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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

General Speculation
1/10/09: Season 4.5 starts off with the fallout of finding an uninhatited and uninhabitable Earth. the fleet has no choice, but to move on. Meanwhile, the Four Cylons begin to remember their past lives which supplies some backstory on what led to the destruction on Earth. The Fifth Cylon is quickly revealed although we have no idea what role the Fifth Cylon plays in the remaining storyline. The horrible living conditions in the fleet, disappointment over the desolate Earth and the presence of the Cylon basestar all foment dissention in the fleet. Zarek and Gaeta are involved in the agitation with Zarek possibly ending up getting killed. Marine Nowart is supposed to have a storyline which we're guessing involves the factions in the fleet. Roslin continues to deal with her advancing cancer while now struggling with her faith after the disappointment of Earth. Dee also has a prominant storyline, but we have no idea where it fits in. Boomer apparently survived the attack on the hub because she has a prominant storyline which involves at least one Simon. This seems to indicate that we haven't seen the last of the Cavils, Simons and Dorals and that they should figure in the storyline before the finale. Late in the season, a piano player (in an apparent nod to composer Bear McCreary's contribution to the series) is introduced. He has an arc that involves Kara at the very least. Also according the Grace Park, an episode prior to the finale explains a number of things. We're guessing that among other things this concerns the prophecies' cyclical nature as well as what exactly the Inner Sixes and others are. The series ends with a huge battle in which characters die, but there is some type of resolution. Behind the scenes footage showed a Doral in the heat of battle so it appears to be some kind of showdown between the fleet with the Sixes, Eights and Leobens on one side and the other Cylons on the other. The last scene has Inner Six (whose true nature has been explained by then) strolling through Times Square in modern day New York City.

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