news.]
11/21/07: Katee Sackhoff indicated that Kara and Leoben have some sequences in a forest. Later, Jamie Bamber seemed to hint that those scenes were on Earth. From Roadrunner's LiveJournal
11/21/07: At a convention appearance, Katee Sackhoff indicated that the two-parter could serve as a series finale. From Roadrunner's LiveJournal
11/18/07: Ron Moore stated that filming on this episode just ended on Saturday and now BSG production has gone on hiatus. From Ron Moore Blog [This finally indicates that Ron Moore's episode is indeed the next one.]
11/14/07: Screencaps from a report on GlobalTV BC following a severe windstorm on Monday (11/12). Sets that were built to serve as ancient ruins were damaged. The BSG crew were going to attempt to salvage and repair what they could in hopes of resuming filming on the set later in the week. We're assuming that this set would be used for both parts of the mid-season cliffhanger.

thanks to Hugh

11/14/07: [Now we're really confused. Based on Katee Sackhoff's comments, the spoilers about the Ron Moore episode might actually again belong to episode 12 like we thought in the first place. That would again mean that Bradley Thompson and David Weddle did indeed write both parts.]
11/14/07: Katee Sackhoff says that this episode is currently filming. From TV Tattler [This news fits with most of the previous spoilers except for Ron Moore's statements from below...unless he's treating the two-part mid-season episode as a single entity since he never actually mentions an episode number.
11/11/07: This episode would have been set to begin filming next week, but the writers' strike has nixed that. From IGN Article
11/11/07: We first attributed the 11/1 & 11/3 spoilers to episode 12, but looks like they really belong here. This also seems to contradict the earlier spoiler that Bradley Thompson and David Weddle were writing both parts of the mid-season cliffhanger. Apparently, they only wrote the first half.
11/3/07: This episode is "set deep in the Cylon world, as well as aboard Galactica. 'On Galactica, things have really begun to fall apart ... and the relationship between President Laura Roslin [Mary McDonnell] and Adm. William Adama [Edward James Olmos] is going to get pretty interesting'." From Los Angeles Times [This seems to contradict the spoilers about Roslin dying around midseason. Perhaps that breakdown of Adama's is for other reasons.]
11/3/07: Moore is also writing the episode that he'll be directing.
11/1/07: The episode that Ron Moore is directing is scheduled to begin filming just before Thanksgiving. From SciFi Wire [Our first guess is that this is episode twelve or thirteen.]
10/29/07: Edward James Olmos supposedly let slip that Adama has a breakdown in this episode when he hears of Roslin['s death]. From The Two Doctors Podcast [Again we're skeptical, but stringing the separate bits together, gives one something to consider.] [UPDATE: This spoiler was for episode nine (eleven in production order) and concerned her kidnapping.]
10/29/07: While supposedly visiting her daughter at Brandeis University, Mary McDonnell purportedly said that she only had two or three more episodes left to film as Roslin, which based on the film schedules would put it around the midseason two-parter. Ron Moore subsequently denied that Roslin dies. However, another bit of news (listed in Episode 11) seems to give it credence. [We're skeptical, but at the same time it fits. Back in the first season, Roslin seemed destined to be the dying leader. Also, the midseason two-parter seems to involve Hera's destiny and Roslin seems entwined with her fate.]
9/22/07: The midseason two-parter is being written by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle.
8/16/07: Helo has a large role in the mid-season two-parter. From Battlestar Galactica UK Convention Appearance [And we're guessing that Hera and/or her destiny will be a storyline in the two-parter.]
8/10/07: Lucy Lawless is set for a two or three episode return with D'Anna's unboxing serving to set the direction of the second half of the season. D'Anna and Roslin will have a scene together. From Comic Con Panel [We're assuming that this will be take place during the mid-season cliffhanger.]

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