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BSG Speculation (and Rumors): Season 4.5

Episode 14: Blood on the Scales; February 6, 2009
2/7/09: Episode Analysis Now Available

2/6/09: Episode Recap Now Available

2/5/09: We have very little solid information on which to speculate, so we probably won't even be close to what really happens in the episode, but we'll give it a try. Narcho does fire on the Raptor, but the pilot Eight is able to take evasive action. Hot Dog then refuses to follow Narcho's orders to fire, which allows Roslin and Baltar to escape. Once there, Roslin takes attempts to take charge and convince the Cylons to not leave the fleet. Meanwhile, on Galactica, Adama survives the assault on the airlock, but is captured. Zarek ends up on Galactica to get a better handle on what is going on. Zarek and Gaeta argue. It seems like Zarek wants to purge Adama loyalists (or at least some who could be a threat to him), but Gaeta won't do it because he considers it murder. On the other hand, Gaeta has no qualms about putting Adama on trial for his "crimes." Zarek smugly observes as the brief show trial results in a guilty verdict which carries a punishment of death by firing squad. Zarek now contacts the baseship which has stuck around and tells them that Adama has been arrested, tried and found guilty, Tigh is dead and he and Gaeta are in control. He wants them to surrender, but again Roslin takes charge and says she won't and that she's coming after them. The baseship arms itself. Adama is bound and blindfolded in a Viper tube. Baltar comes back to Galactica and speaks with Gaeta. Lastly, Ellen returns and is reunited with Tigh, presumably at the end of the episode. Now that's all we've got for sure, but there's a lot more that's probably going on. Tigh is supposedly dead, but promo pics from later episodes show him alive and well with his patch, so either he survives or he shows up with Ellen still missing one eye. We're leaning toward Tigh not really dying, but can't explain why Zarek would provoke the Cylons by claiming that he is dead. Now, we know that Lee, Starbuck and Tyrol go back into the ship to fight, so we have to guess that they succeed in continuing the resistance, though it appears that Tyrol is wounded and left for dead somewhere on the ship. We figure said resistance rescues Adama from execution. Romo Lampkin is rumored to turn up and since there is a show trial for Adama and probably for Gaeta and Zarek, we're guessing he could be involved in any of those. Zarek supposedly dies during the season and we're thinking that it's in the this episode. In face, we like the idea of Romo killing him, perhaps for not passing that same test that Lee passed. Zarek's death would bring the mutiny to a quick end, especially since it looks as though Adama and Tigh are back in control by the next episode.

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