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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Kara's Fate Speculation
2/22/09: Looks like with episode 417 ("Someone To Watch Over Me"), we'll get more information and maybe a full explanation on the mysteries of Kara. Since we don't have much time, we'll throw out what little we've come up with. In the podcast for "No Exit," Ron Moore indicated that the missing/dead 7th humanoid model Daniel will play some part in Caprica's storyline, so there's a good chance that we've learned all there is to learn about Number Seven. However, with the news that he was sensitive and artistic, we can't help but wonder if Kara isn't somehow related. Our off-the-wall guess is that at least one of the Daniels somehow survived Cavil's purge... or perhaps was planted by Cavil intentionally and that Daniel was Starbuck's musically-inclined father. We know that Kara not only has an artistic streak in her, but even painted the image of the mandala from the Temple of Hopes (Temple of Five). That doesn't explain how she resurrected, but since Cavil had a body sitting around for Ellen, we figure that it's possible he (or someone else in the know) had one ready for her. Of course, our theory would mean that Kara, and not Hera, would have been the first blended child and since so much as been invested in Hera's destiny (including changing Nicolas' parentage to Hot Dog and killing off Caprica Six's child), Kara would have to be some sort of unnatural (adopted? grown in a tub?) child. We also like the idea of Kara being Ellen and Daniel's love child, since she likes to drink and "frak" just like Ellen. However, that wouldn't seem to be possible because Ellen and Saul tried and failed to conceive (according to Ellen's mutterings in "Deadlock"). Since Saul has proven to be quite capable, then the problem would presumably be Ellen. Of course, Cavil could have just made sure Ellen's resurrection body was sterile as one more way to spite his "mother."

1/10/09: The writers managed to put off explaining Kara's reappearance through the first ten episodes of the season. However, in the first episode of season 4.5, Kara finds a crashed ship on Earth. She finds something that freaks her out (yes, Kara freaks out yet again) and she burns in an effort to conceal it from everyone else. Now, rumors have long hinted that she finds her own body in that ship. As we've stated before, this particular wrinkle bears some resemblance to Count Iblis in the original BSG. His crashed ship was found and in it was his body which revealed his true nature. Considering Kara has been the harbinger of death so far, she isn't far off from the destructive influence of Iblis. A recent clip has Narcho blowing Kara off with a comment about no one even knowing what she is. That seems to imply that she might not even be a Cylon (at least any known version). Earth's disappointing discovery again sends Kara down a path of self-doubting. She ends up having an arc with a piano player (her father was a musician), whom she confides in. Her and Lee's relationship also experiences some kind of satifying closure by the end of the series.

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