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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Episode 11: Sometimes a Great Notion; January 16, 2009
1/17/09: Episode Analysis Now Available

1/16/09: Episode Recap Now Available

1/16/09: We didn't manage to find any confirmation of it, but a strong rumor is that Dee is wearing that dress in the promo pic released by Sky1 because she and Lee were going on a date. We guess that the desolate Earth gives either Lee or Dee a jolt and they try to make a go of it again since they are still married as far as we know. We can imagine several different soap opera scenarios that have the date leading to Dee apparently dead or at least hurt from a suicide attempt. Speaking of Dee, Both Jamie Bamber and Ron Moore in long ago spoilers made it seem like Dee would be a major part of the later episodes. Now, it appears that her major storyline might be how her absence affects the CIC staff including Adama.

1/10/09: The fleet copes with finding an uninhabited and uninhabitable Earth. The leadership struggles with what to tell the fleet after such a huge disappointment. Meanwhile, the Four Cylons start to remember their previous life. Tyrol has flashbacks to a previous life on a populated Earth and the day the Cylons destroyed themselves. Apparently, the four then went into hiding, suppressed their own memories and eventually began new lives in the colonies. Kara finds a burned out ship and something on it (her own body?) that freaks her out. She burns the evidence. Leoben is around so he must have some knowledge of Kara's discovery. D'Anna ends up getting left behind on Earth when the combined fleet leaves. The Final Cylon appears on Earth although we don't know when or who sees them. Our guess is that D'Anna is the one to see the Final Cylon.

4/6/08: This is the conclusion the mid-season two parter. Part of the SciFi episode description confirms what we already knew. The discovery of Earth isn't the resolution that the fleet hoped for. It turns out to be abandoned or post-apocolyptic in some way. Beyond that, we're not entirely sure what confirms the hybrid's prophecy for Kara. io9 claims that Kara along with Leoben find her own body on a ship which she covers up by planting phony dogtags and burning. How this would confirm the prophecy we don't know. Although, it does remind us of Count Iblis and the Ship of Lights storyline from the original series. Also, this episode (or perhaps episode ten) brings to an end the reappearance of Three. However, whatever the model divulges, sets in motion the story arc for the second half of the season. Everyone assumes that will concern the final Cylon. However, since the final Cylon is apparently hiding in the fleet, there has to be more. What that could be, we're not ready to speculate on just yet.

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