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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Earth Speculation
1/10/09: We've gotten confused by all the contrary information about Earth running around, so we'll just take our best shot at it. The Earth that was found in the mid-season finale was populated by the same line of Cylons that the Final Five are from. This follows the cyclical prophecies in that humanity (the lords of Kobol?) created Cylons long ago. Those Cylons left, settled on Earth and eventually destroyed themselves. That's the Earth that was found. Question is whether that's THE Earth that the fleet will find. Recent spoilers have indicated that the final scene of the series has Inner Six (whose true nature will have been revealed by then) strolling through Times Square in modern day New York City. This harkens back to the scene of the Six strolling through the Caprica market just prior to those attacks. We're guessing that her appearance foreshadows another cycle of destruction for "our" Earth like that of the colonies and the mid-season Earth.

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