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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Episode 17: Someone To Watch Over Me; February 27, 2009
2/28/09: Episode Analysis Now Available

2/27/09: Episode Recap Now Available

2/26/09: As much as we'd like to find that Kara is somehow tied to Daniel, Cylon Number Seven, we find that unlikely, at least in this episode. Kara's storyline was already set up in episode 3.16 ("Deadlock") when she was in Joe's Bar and even made a comment about the piano. Kara's having bad dreams and visions. Though she sees herself as a young girl playing the piano, her corpse from her crashed Viper on Earth keeps haunting her. We're guessing this drives her to seek solace in a drink at the bar. Once there, she meets Slick, the new piano player. They instantly bond, possibly because he plays the same kind of music that Kara remembers her father playing. She confides in the mysterious musician and in doing so, she discovers she has some musical ability of her own. This ability somehow ties to not only the Final Five, but also to Hera. So is "this" the miracle that Anders said was about to happen? We know Liam's death was no miracle and based on the reappearance of her pettiness, we sure don't see Ellen's return as the "miracle." Anyway, on to the other major storyline.

2/26/09 Con't: TV Guide indicated that another Eight would sleep with Helo by pretending to be Athena. Promos have shown an Eight probably taking out Athena as well as an explosion not far from Galactica's CIC. With Boomer's return and known prominance next week, she would seem to be the obvious candidate, but we're going to go out on a limb and guess that it's the Eight that Helo partnered with and then betrayed during the attack on the Hub. She was quite taken with Athena's memories of Helo that she had downloaded. She confronts Athena, knocks her out, stashes her somewhere and then assumes Athena's identity. She sleeps with Helo, then tells him the truth so he can feel as betrayed as she did. She has a conversation with Hera in a projection (we have to work that scene in somewhere), takes the Raptor out and in spite of Hot Dog's pleadings, she crashes it into Galactica. We figure that she leaves Athena alive so Athena has to deal with what Helo has done. We know the Eights are all angsty, so even if Helo sticks to his story that he didn't realize that it wasn't Athena, she'll likely have that doubt that maybe he did know it wasn't her and went along anyway. Now onto the last storyline.

2/26/09 Con't: We know Boomer's locked up. Last time she was locked up for shooting Adama, but now she's managed to betray her own model by siding with Cavil and then betraying Cavil by helping Ellen escape. Even though Tyrol gave away her return, he slowly warms to her again. When the Cylons request that Boomer be turned over for trial for treason, Tyrol pleads with Roslin that she's as good as dead. Roslin apparently isn't concerned and agrees to turn her over. Tyrol and Boomer make the most of the time left and at some point use projection to settle down as a couple in a house eventually even having a daughter. Considering all the forgiveness going on, we find it difficult (but likely) that Boomer is executed. The prolonged projection of a "normal" life between Tyrol and Boomer smacks of her being granted a "last request" or her last moments.

2/26/09 Con't: One last thing supporting the possibility of the unnamed Eight having a storyline is that promos have indicated Boomer's storyline is with Tyrol, so it doesn't seem to fit that she would be have a chance to get out of the brig and then decide to impersonate Athena so she can bed Helo. Of course, we could be completely wrong and Boomer is simply manipulating Tyrol so she can escape. She then seeks revenge on Athena and Helo for having the family that she had long dreamed of having herself. Lastly, she tries to "finish the job" she started back at the end of Season One by setting out to crash the Raptor into CIC as it turns out that her "escape" with Ellen was all part of some plan hatched by Cavil. Either the idea of the unnamed Eight and Boomer, or just Boomer dying both shape up to be absolutely tragic. Though Boomer's return and romance re-sparking between her and Tyrol seems convenient, the idea of taking Boomer away from Tyrol again after everything he's been through (Boomer in season one and two, his near execution on Pegasus, thinking he's a Cylon, marrying Cally, finding out he's a Cylon, Cally's death and finding out that Nicholas isn't his son) seems even more contrived.

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