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Episode 418 Spoilers: Islanded In a Stream Of Stars; March 6, 2009
3/21/09: The extended (DVD) cut of the episode will run 15-20 minutes longer. From Chicago Tribune [Bear McCreary already blogged about scoring a second extended cut of this episode, so this is no surprise.]
3/7/09: Episode Analysis Now Available
3/6/09: Episode Recap Now Available
3/6/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
3/5/09: Hera. Ellen says to Lee, "Our only hope." Kara tells Adama, "She may be our only hope too." Adama tells Helo, "I can't condone a suicide mission." Hera runs in the Opera House. Continuing the earlier scene, Kara tells Adama, "Something is happening here. Something that is greater than all of us." A Marine opens a hatch door for a woman {The lighting obscures whether it's Ellen, a Six or someone else entirely.]. Continuing their earlier scene, Helo grabs Adama's arm as he's walking away and says, "You want me to let it go? You're the one who can't let go. The ship is DEAD!" In the pilot's briefing room, a Six looks around as the ship shudders. The hull breaches. A crewman is sucked toward the breach. Continuing their scene, Kara tells Adama, "That little girl, she's the key." Hera is picked up by someone in the Opera House. Athena cries. A baseship [?}. Adama sinks to the floor upset. Adama responds, "Its our destiny to go after her, right? I've had it up to here with destiny." As he raises a glass to drink, Adama continues, "Look where it's left us: the ass-end of nowhere. From Space (Canadian) Promo [Kara just wants to know how Hera knows that same song her father taught her.]
3/4/09: [Originally posted in General Spoilers on 6/14/08] Tahmoh Penikett describes what happens to Helo in the fourth season: "His demons will come out. Helo has a definite penchant for violence, especially if he feels his family is at risk. I did a great scene the other day where he's starting to understand the possibility of becoming a future leader. Helo is learning that regardless of how you feel, morally or ethically, cerntain decisions have to be made - and sometimes they require compromises." From Starlog Interview [The article is from April, so we assume that it was done sometime after they returned to filming after the strike and until Hera's kidnapping, Helo hasn't had much to do so we're guessing that the scene he describes could take place in this episode.]
3/4/09: While Helo copes with the abduction of Hera, Galactica's damages overwhelm the crew's repair efforts. From TV Guide
3/3/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Tigh broods.
[This could be anything. His dead son, the dying ship, no more alcohol...]

Adama and Tigh watch something from a catwalk.
[These promo pics give us nothing.]

3/1/09: Helo grabs Adama's arm as he's walking away and says, "You want me to let it go? You're the one who can't let go. The ship is DEAD!" Near the damage from Boomer's jump, the hull fails. The effects are felt in the hangar deck and in the pilots' briefing room. There is decompression in one of the repair areas and several members of the workcrew are sucked toward the breach. Two Raptors illuminate the damaged area of the hull. Adama says, "I'm stopping all the repairs on the ship." Tigh replies, "I can't let you do this." Someone [Sure looked like a still bald Anders to us] is in either a resurrection tub or a Cylon hybrid's tub and grabs Starbuck's arm. She is visibly startled and tries to pull away. A body floats into space otuside the breach. Someone [Probably Kara] places a picture of Kara on the memorial wall next to Kat. Adama sinks to the floor, crying. In a continuation of the earlier scene, Adama tells Tigh, "Galactica. She's dying and we both know it." From SciFi Channel Promo
2/28/09: As Galactica continues to deteriorate, Adama resists the need to abandon the ship and Baltar emerges as an unlikely voice of hope. From SciFi Channel
2/28/09: The ship continues to deteriorate and Adama faces the prospect of abandoning the vessel altogether. Sam remains comatose, but his brain activity causes unusual power surges, while Hera's kidnapping serves only to strengthen the belief of those onboard Galactica that the child is a key to humanity's future as well as that of the Cylons. From LocateTV
2/1/09: Adama and Tigh look down on the hangar deck from the catwalk. Adama has a particularly stern look on his face in one pic. From NBC Photo Bank
1/2/09: Another guest character set to appear is Marine Nathanson. From IMDB
11/8/08: Tracey Anne (played by Leela Savasta), one of Baltar's followers, is now listed as appearing. From IMDB
9/20/08: The episode was written by Michael Taylor and directed by Edward James Olmos. From Galactica SitRep
9/18/08: Added the episode title. From Mark Verheiden Blog [We're guessing (thanks to that mystical sounding title) that this is the episode that actually explains it all.. the one that Grace Park mentioned was not the finale and that she had to have Ron Moore break it down for her.]
8/7/08: Take it with a grain of salt, but Zak Adama (Tobias Mehler) is listed as appearing the final three episodes of the series. From IMDB [If this is real casting news, we assume that he would be a vision Zak or flashback Zak as opposed to the Final Cylon Zak.]
6/16/08: Tory seems to have survived up until this point. From BuddyTV Interview [We've got the feeling that no matter the body count, Adama, Kara, Lee, Athena, Tigh, Anders, Tyrol and Tigh are likely to survive up to the finale. Question is whether they survive that.]
4/27/08: Another spoiler mention of the piano player appearing episode 17, so we're leaning toward his introduction in 16 and Kara spilling her secrets in 17. Whether the character makes it to this (a third) episode remains to be seen.
4/20/08: Approximate shooting dates are May 26th - June 4th.
4/19/08: Ausiello's previous spoiler indicated the guest character would appear in two episodes, so we're including the info in this episode as well: "Late 20's-Late 30's. This handsome, charismatic, slick and mysterious piano player is someone Kara is inexplicably drawn to. She finds herself telling him things no one else knows about her. Note: Seeking Only Actors who are Accomplished Pianists. Shoot Dates: May 16-27, 2008." [Ausiello indicated that the character would appear over two episodes.]

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