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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Episode 16: Deadlock; February 20, 2009
2/21/09: Episode Analysis Now Available

2/20/09: Episode Recap Now Available

2/20/09: Considering how long ago this episode was filmed, there aren't many known details beyond what SciFi itself has previewed. Ellen and Boomer reach the fleet and Boomer's thrown in the brig. Ellen and Saul have a passionate reunion... and then she learns that he's impregnated Caprica Six. Ellen is still essentially the Ellen we've known (likes to smoke, drink and fool around) except she now has her old memories back. The humanoid Cylons are happy that she's returned. Ellen drops more information and soon there's a discussion about whether the Cylons (Final Five included) should stay with the fleet. Tory, Boomer (the Eights) and Caprica (the Sixes) appear to be in favor of leaving. Presumably, Tigh wants to stay. Tyrol and Leoben's stance is unknown. Promos have made it seem as though Ellen might have the deciding vote. We know they stick around because in next week's episode, Boomer is still in Galactica's brig and the Cylon baseship is still in the fleet. Meanwhile, Tyrol's utilizing Cylons to repair the "bones" of Galactica. After a three-episode break, Baltar is back with his cult and comforts a woman who has a child. Meanwhile, not all the violence appears to be over. Some women can be seen arming themselves. Also, Caprica has a run-in with a pair of civilians whom she is able to easily deal with. Apparently, there is again a lot of Cylon backstory or exposition because Bear McCreary indicated that he had little scoring to do like episode 415 ("No Exit"). Another indication that this is another Cylon-centric episode is that Lee apparently only appears in a couple of scenes.

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