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Episode 417 Spoilers: Someone to Watch Over Me; February 27, 2009
2/28/09: Episode Analysis Now Available
2/27/09: Episode Recap Now Available
2/26/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
2/26/09: Along with Tracey Anne, Rafferty (previously listed for "Daybreak," Part 1) is now listed. From IMDB [And yet Slick, Hera and Dionne still are not listed even though they are in the already released promo pics.]
2/26/09: Kara tries to reconcile her identity with her grisly find on Earth while the Cylons on Galactica want to charge Boomer with treason. From TV Guide
2/24/09: Kara opens her locker and her corpse's head in helmet can be seen in the mirror's reflection. Tyrol asks, "How many of us ended up with the people we wanted to be with?" Sparks fly as Tyrol makes repairs to the ship. He looks at an Eight that is part of the repair crew. Boomer looks up in her cell to see Tyrol standing outside it by the phone. Tyrol says, "I don't know who I am here" as he holds the brig cell phone in one hand and has his other on the glass. Kara says, "How is it possible that I found my body and I was never here." Seen from over Tyrol's shoulder, Boomer holds the brig phone. As Tyrol stands in the background, a Six tells Roslin, "We don't want Boomer set free. We want to try Boomer for treason. Adama can be seen in the room as well. Tyrol tells Ellen, "They will kill her." A man wearing a flight jacket [Helo?] hugs a very upset Eight [Can't tell if it's Boomer, Athena or even some other Eight]. Kara asks, "What am I? What am I?" Kara walks onto an empty hangar deck and then towards something. An Eight [Presumably not Boomer since she's in the brig.] punches a Galactica pilot [We could use some help on this one. If it's Athena, then that would explain how another Eight gets into bed with Helo.]. Kara sits at a piano and turns to look up at someone who's placed his hand on her shoulder. Tigh looks on in CIC. In his Viper, Hot Dog says, "Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it." We then see Raptor engines fire up. Last, there's an explosion that rocks CIC. From Space (Canadian) Promo [Pair this promo with some other already known info, an Eight (our guess is that it's not Boomer) jumps Athena, sleeps with Helo, takes her Raptor and crashes it into Galactica.]
2/23/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Kara sits at the bar.
[Presumably checking out the new piano player.]

Kara and Slick, the piano player
[We figured Slick was just a moniker for casting,
but SciFi is calling him that in the promo pics.]

Kara tickles the keys herself as Slick sits alongside.

Boomer plays housewife in her projection.

Tyrol reads to Dionne. [The projection even includes a child?
when Boomer says, "Let's make the most of the time we have" in the promo, we had no idea it went this far.]

Tyrol looks upset in "projection world."

SciFi captioned this photo as being Boomer, but this sure looks like Hera and Athena. [Why are they in the projection? And are they what Tyrol is looking at in the previous pic?]

2/22/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
2/22/09: This episode's "score is very special. It includes some of the most gorgeous cues I've ever written for the series. The blog entry for that will also be unique. It is so long and lavishly detailed that I will have to break it up into three separate entries, all of which will go online simultaneously." From Bear's Battlestar Blog
2/22/09: Kara befriends a charismatic piano player in Joe's Bar, who helps her face a shattering realization about her destiny. From SciFi Channel
2/22/09: Kara has a vision of an empty hangar deck except for a piano. A little blonde girls sits at the piano with her back to Kara. Kara turns the girl, which turns into her corpse from Earth. Kara wakes up in her bunk. Kara wants to know how she came back and what that means she is. Tyrol is outside Boomer's cell. A Six tells Roslin that they want to try Boomer for treason. Tyrol begs Roslin not to kill her. Boomer tells him that they have to make the best of the time that they do have. Tyrol is on the phone outside the brig while she's on the phone inside the brig. They put their opposite hand to the glass. Boomer and Tyrol kiss while in a projection of a house. Hot Dog winces. There's an explosion. Boomer's head is slammed into a table. Boomer looks to be in pain as someone embraces her. From SciFi Channel Promo [The explosion and the embrace reminded us of episode 102 ("Water") and Boomer's first death in episode 204 ("Resistance"). We're also assuming that the head-slamming and the embrace are both Boomer and not Athena or another Six. The man in the flight jacket embracing the Eight looks like it could be Helo.]
2/20/09: Starbuck discovers a hidden musical ability that bears a mysterious significance to the final five Cylons, and her tune is found to have a connection with three-year-old human-Cylon hybrid Hera. The president authorizes Boomer's release from the Brig so she can stand trial for treason on the Cylon Base Ship. From LocateTV
2/12/09: "Helo will have a steamy scene with Sharon (Grace Park)- only to find out that it's another Cylon model of his love that slipped between the sheets." From TV Guide [Is it possible that it's Boomer? Or just another unnamed Eight?]
2/1/09: Kara sits at the bar and then ends up sitting at the piano with the piano player. From NBC Photo Bank
1/17/09: Looks like we have a pic of Kara with the piano player. From SciFi Channel
11/8/08: Tracey Anne (played by Leela Savasta), one of Baltar's followers, is set to appear. From IMDB
9/20/08: The episode was written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson and directed by Michael Nankin. From Galactica SitRep
9/18/08: Added the episode title "Someone to Watch Over Me," which we had been reporting was the title for episode 16. From Mark Verheiden Blog
6/24/08: Here's an interesting bit about 'Slick' the piano player: "The writers have come up with a musician character for the final batch of episodes (due sometime in 2009) who's loosely modeled on McCreary." From Interview [Based on the description, he'll be around for a few episodes, so will he be BSG's version of Vic Fontaine?]
4/23/08: Casting sides from episode 16[?] literally refer to the piano player as Slick. From Casting Call
4/20/08: Approximate shooting dates are May 16th - May 25th.
4/19/08: Ausiello's previous spoiler about the piano player has now been confirmed as being a guest character in this episode: "Late 20's-Late 30's. This handsome, charismatic, slick and mysterious piano player is someone Kara is inexplicably drawn to. She finds herself telling him things no one else knows about her. Note: Seeking Only Actors who are Accomplished Pianists. Shoot Dates: May 16-27, 2008." [Ausiello indicated that the character would appear over two episodes.]
4/19/08: The episode is being directed by Michael Nankin.

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