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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Episode 19: Daybreak, Part 1; March 13, 2009
3/14/09: Episode Analysis Now Available

3/13/09: Episode Recap Now Available

3/13/09: We've stalled long enough. It's time for us to try and piece together what will happen tonight. The episode starts with frenzied activity as the Galactica is being stripped and evacuated. Adama has decided that Galactica is going to go out in style by taking out Cavil and the Cylon colony. He agrees to allow Helo and Athena to go after Hera alone. First, they have to find the Colony and Adama pulls at least some of the mutineers out of the brig to go find the Cylons. Adama and the mutineers put aside their differences long enough to work together to kill some Cylons one last time. That's the only explanation we have for Adama giving a Raptor to Skulls (thought he was as good as dead when Kara put a bullet in his upper chest) and Racetrack. When they find it, Skulls is stunned by the size of the Colony (which was only teased in 418 when Boomer returned with Hera). Thanks to her time in the projection with Hera, Boomer is having second thoughts about Cavil's plan to dissect Hera to find out what makes her tick. We know Boomer and Simon have a great scene, which probably results in her thwarting his efforts to "examine" Hera. We just don't know if the story gets that far in this episode or that's in the finale next week. Meanwhile back in the fleet, Adama works with Kara (as he's done before) to plan a mission to attack the Colony. He transfers his flag to the baseship and that's why they are there when Kara tells him that she's not sure what she is. After formulating the plan, Adama addresses the crew in the hangar deck. He asks for volunteers for the one way mission and of course most of the main characters join in. A preview clip indicates that Baltar will again be involved in the storyline and there's also the likelihood of a scene with acting-President Lee and the Captains' Quorum.

3/12/09: Thanks in part to some tips, we've tracked down the "source" of yesterday's rumor here at the IMDB Forums. The "spoilers" were posted in response to some horrific speculation found here. Though we admit to finding some aspects of the info we posted yesterday intriguing and possible, based on the poster's lack of a track record, we have to chalk it up to complete speculation. We stand by our posting it because we did (and still do) find some of it plausible so it's not going anywhere. We promise to have some real spoilers posted some time tonight.

3/11/09: This info concerning all three hours of the finale has been posted to the Ragnar Anchorage Forum and elsewhere. We can't confirm the source yet, so it goes as rumor for now:
  • Most of the crew volunteers for the suicide mission.
  • The plan is to use Galactica as bait while a small team (including Athena and Helo) infiltrate the Colony using a Heavy Raider (Galactica doesn't just jump in and start shooting - there's a good chance that Hera will be killed if Galactica and co. jump right in and just start shooting).
  • A massive fight ensues. Galactica gets the hell knocked out of it. The Cylons take the ship, and they're about to take out Adama and Tigh in CIC until they meet some unexpected resistance from Gaius Baltar. Baltar is critically wounded.
  • At the Colony, Boomer betrays Cavil and hands Hera over to Athena, though Helo is wounded (and possibly killed).
  • Boomer and the Guardians (who turn on Cavil because he's going to dissect Hera) turn off Cavil's control over the Centurians and Raiders - but Boomer dies by Cavil's hand.
  • The freed Raiders and Centurions recognize what Cavil has done to them, and, more importantly, that Anders is piloting Galactica, and so they stop attacking the humans and turn on Cavil.
  • Another massive fight ensues. Cavil and co. are destroyed, but Galactica is crippled.
  • The fleet jumps to the sight of the battle to evacuate Galactica.
  • The Raiders and Centurions feed Anders the location of a habitable world that Cavil knew of, then leave forever. Anders feeds the fleet the coordinates and everyone jumps there, though the strain of jumping the shattered Galactica kills Anders.
  • Roslin dies aboard the ruins of Galactica. Adama stays with her, alone on a dead ship. Baltar dies on the new planet...which he dubs Earth.
  • Hera reveals that Daniel survived, after a fashion, and that he's been guiding his loved ones as best he can through projection. Starbuck and Baltar are his children (and yes, eat your heart out, smooching Luke and Leia from ESB, the original Starbuck DID have sex with her brother); and Daniel plugged into Roslin after she took on Cylon blood.
  • After Apollo runs around in a lush field shooting his gun into the air like a maniac, he and Starbuck embrace.
  • Flash forward to thousands of years later. The setting: the planet the humans and Cylons settled, specifically, NYC. "All of this has happened before...."
3/11/09 Con't: TPR Comments: Assuming that this info is true, we're guessing that part one would end with Boomer giving Hera back to Athena, while the Cylons close in on Adama and Tigh in CIC. Part two would pick up with Baltar coming to the rescue while Boomer and the Guardians (the old Centurions) turn off the inhibitors. Based on this info, Anders, Baltar, Boomer, Helo and Roslin die, whilc it seems that Adama grieves and possibly eventually dies alone as well. The "Head" or "Inner" characters would turn out to be Daniel projecting to the Cylons, the Final Five, his children Baltar and Kara and Roslin who has Cylon blood. What this info doesn't explain is how Hera is significant if she's actually the third half-Cylon/half-human after Baltar and Kara. It also doesn't explain how exactly Daniel survived or how Kara came back from the dead. We also still have no news of Tyrol's fate since he found out that Boomer took Hera, although a Chicago Tribune interview indicated that he spent episode 418 in the brig.

3/11/09 Con't: TPR Comments Con't: Lastly, the info says nothing about the flashbacks, which have already been confirmed by Jamie Bamber. He said that we see Kara and Lee at their beginning, which would likely involve Zak, or his funeral at the very least.
We also have location pics of a strip club where Adama and Tigh apparently watch Ellen as well as Roslin's trip to the fountain on Caprica. We can chalk Roslin's scene to a vision similar to either "Faith" or "The Hub," but that doesn't explain the Adama/Tigh/Ellen scene. Even so, we are backtracking on the probability of the finale being flashback-heavy in general. When Romo Lampkin and the captains were first listed as appearing, we assumed a flashback to Baltar's trial, but now that Lampkin has been back a couple of times and the captains are part of the new Quorum, we expect they appear in the present and not flashback. This still doesn't explain Prosna or Zak or Shona (Anders' Caprica resistance member who died when Kara blew the Cylon baby factory) being listed as appearing, but since Zak was listed for the previous episode and was nowhere to be seen, maybe someone was misleading us or they only appear in some sort of montage of existing footage.

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