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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Final Cylon Speculation
1/10/09: Since spoilers indicate that the final Cylon will be revealed in the first episode of season 4.5, this speculation would seemingly be resolved fairly quickly. We know D'Anna knows who the Final Five are. We also know she gets left behind on Earth. We're guessing that the final Cylon's reveal involves D'Anna. Question is whether any characters in the fleet will be in on the secret. or if it will be revealed only to the audience. Since we also know that the other four Cylons start to remember their true pasts, it's equally likely that the Final Cylon's reveal will indeed be on Earth, but in a flashback of one of the other Four. We like the idea of the Final Cylon being revealed only to the audience in some fashion because this could set up another storyline that weaves throughout the last episodes. We already have the struggle of the four, so we'd hope there is a wrinkle to the Fifth.

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