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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Episode 13: The Oath; January 30, 2009
1/31/09: Episode Analysis Now Available

1/30/09: Episode Recap Now Available

1/25/09: Gaeta follows through with his "partnership" with Zarek, attempting to remove Adama (and Tigh) from command. Gaeta's men take out the Marines on guard in CIC and Adama and Tigh are taken into custody by Gaeta's force. About the same time, Kara hears the evacuation order and she spots Narcho leading it. She's suspicious that he's in charge and heads back. The evacuation order is a ruse to clear the way for Adama and Tigh to be taken below. The promo clip shows that one of the guards escorting Adama and Tigh gets taken out. We're led to believe that Kara might have done it. We're not so sure she starts their escape, but she gets involved. Tigh and Adama manage to secure weapons before they're found out. Adama gets a chance to tell Tigh it's been an honor and then the shooting starts. In spite of the clips leading us to think otherwise, we're pretty sure that Adama and Tigh come out relatively unscathed. What we have no idea about yet is where Roslin's reappearance or the Lee/Tyrol interaction from the promo pics come in. We've also been led to believe that Ellen will be back in this episode and if that's the case, we're guessing it'll be a very brief appearance near the end of the episode. Although, since she's slated to appear in seven of the last nine, her reappearance could slide to episode 414.

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