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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Episode 15: No Exit; February 13, 2009
2/14/09: Episode Analysis Now Available

2/13/09: Episode Recap Now Available

2/12/09: This was going to our attempt at speculating on what happens in this episode, but now that's not the case. We were finally going to be right about Ellen's arriving in the fleet, but anyone who's seen the promos knows that's true. Anyway, instead of our meager speculation, we've got notes from a supposed early release (since pulled) of the podcast commentary for the episode. We've decided it's a rumor since we haven't heard it ourselves, although enough of it seems consistent with other spoilers to make us believe that it's accurate.

Ellen resurrected immediately after her death on New Caprica. Cavil locked her up. Sometime recently, Boomer had a falling out with Cavil (finally saw a newer shiny thing, we guess), broke Ellen out and flew her to the fleet in a Raptor. Meanwhile, guest star John Hodgman a brain surgeon who helps treat Anders. Speaking of Anders, his head wound leads him to remember backstory for the Cylons. Lastly, Tyrol, who is back to being Chief, wants to have the Cylons help fix the cracks in Galactica, but Adama doesn't like the idea... until he finds cracks in his quarters. Now between Ellen and Anders' remembering, we get some additional Cylon info. Apparently, the Lords of Kobol created the humans and then the humans created the Cylons. When the Lords of Kobol learned of what the humans had done, they were miffed that humanity's arrogance and banish both them and the Cylons from Kobol. The Final Five were instrumental in designing the Seven humanoid models. Cavil has known who the Final Five were all along because he was entrusted with the "keys." Ellen supposedly says that Cavil was based on her father, which explains why she's now disgusted by the idea of cavorting with him as she had done on New Caprica. Apparently, there was a Model Seven, but Cavil eliminated it in some sort of Cain and Abel-like fit. This would seem to indicate that the Seventh Model was favored, but more importantly this covers the big hole over the skipped number once they came up with the Final Five. Each of the model's dominant personality traits is explained. Lastly, Tyrol and Tory had been a couple in their previous life.

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