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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Episode 12: A Disquiet Follows My Soul; January 23, 2009
1/24/09: Episode Analysis Now Available

1/23/09: Episode Recap Now Available

1/19/09: Now that we've seen the Canadian promo for the episode, we think we've got a better idea of what is going on in the episode. The main arc kicks off a meeting that involves at the very least Tyrol, Adama, Lee, Tigh and Helo. Tyrol wants a deal: in exchange for Cylon technology, the Cylons stay in the fleet. We presume that's how he and Tigh stay in the command structure. Adama ends up on Colonial One where he faces the media about the alliance. Zarek threatens "consequences" because of the alliance. Adama responds that he'll know who to hold responsible if something does happen. The tylium ship mutinies and jumps away. Since the ship provides fuel to the fleet, it's vitally important and the situation has to be rectified immediately. Athena and some Marines are sent to arrest Zarek with Adama going so far as to authorize deadly force. Though Zarek faces them down, deadly force is not needed since he ends up in Galactica's brig. Adama and Zarek have a 'heart-to-heart' in the brig which results in Zarek turning over coordinates to Adama, who turns them over to Tigh. The one thing we're not clear about is where Gaeta fits in during this episode. We know he ends up on Colonial One eventually, but he looks to still be on Galactica for now although he seems to be giving a similar threat to Kara as Zarek gives Adama. The 'B' story has Cottle giving some news to Tyrol about Nicolas. The news at the very least involves Hot Dog in some way. Our guess is that Cottle tells Tyrol that Nicolas isn't his. Nicolas presumably has a rare condition that easily ties him to someone else who has the same condition and that turns out to Hot Dog. Tyrol sees Hot Dog when Baltar is doing some street preaching and goes after him. Later, Hot Dog visits Nicolas in sick bay. The continuing storylines have Roslin still in her depression over Earth. She's not taking her treatments or taking her medicine and still pushing Adama away when he tries to reach out to her. Tigh and Caprica Six make a prenatal visit to Doctor Cottle. Speaking of Baltar, he's apparently out and about again as he appears to be speaking in a common area of Galactica and works the crowd up pretty well.

1/10/09: Very little has been revealed about this episode aside from Adama's uniform was bloodied and scenes from a call sheet, but we're ready to give it a try. The fleet still is dealing with disappointment over finding a desolate Earth and then having to leave again. The fleet is suffering miserable conditions. Zarek has been open in his displeasure over the secrecy of Adama and President Roslin. He also doesn't like the Cylon alliance. There is likely an act of sabotage on Galactica which results in some casualties and that's how Adama's uniform is bloodied. Zarek's open defiance makes him a likely suspect and he ends up in the brig. although, recent information leads us to believe that Gaeta likely plays a role in the anti-Cylon faction in the fleet. Though Adama and Tigh now have their differences because of Tigh being revealed as a Cylon, he's still in the chain of command as Adama gives him some coordinates for somewhere. There's also a scene in Adama's quarters between Roslin and Adama where "they don't care," which we take to assume that they are open about their relationship having become a romantic one.

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