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Episode 413 Spoilers: The Oath; January 30, 2009
1/31/09: Episode Analysis Now Available
1/30/09: Episode Recap Now Available
1/28/09: Crewman Specialist Gage from the Pegasus appears. From IMDB [We're guessing he's one of the mutineers.]
1/28/09: From the Canadian trailer, Gaeta appears to be watching a couple of crewmembers and a couple women from Baltar's cult as they move supplies. Armed Marines move through a darkened corridor. Gaeta tells Zarek, "I started this and now I'll see it through." Anders has a bag placed over his head. Adama, holding a large firearm, turns to look at something. In the brig, Athena checks on someone on the floor [Anders?] as Caprica Six sits in a chair and says, "they're going to kill us." Kara tells someone [Adama?}, "They are the enemy." Gaeta's in CIC. Adama yells, "What the hell are you doing?" Helo grimaces before being knocked across the face, knocking him down, by one of the armed mutineers. Roslin, dressed as the President with wig on, watches something. Tigh makes a stand with guns in both hands. Starbuck walks past Adama, who turns, yells her name and knocks her arm just as she fires. Lee can be seen behind them. [This could be a continuation of where she talks of "the enemy."] Lee is held a couple of the mutineers as Charlie Connor [One of Anders' resistance fighters who was last seen beating Baltar down before Paulla took over.] asks, "So where are your precious Cylons now?" From Space (Canadian) Promo [We found things difficult to make out in the clip so we could use some clarification.]
1/28/09: Roslin and Adama "take their relationship public when they suck face in front of the entire fleet." From Ausiello [We're guessing this takes place before Gaeta's mutiny.]
1/25/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
1/25/09: Opposition to the Cylon alliance turns violent, and those in support of the union find themselves under a deadly attack. From SciFi Channel
1/25/09: Another Kara-centric clip at SciFi Channel's "You Will Know The Truth" site: Kara is sitting in the pilots' quarters reading a book when an evacuation announcement is made due to a fire. Kara goes into the corridor and finds Narcho. He's very short with her in telling her to evacuate the area and that he's in charge. As he walks off, Kara wants to know when pilots got put in charge of damage control. She grabs him to stop him and he turns on her and tells her to get her hands off of him and adds that no one "even knows what [she is] anymore." He walks off. She stands there for a moment before going back down the hallway following a few other crewmembers. From SciFi Channel [This clip was originally posted under General Spoilers, but we now know it belongs in this epiosde.]
1/25/09: Admiral Adama ends up with blood on his hands and the cuffs of his uniform. From Los Angeles Times Interview [This spoiler was originally listed for episode 412, but obviously it didn't happen. Based on what we know, we're guessing that it's from this episode.]
1/24/09: Gaeta tells Zarek that he started it and he'll finish it. Gaeta walks into CIC and says, "Admiral Adama, I am removing you from command of this ship." Armed Marines appear. Adama yells, "What is this?" Helo turns to push Adama clear of the line of fire. Shots are fired. Adama gets up and glares at Gaeta. Narcho tells Kara, "Take your hands off of me. No one even knows what you are anymore." Adama and Tigh are being escorted through the corridor and Adama says, "When this is over, there will be a reckoning." A Marine is dropped and Starbuck appears in the background with her firearm raised. Someone puts a bag over Sam's head. Adama takes a weapon from Tigh and tells him, "It's been an honor to have served with you." A grenade is pushed through an opening in the doors. Adama looks over. A flash grenade goes off behind the nearly closed doors of a storage bay as a Marine turns his back to the blast. From SciFi Channel Promo
1/24/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Tigh and Adama look over some reports.

Gaeta seems to be keeping an eye on something.
[Apparently, Gaeta spies in the CIC until his opportunity present itself.]

Tigh and Hoshi.

Tyrol and Lee.
[Lee's looking particularly intense.
We wonder if this is Lee calling Tyrol out on his "Oath" that was planted in 412.
Do the Cylons end up lending some support in some way?]

Roslin dressed up and in front of a microphone.
[So Roslin finally pulls herself together to address the fleet. Before or after Gaeta's mutiny?]

1/23/09: The creditibility (and thus his spoilers) of the SciFi Channel Forums poster has been called into question. Though we did read through some of the more recent threads that appeared to be on the "up and up," we had neither the time nor inclination to go back over his entire posting history. As a result, we welcome evidence that his most recent spoilers that we posted actually came from other sources. In the meantime, we're committed to not revising anything we post so we're stuck with his 'spoilers' for the next four episodes even if we end up wearing a little egg on our faces. [From TPR]
1/20/09: More spoilers for the next four episodes from the poster who indicated that Ellen was the Fifth: Ellen apparently returns "in the flesh" in this episode. From SciFi Channel Forums
9/18/08: The episode title has been confirmed on a call sheet. From
6/13/08: Based on a Tricia Helfer interview, Baltar's Head Six does return and the filming schedule possibly puts that return in this episode. She adds that Head Six has become more of an angelic guide and moved away from the sexually-charged manipulator. From IGN Interview
4/16/08: Filming wrapped on April 15th. From Mark Verheiden's Blog [This is the final episode of BSG to be written by Mark Verheiden.]
4/11/08: Filming continues on this episode. From Mark Verheiden's Blog
3/18/08: Ron Moore has confirmed that John Dahl is set to direct this episode. From Chicago Tribune Interview
3/8/08: KoenigRules has reported an episode title of "The Oath." From The Doctor and Mrs. Who
11/3/07: John Dahl will direct an episode. From Kevin Smith's Blog [Not sure what episode yet.]
10/6/07: The episode is being written by Mark Verheiden.

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