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Season 4.5 General Spoilers
2/4/09: Regarding Boomer and Cavil's relationship being explored/explained, Grace Park said, "Just a little bit. A little bit. But it's kind of more indirect in Season 4.5, and it's a little bit more clear, I think, in The Plan." From [That little bit seems to imply that Cavil isn't dead? Or Boomer is still involved with the Cavils in some way, but also that the Boomer/Cavil storyline isn't prominent in the last episodes.]
1/27/09: According to Ron Moore, they had to retroactively eliminate Tyrol as Nicky's father because "It was important to the mythology of the show that only Hera be the only [hybrid child] ... Hera's role in the firmament of the show is very firmly established in my mind and I had a specific place where I wanted it to go." From Chicago Tribune & From Podcast Commentary
1/26/09: According to Ron Moore, "We'll deal with [the importance of Caprica Six's baby] in episodes coming up." From Chicago Tribune
1/23/09: The creditibility (and thus his spoilers) of the SciFi Channel Forums poster has been called into question. Though we did read through some of the more recent threads that appeared to be on the "up and up," we had neither the time nor inclination to go back over his entire posting history. As a result, we welcome evidence that his most recent spoilers that we posted actually came from other sources. In the meantime, we're committed to not revising anything we post so we're stuck with his 'spoilers' for the next four episodes even if we end up wearing a little egg on our faces. [From TPR]
1/22/09: More from the poster who indicated that Ellen was the Fifth: the cycle was disrupted (deliberately) by the birth of the half-human, half-Cylon children. Zarek's insurrection is put down fast and hard, apparently. Cavil returns at some point. From SciFi Channel Forums
1/21/09: According to Tricia Helfer, "we finally understand what or how [Inner Six] is or why she's there." From IGN
1/21/09: According to Tahmoh Penikett, "I've heard a lot of speculation about what's going to happen with Helo and Sharon and their family. It won't be predictable -- it's going to surprise a lot of people, blow them away. It's good, though, it's good. You know what's great too? There are some questions. Not everything is completely answered... Helo and Sharon are going to be tested like they've never been tested before. Some of the best scenes I've had with Grace [Park, who plays Sharon] are actually in this last season." From Zap2It [Not everything is completely answered? Does this have to do with his interest in all the Eights seen in the first half? There were promo pics of an apparently wounded Helo. Does this mean Helo dies (that would be resolution) without resolving some internal or Helo/Sharon issue? Or was he actually referring to the show as a whole and not just Helo/Sharon?]
1/20/09: More spoilers for the next four episodes from the poster who indicated that Ellen was the Fifth: Zarek gets back in touch with his terrorist side. Romo Lampkin's manipulations "catch up with him" [We're guessing Blood on the Scales could have to do with him.]. The Final Five aren't "bad," just negligent and Baltar knew that Ellen was a Cylon since the blood tests. Speaking of Baltar, he's the "guardian of god's children" as Inner Six said he was. Roslin continues her downward spiral. Starbuck isn't a Cylon. Lastly, the show's cycle of time has been thrown off, which explains the poor performance of the prophecies. From SciFi Channel Forums
1/19/09: As far as characters getting killed off in the final episodes, Ron Moore said, "there's more to come" even after Dee's suicide. From MediaBlvd
1/19/09: Ron Moore says, "[D'Anna will not appear in any further episodes. D'Anna remained on earth and lived there for the rest of her life." From MediaBlvd
1/19/09: According to Ron Moore, "Romo [Lampkin] will be back two more times this season, once as a lawyer, and once as something even bigger." From MediaBlvd [We've seen spoilers that he's in the finale and the preview clip of Romo in handcuffs. Perhaps Romo gets involved in Gaeta and Zarek's uprising?]
1/19/09: Describing Lee's story arc, Ron Moore said, "His role as leader of the civilian government will become even more important in the second half of the season and Lee will provide a key idea in the final episode that brings the show to its conclusion." From MediaBlvd
1/19/09: Concerning Baltar's story arc, Ron Moore said, "He's about to take a step back from where he's been going, given the shocking discovery of Earth, but he will also find that perhaps there is something both true and untrue about his conception of 'God' and what it means for him and the entire human race." From MediaBlvd
1/19/09: Regarding the role of "All Along the Watchtower," Ron Moore said, "The relationship of the song to the show will be illuminated when all is said and done... by the time I provided the final story arc, [the network] understood where and how it fit into our mythology." From MediaBlvd
1/19/09: Ron Moore had this to say about the Final Five, "At this point, I think that you've seen a lot of how these arcs will play themsevles out, but I can tell you that there are more answers ahead for the Final Five particularly in terms of understanding exactly their responsibilities for the events we've seen transpire." From MediaBlvd [Note that he said 'five' and not 'four', so Ellen is in that mix.]
1/18/09: Ron Moore says, "I think you can read that as fact" as far as what was said in episode 411 about the thirteen tribe, the Cylons, coming to the planet and calling it "Earth." He was then asked, That planet is Earth? We're not going to find out, "Oh, there's this other Earth over here..." This is the only Earth we'll see?" and Moore responded, "They have found Earth. This is the Earth that the 13th Colony discovered, they christened it Earth. They found Earth." He adds that as far as the colonies and Earth go, "as we get through subsequent episodes, there will be more explanations, and actually all this timeline stuff does lock into place. You have to read the subsequent chapters, but it will actually make sense." From Chicago Tribune [A few months ago when we went with the theory that they had indeed found Earth and that the thirteenth tribe was Cylon, we got criticized a bit in some forums. Well, it looks like we got one right (which might be a first) if we can take Ron Moore at his word. That said, the rumors of the series ending with Six moving through modern-day Times Square in New York City puts a spin on what Mooore says. Based on what little we have to go on, it seems that we can only eliminate BSG's timeline being in OUR present. The events of the show could still be either in the distant past or the distant future thanks to that whole cyclical mythology.]
1/18/09: When asked will we "come to know, in this next set of episodes, who knew that Ellen was a Cylon, and that will play out in what's coming?" Ron Moore simply answered, "yes." From Chicago Tribune [We can't help but think that Cavil has known more about the Final Five than he let on. The question is whether anyone else did too.]
1/18/09: Kate Vernon says that there will be a "huge" reveal in every single episode of season 4.5. From Access Hollywood
1/18/09: When Kate Vernon was asked about whether there would be "fireworks" when Ellen and Tigh were reunited because Saul had poisoned her, Vernon answered that Ellen "is beyond that. She understands that that needed to happen at that time... There's a very happy reunion... only the way Ellen and Saul can express it." She also refers to her and Saul as being hybrids or "half and half." Apparently, how Ellen comes back has to do with her "job" or "destiny... in the bigger picture." She says that when Ellen returns, she was finally written in a "much broader, richer, deeper" way. When she was asked about Tigh seeing her in Caprica Six, she says that Six was not modelled after Ellen. From Access Hollywood [So Ellen is indeed "reborn" and reunited with Saul. Who would have thought that Saul and Ellen would be the BSG couple to literally have an eternal love story? When Ellen returns, she is apparently enlightened a bit and might have a storyline that doesn't largely involve partying and/or sleeping around. What will her return mean for Tigh's relationship with Caprica Six? And the unborn child?]
1/17/09: The finale is three hours (episodes) long, so that's nine one hour stories and then one three-hour story in Season 4.5. It's unclear at this time if the final three hours will be shown all at once or broken up. From RDM & DE Press Conference
1/17/09: In a secondary storage bay, Baltar and Roslin talk. Apparently, Gaeta has done something which surprises Roslin. Baltar counters that he had divided loyalties back on New Caprica as well. He adds that they both made poor choices in their presidential aides-de-camp. From SciFi Channel [More confirmation of Gaeta's choosing to side the Zarek in the fleet's internal conflict. Question is why Roslin and Baltar are meeting in such an obscure place. Is Baltar playing both sides?]
1/17/09: Kara climbs out of her Viper as Lee, Roslin, Adama and Tyrol watch an Eight climb out of a Raptor. Roslin sounds stunned. From SciFi Channel [First guess is that the Eight is Boomer, which would explain Tyrol's interest. The scene cuts away to only audio as Roslin sounds stunned, so someone/something else could have been in the back of the Raptor.]
1/17/09: Ellen Tigh appears in seven of the last nine episodes. From Los Angeles Times [Looks as though the reveal of Ellen as the Final Cylon in Episode 411 is just the beginning of that storyline.]
1/15/09: Adama's tailspin goes so far that Lee has to step into commanding the fleet. From TV Guide [So he takes a back seat to Roslin on the civilian side, but apparently gets a temporary promotion on the military side. So perennial whiner Lee gets to be both acting President and acting Commander in the final season?]
1/15/09: A frak chart was part of the scrapbook given out during the series finale. Of note are another man for Starbuck (the piano player? [1/16/09 - UPDATE: Nope, it's Zak Adama and not the piano player even though we're sure she'll end up in the same position with the mysterious musician.]), Tyrol and Tory, Gaeta and Caprica Six, Boomer and Helo. Also Cally and Hot Dog are shown. From BSG Scrapbook [So maybe Nicolas was Hot Dog's? The Boomer-Helo involvement could have gone back to the miniseries or is new due to his apparent infatuation with all Eights. The interesting one is Gaeta and Caprica Six, which might have happened back on New Caprica since she is currently pregnant with Tigh's child... although there's time for her to lose the baby and hook up with Gaeta.]
1/14/09: The Final Five "pre-date almost everyone" and are "basically responsible for the state of things - on both sides - the Colonial Fleet and the Cylon world." The identity of the Final Five was held back "in part because the writers were arguing who they should be. Honestly." The fifth, like the other four, didn't know he/she was a Cylon. "All skinjobs, including the Final Five, are the manifestation of the bridge between human and Cylon/machine on much more than just a physical level, if that makes sense." From Newsarama [If they didn't know who the five would be, things couldn't have been planned out too much. And there was another "hint" that the Last Supper promo pic clues you in.]
1/14/09: Caprica Six's story gets wrapped up and "definitely goes through the some emotional upheaval." Inner Six returns and is "playing an integral role." From Crave Online
1/14/09: Though it seems more like speculation by the actress since she doesn't indicate whether it actually became a storyline, Rekha Sharma said, "the biggest question about Tory on set was about whether or not the truth about what she did to Cally would ever be revealed, and if so, what would be the consequences? A little scary to ponder that one ..." From Los Angeles Times
1/13/09: The Episode 411 (production #413) shooting guide lists Ellen Tigh as appearing. That seems to lend more credance to her being the final Cylon [or Tigh has gotten drunk and is either having a flashback or one of his visions]. Also of note is that her and Saul Tigh's stunt doubles are listed. From BSG Props Auction Website [Thanks to Werthead for sending the link our way.]
1/13/09: In the writer's commentary for "The Face of the Enemy" Webisode 10, Jane Espenson mentioned that Gaeta ended his relationship with Hoshi at the end of the webisodes. However, the original plan was for Gaeta and Narcho to be involved (until the actor proved unavailable for the webisodes) and that would have continued into season 4.5. Now, since the webisodes were filmed after season 4.5 was completed, that seems to imply that Narcho might be involved in Gaeta's storyline in Season 4.5 [or we could just be reading too much into what she said]. From Webisode 10 Writer's Commentary
1/10/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
1/4/08: After finding a desolate Earth, Roslin has apparently lost her faith in the scriptures and can be seen burning pages from the Book of Pythia in a scene from a new promo. From SciFi Channel
1/4/08: Another promo clip shows more of a scene already released (see our 12/7/08 post below). Adama wants to know if Tigh was programmed to be his friend. Tigh grabs the gun, stands up and points it at Adama. Adama presses head against the pistol barrel and yells at Tigh to "Do it!" From SciFi Channel
1/4/09: Another Kara-centric clip at SciFi Channel's "You Will Know The Truth" site: Kara is sitting in the pilots' quarters reading a book when an evacuation announcement is made due to a fire. Kara goes into the corridor and finds Narcho. He's very short with her in telling her to evacuate the area and that he's in charge. As he walks off, Kara wants to know when pilots got put in charge of damage control. She grabs him to stop him and he turns on her and tells her to get her hands off of him and adds that no one "even knows what [she is] anymore." He walks off. She stands there for a moment before going back down the hallway following a few other crewmembers. From SciFi Channel
1/4/09: In Adama's arc, "he does break down, he goes to the bottom of the pit and just squirms around in there and it's really difficult for him to carry on. From Edward James Olmos Interview
1/3/09: Pulling together clues from various promos, the clues on and bits from the webisodes, it appears that Gaeta likely helps the anti-Cylon faction that Zarek is a part of. Baltar is also involved somehow, but as things progress, he gets cold feet.
1/3/09: New promo: Among shots of everyone looking despondent on ruins of Earth, Tyrol touches a wall. There is a glimpse of Tyrol wearing glasses inspecting a piece of fruit just before a flash goes off. Tyrol is thrown back to the ground by the flash of memory. From SciFi Channel [Tyrol's flash was likely back to his previous life on Earth before it was destroyed.]
1/3/09: New promo: Tyrol walks on the beach. Dee sits in the co-pilot's seat of a Raptor as Helo looks over at her from the pilot's seat. Adama, Roslin and Lee are onboard the Raptor. Roslin and Baltar are in a baseship's CIC. Romo Lampkin, looking very unkempt, is being escorted down a corridor under armed Marine guard. Adama holds a gun to his temple. Kara yells, "What am I?" as she stands next to some burned out debris. From SciFi Channel
12/7/08: In a sneak peek, Adama, Lee and Zarek are on Colonial One. Zarek and Adama do all the talking. Adama tells Zarek that Roslin is president. Zarek points out that Roslin has been holed up under care on Galactica since her prophecy about Earth turned out to be a disappointment. Adama says that they are done and Lee leaves the room. Zarek hints there could be opposition. Adama replies that he now knows who to blame if something does happen. Zarek says that he's not hard to find since he's on Colonial One running the government. From SciFi Channel
12/7/08: In a sneak peek, Adama pulls a pistol and bottle of alcohol out of a locker. Tigh comes in and Adama says that it's time that they have that talk. Tigh fingers the drink poured for him, but doesn't drink it. He tells Adama that he's really sorry for not telling him when he first found out. Adama is clearly angry, calls him 'Cylon' and tells him to shut up. From SciFi Channel
11/30/08: SciFi Channel has put up a "You Will Know The Truth" site with daily clues about the identity of the Final Cylon and other "mysteries" leading up to the January 16th premier. So far, the Hybrid's quote about the Fifth Cylon seen in the Razor extended cut, President Lee dropping a muted-out hint about the Fifth and audio of Kara and Leoben have appeared. From SciFi Channel [This could possibly be interpreted as supporting Aaron Douglas' spoiler that indicated the Final Cylon would be revealed at least to the audience in episode 411. Also the audio of Kara and Leoben matches with a shot of Kara in a forest seen in the recent promos.]
11/23/08: The Canadian Space Channel aired a promo which features more footage from Earth including ruins and clues that the newly awakened Cylons might have remember something. Other clips hint at a violent split between pro-Cylon humans and anti-Cylon humans with Vice-President Zarek spearheading it. Gaeta was apparently in on the initial move, but is having second thoughts since he considers it murder. There are scenes of Caprica Six, Athena and Anders locked up together. Athena thinks they are going to be killed, while Caprica still holds out hope. One other shot shots a bound and blindfolded Adama standing in an airlock (or a Viper tube) with a note pinned to his chest. From Space [Similar footage aired in a SciFi Channel promo]
11/23/08: Speaking at the Autism Speaks benefit, Mary McDonnell believes that after having seen the ending of the series, rewatching the series from the beginning "will be even better." From TV Guide
11/12/08: Season 4.5 will be prefaced by BSG: Essential Elements, a half-hour special set to air on Sunday, January 11, 2009 at 11PM (10PM Central) on SciFi. From The Futan Critic
11/3/08: Lee and Kara's relationship "will not be entirely resolved until the end of the series." From Michael Taylor Interview
11/3/08: "There is indeed more Boomer to come when BSG returns next January. She plays a significant role in the final run of episodes." From Michael Taylor Interview [Boomer, not Athena.]
11/3/08: "The Old Cylons will rise again." From Michael Taylor Interview [He's vague enough that this could be a spoiler for season 4 or "The Plan" or stating the obvious concerning "Caprica." You decide.]
10/16/08: John Hodgman (PC guy from the Apple commercials) has a cameo as a doctor. From Wired Interview
10/16/08: According to Grace Park, even though the Cylons and humans now find themselves in a similar situation with the discovery of a decimated Earth, there are hold-outs in the fleet that can't move beyond their hatred and distrust of the Cylons. From Grace Park TV Guide Interview [This isn't exactly a surprise considering the attacks on the colonies, but does hint that there might be some storylines late in Season 4 that come out of that tension.]
10/9/08: According to Olmos, Marine Allan Nowart, who has been a very minor character so far, will have a major role in the final episodes. From Edward James Olmos Dragon*Con Appearance
9/27/08: Rick Worthy had this to say, "I have some really good stuff happening with Grace Park. You won't be disappointed." From Galactica 4 Appearance [One guess would be that he interacts with Boomer since she's the only Eight hanging around the Ones, Fours and Fives, but who knows.]
9/25/08: In yet another interview, Aaron Douglas had this to say about the planet that they found in the midseason finale: "Earth, in the scriptures, is the Cylon homeworld. Yeah, they say they found evidence, they found other people, and they're all Cylon. Or they found bones and stuff, scattered all around, and they're Cylon... Watch the last 10 minutes. They say, when they're digging in the, all that kind of stuff." From Cort and Fatboy Radio Show [He repeats some of what he said in the SFX Magazine interview, but also seems to describe scenes on the planet that we haven't seen yet.]
9/24/08: According to Kristin, Tricia Helfer stated, "We will find out who the fifth Cylon is a lot earlier than the series finale-it comes up early in the last 10 episodes." From EOnline [This is confirmation of what Aaron Douglas long ago said that the fifth Cylon is revealed sooner rather than later in Season 4.5.]
9/6/08: Jamie Bamber had this to say about how the show ends: "Ron really made the ending about character because I think there's a lot of pressure with a muscular show like ours to end with story...Well, there's definitely allusions to a future and there's definitely questions asked at the end, but I think that's what good endings are all about. It does pretty even-handedly deal with everyone you love in the show. Everyone gets a really good signing-off note." From ComicMix Interview
9/6/08: Contrary to rumors that surfaced at DragonCon, the second half of the season is still set for a January start date. From Chicago Tribune
8/30/08: Regarding Starbuck's reaction to the post-apocalyptic Earth that they found in the midseason finale, David Eick said, "It will represent a profound change in her character and outlook on life." From Newsarama
8/28/08: In an interview, Aaron Douglas states that Anders, Tigh, Tory and Tyrol are original Cylons and thus "one-offs." He says that they were part of the thirteenth colony on Kobol, which was the one colony that left to find or found Earth. Once Earth was destroyed, they left to find the other twelve colonies in a pursuit of understanding the cycle of creativity and destruction. They "turned off" their Cylon part and joined the colonies. Their proximity to Earth caused their awakening. From SFX Magazine Interview [Even though it just feels like the actor filling into some details with his own speculation, this actually fits with clues we had known such as that the four were fundamentally different, that Earth in the book of Pythia is referred to as Cylon (according to Ausiello) and the cycle of time. Now we do hope that there is more to it like maybe the four of them are the ones that left the clues that the fleet has been following.]
8/2/08: According to David Eick, no one from Caprica will turn up in the last episodes of BSG. From io9
7/29/08: Regarding the end of the series, Jamie Bamber said, "like all good endings, ... sort of ties [into] the beginning. ... It's like a great piece of music where all the strains and all the melodies that you've had so far come and are referred to in the end. And there is a new beginning as well. ... The same for Lee. It's an ending and a beginning, and it's sublime." From SciFiWire
7/29/08: Regarding the second half of the season, David Eick said that they have "able to convince the network to let us air ... long episodes--[to] take single episodes and make them double episodes, ... [and to take] double episodes and make them quadruple episodes." He also said, "the story has become so critical in order to realize the arc of the series that we can't just cut stuff out and save it for later or push it 'til next year, the stuff we're used to doing. It's all got to be there." From SciFiWire
7/27/08: According to a post at the SciFi Channel Forums, Zarek dies, but "he's taking lots of them with him... Well, they die before he does." From SciFi Channel Forums [Throw in some vague mentions that Gaeta refers to Zarek as President (we haven't found a solid enough source yet to post that bit as a spoiler) and the Bamber Bunnies can take hope that it's Zarek and not Lee who turns out to be the 'dying leader'.]
7/27/08: According to James Callis, Baltar "gains peace with himself" while coming to a "surprising" resolution with his female cult. From Comic Con [So does this mean that Baltar doesn't end up sleeping his way through the whole cult?]
7/27/08: Roslin asks Adama if he's a Cylon. Adama replies," If I am a Cylon then you're all screwed." Adama is standing in an airlock wearing a white blindfold in what looks like an execution scene. Lee is pushed against a wall. From Comic Con Season 4.5 Trailer [Presumably, Lee is pushed around in the cell mentioned in the other article.] Update: We were reminded that Adama's comment about being a Cylon is from the first season so it's nothing new. Although the second bit about Adama in the airlock is.
7/27/08: Lee stands in a cell and says, "Just kill me." Lee and Kara kiss. Adama and Roslin also passionately kiss.From Comic Con Season 4.5 Trailer [So maybe those no comment responses from Jamie Bamber do mean something.]
7/27/08: Kara "got peace" by the finale. From Chicago Tribune
7/23/08: From Grace Park: "There's another interaction between my two characters, Boomer and Athena, and there's a lot of history we finally clear up with them." From FHM Interview [Any doubt that Boomer might not have survived can be put to rest.]
7/22/08: Expanding on what we had previously quoted Grace Park as saying: "There's one episode where everything is explained and I had to read it three times. . . . Then we had to sit down -- like, how does this guy know anything? And where was this thing orbiting? And who died?" From Los Angeles Time Article [This expanded quote clarified that Grace wasn't talking about the finale. Apparently, a whole lot is explained prior to the finale, which would seem to mean that the finale deals with some of the fallout. "This thing orbiting?" Earth? "Who died?" Are the fates of some characters in doubt in said episode?]
7/21/08: The second half of the season will be at least eleven hours and could still be longer. In addition, there will be an extended cut on the DVD. From Chicago Tribune
7/21/08: The second half of the season premiers in January 2009. From IF Magazine
7/8/08: SciFi Channel's Mark Stern describes the reveal of the Final Cylon as "organic and satisfying. It won't be some day player from Season 1." From TV Guide
7/2/08: From Grace Park: "There's one episode where everything is explained and I had to read it three times," Park said. "I had to sit down with [executive producer] Ron Moore and he had to break it down." From Los Angeles Time Article [Is she referring to the finale or perhaps an episode before the finale?]
6/28/08: "McCreary was in Vancouver, on the set for the final episodes of "Galactica." Sworn to secrecy about details, he allowed only that he was supervising a "musically intensive" sequence that involved the actors and his music being performed on-camera. "It's the most daring use of music in a TV show that, maybe, has ever been tried. It's going to redefine the role that a score can play." From Variety Article [This probably ties in with the musical character based on MrCreary that's appearing somewhere near the end of the series.]
6/21/08: The second half of the season is now expected to be 11 hours long with the final two episodes expanded to a three hour series finale. From Chicago Tribune
6/17/08: After "The Hub," Jane Espenson had this to say about Boomer and Cavil: "She certainly would've had time to. Heck, there was even time for Cavil to download, I suppose. Huh. How 'bout that." From TV Guide Interview
6/15/08: In an interview that took place after the airing of the death of Cally, Aaron Douglas had this to say about finding out about the Final Cylon: "I don't know if you'll know in the first ten, but somewhere around there." From MediaBlvd Magazine Interview [This is the first indication that we'd find out well before the closing episodes of the series.]
6/14/08: Tahmoh Penikett describes what happens to Helo in the fourth season: "His demons will come out. Helo has a definite penchant for violence, especially if he feels his family is at risk. I did a great scene the other day where he's starting to understand the possibility of becoming a future leader. Helo is learning that regardless of how you feel, morally or ethically, cerntain decisions have to be made - and sometimes they require compromises." From Starlog Interview [The article is from April, so we assume that it was done sometime after they returned to filming after the strike. This could leave the scene for the 2nd half of the season, not to mention the allusion to Helo's penchant for violence. Otherwise, he could be referring to the position Helo was put in by Roslin in "The Hub."]
6/14/08: Tigh pulls a gun on what looks like Adama, who is sitting down. Someone reads from the scriptures by a fire. The next scene might be the same person [Roslin? Kara?] tearing pages out and burning them. Kara sits alone by a bonfire. A hand holds a ring and/or possibly dogtags. A hand brushes along a rough (rock?) wall. Adama cries over a shrouded body. Tigh can be heard saying, "You're the fifth." From SciFi Channel Promo [Sure looks like Roslin dies and probably not far into the second half. Also, there's just enough in the promo to keep us wondering if that bit about Kara finding her own body could be true... or at least part of a vision that she has. There's a good possibility that there could be curveball in that Roslin isn't the dying leader, but rather Adama, Lee, Kara or even someone else.]
6/14/08: The second half of the season is likely to return in the first quarter of 2009. From Chicago Tribune
6/13/08: Based on a Tricia Helfer interview, Baltar's Head Six returns early in the second half of the season (around ep 12 or 13). She adds that Head Six has become more of an angelic guide and moved away from the sexually-charged manipulator. Also, that there will be some sort of explanation of Head Six late in the season. From IGN Interview
6/12/08: In response to a question about the Resurrection Hub, Resurrection Ships and the Cylons' ability to rebuild resurrection technology, Bear McCreary responded, "You raise some interesting questions about the Cylons and their resurrection technology. I can't say too much, but I can tell you that some of these questions will be addressed in the future." From Bear's Blog
6/6/08: There will be "a bit more" Lee and Kara. From Jamie Bamber Interview [Here's to hoping it is only a little bit more.]
6/6/08: Dee will have a "big story." From Jamie Bamber Interview
5/30/08: The storyline hinted at during Gaeta's appearance in Baltar's trial will have "some semblance of a resolution." From IGN Interview
5/12/08: Concerning Kara's death and return from Edward Olmos: "Well, we've filmed something that started to explain it. And it's not an uplifting understanding. [Laughs.] I will say that. It's as dark as everything else. You sit there and you go, "Oh my God, you guys are sick!" They're pushing the envelope. And the network is allowing it." From Boston Globe Interview
4/23/08: Michael Trucco said that the writers want to work in the seven inch long scar on the back of his neck that he has as a result of an accident during the writers' strike. He then added, "That's all I'm allowed to say." From TV Guide Interview [The added bit about not being allowed to say anything else indicates that non-disclosure agreement that the cast had to sign and that there is the probably of a storyline that would result in such a scar.]
4/16/08: Updated Speculation
4/6/08: According to Ron Moore, D'Anna's return at midseason sets up the second half: "The story has to do with 'un-boxing' D'Anna. There are a lot of people that are very interested in un-boxing D'Anna because she knows certain things and there is a long plot that culminates in what she reveals. It's a pivot point for the upcoming season. Once that happens, things change and drive us to the finale." From Interview
4/6/08: According to Ron Moore, the reveal of the final Cylon "will be late in the season, it won't be in the first half." From Interview
4/2/08: On the strike forcing a break and giving the writers a chance to watch the first half of episodes, "We didn't really change that much overall. Although there was one episode in particular where we did make some changes. Those were more to plot elements within that episode which didn't affect the direction of the whole show. But no, otherwise we have it worked out until the very end and are sticking to our plan. From Mark Verheiden Comic Mix Interview [Verheiden's comments seem to contradict or at least greatly minimize Ron Moore's comments we posted back on 3/19]
4/2/08: In the second half of the season, "Starbuck will become inexplicably drawn to a handsome, charismatic, slick and mysterious piano player over the course of two episodes. The two will become so connected that she'll find herself telling him things no one else knows." From Ausiello
4/2/08: Ron Moore reiterated that no one in the Last Supper promotional photo is the Final Cylon. From Ron Moore Chicago Tribune Interview [We already knew that Head Six, Natalie and Athena were the humanoid Cylons models, while Tigh, Tyrol and Anders were part of the four just revealed. That leaves Roslin, Lee, Baltar, Starbuck, Helo and Adama as seemingly eliminated from being Cylons.]
3/29/08: The cast has been told who the final Cylon is, although Katee Sackhoff seems skeptical that whoever they were told really is the final Cylon. From Park/Sackhoff Interview
3/29/08: According to Katee Sackhoff, through the first thirteen episodes there is no explanation of how Kara returned from the dead, what her trip to Earth meant or resolution of her marriage to Anders. From io9 Recap of S4 Press Conference
3/22/08: Concerning Baltar and Starbuck's Cylon connections, Ron Moore says, "There are similarities, and there are connections, between Starbuck and Baltar that will develop as time goes on." From Cinema Blend
3/22/08: The season will be "less political" according to Ron Moore. From Flick Filosopher
3/22/08: Ron Moore claims that the final Cylon is not one of the primary humans (Roslin, Adama, Lee, Starbuck or Baltar). From TV Guide
3/19/08: Ron Moore said that they had no overall plan when the series started, but did start to move toward a concluding arc during the third season. From Ron Moore Interview [Kinda seems to finally lay to rest the argument over whether the they (the showrunners-not the Cylons) had a plan.]
3/19/08: Commenting on the impact of the pause because of the stirke, "I had time to catch my breath and really think about some things," Moore said. "We're still going to have an ending, not an ambiguous ending, but how we get there has been changed a little bit." From Ron Moore Los Angeles Times Interview
3/18/08: Lucy Lawless indicated that they "got everything we needed done" before the writers' strike. From Lucy Lawless IF Magazine Interview [Doesn't look like Lucy expects to be back in the second ten episodes.]
3/18/08: Romo Lampkin should return one more time in the second ten episodes of the season. From Ron Moore Chicago Tribune Interview
3/9/08: Finally, Speculation from TPR
2/28/08: Zarek appears in three or four episodes and is expected to appear in 2nd half of the season as well. Richard Hatch @ WonderCon
1/30/07: General spoilers indicate that the first half of the season has three main storylines: the search for Earth with the Kara complications, how the four newly revealed Cylons deal with their identity and the splintering of the Cylons over Earth and the Final Five. The second half of the season [if filmed] would seem to have two main storylines: dealing with the fallout of finding Earth and discovering the identity of the Final Cylon.
1/24/08: Tyrol is the 12th Cylon model. Aaron Douglas @livejournal
1/13/08: In the extended cut found only on the Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD, the hybrid could be heard to say this as the rescue team moved through the basestar: "At last they've come for me. I feel their lives, their destinies spilling out before me. The denial of the one true path, played out on a world not their own, will end soon enough. Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening. Struggling with the knowledge of their true selves. The pain of revelation bringing new clarity. And in the midst of confusion he will find her, enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. The way forward, at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. I can see them all. The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin. But in time, it is sin that will consume them. They will know enmity, bitterness, the wrenching agony of the one splintering into the many. And then they will join the promised land, gathered on the wings of an angel. Not an end, but a beginning." [Guess that's a hint about the final Cylon, as well as foreshadowing of the rumored Cylon civil war]
1/13/08: In Battlestar Galactica: Razor, the hybrid had this to say to Kendra: "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of Death. They must not follow her. All this has happened before and all of it will happen again, again, again..."
1/12/08: has posted a BSG promotional photo with some vague hints from Ron Moore.
11/21/07: At a convention appearance, Katee Sackhoff indicated that Kara spent a lot of time in the brig as well as with Leoben. She also has plenty of scenes with Roslin. Kara also comes to believe that she is a Cylon. At some point, Kara builds a bonfire on a beach. From Roadrunner's LiveJournal
11/14/07: At a convention appearance last weekend, Katee Sackhoff described Lee and Kara's journey in Season 4 as "closure."
11/7/07: Updated Kara Speculation from TPR
11/3/07: John Dahl will direct an episode. From Kevin Smith's Blog [Not sure what episode yet.]
11/3/07: There is a significant amount of human/Centurion "bonding." The VFX for the season are described as "This year we are brightening it up a little bit. The tone is a little bit harsher, with faster cuts and more violent action." Also, Ron Moore has told Gary Hutzel that "there will be a full-on conflict at the end of the season." From VFX World
11/3/07: According to Terry Moore (Ron's wife), thirteen scripts will be done before the impending writers' sstrike on Monday (11/5/07). [Now can someone email us here at and explain the new math that another "news" site is using to conclude that such news leaves SIX scripts to be done. Last time we checked, it was a 20-episode season so that would leave at least seven and if Razor (an additional two episodes) was included in that number, then that would leave as many as nine left to be completed.]
10/28/07: Ron Moore is expected to direct an episode.
10/6/07: In response to a post on Galactica Sitrep, Mark Verheiden stated that the last few season 4 scripts will not be done by November 1st, which is the earliest date that a writers' strike might be called. From Galactica Sitrep
9/22/07: A podcast was recorded on the last night of a three day writers' meeting where the second half of the season was mapped out.
9/1/07: Kevin Smith has posted his version of the directing/not directing story. From Kevin Smith's Blog [Talk about a non-story taking off.]
8/28/07: Kevin Smith (Clerks) will be NOT directing an episode. From
8/24/07: Kevin Smith (Clerks) will be directing an episode. From AOL Television Intervew
8/10/07: The name for the 13th Colony in the Scripture is 'Cylon'. From Ausiello
7/9/07: Miscellaneous Starbuck bits
6/29/07: Tyrol is at odds with Roslin, who apparently threatens a repeat of what she did to Leoben (airlocking). From TV Addict [Combined with Katee Sackhoff's spoiler below, it looks as though the news of the four being Cylons and the natural suspicions about Kara don't take long to surface at least onboard Galactica.]
6/9/07: The significance of "All Along the Watchtower" will be explored later in the season. Baltar and Six's relationship will be revisited and go in a new direction. Adama and Roslin's relationship will continue. From SciFi Channel Q & A [Guess they will make up after Adama let Baltar off Roslin's hook at the trial.]
6/3/07: The final five Cylons' "true" backstories will be revealed. From Lower Hudson Online Blog
6/3/07: The season will end with a definitive end to the "quest." Though not discounting the possibility of miniseries or movies, the main storyline will be completed [unlike Stargate SG-1's unresolved Ori storyline]. From Lower Hudson Online Blog
4/17/07: Ron Moore indicated that SciFi Channel had backed off on pushing for standalone episodes From Ron Moore Interview with AV Club [For the fans that didn't like Black Market, The Woman King, A Day in the Life or Dirty Hands, this is great news.]
3/27/07: There have already been clues about the identity of the fifth Cylon. From Ron Moore Q&A on Boards [However, in other interviews he wouldn't commit to whether we've already seen this fifth Cylon.]
3/26/07: The fifth Cylon might or might not be revealed during the fourth season. From Ron Moore Interview with
3/26/07: Anders, Tigh, Tory and Tyrol are full Cylons, but "different fundamentally." From Ron Moore Interview with
3/26/07: RDM's comments on the significance of the the four hearing the music: "It's more that they arrived at a certain point in space and they were made aware of who they are. The music manifests a dawning awareness. These are four of the final five, which puts them in a separate category from everybody else. There are reasons for that I can't really get into. We'll be playing out those plot lines for quite a while." From Ron Moore Interview with
3/10/07: RDM response to a question about the spiritual bits of the show arc: "This will certainly be a key aspect of the end of the series, but I really can't talk in any specific terms about it." From Ronald D. Moore Q&A @ Board
3/10/07: RDM response to a question about winging it with the mythology: "I began to put into place most of the fundamental cosmology of the BSG universe as far back as the first season. Since then, we've talked it over in the writers' room periodically so as to keep everything within the same parameters. There are still some elements to put into place, but we pretty much have it worked out by now." From Ronald D. Moore Q&A @ Board
3/10/07: There is a specific plan for Dee. From Ronald D. Moore Q&A @ Board [Hopefully, this isn't vague in a "The specific plan for Dee is for her to be the Comm Officer in CIC like always" kind of vague.]
3/9/07: Jane Espenson recently had this to say about whether the showrunners had a plan: "So imagine my delight when I recently began full-time at BSG and learned that there are (and have been) plans that extend far longer into the future than one season!" From SyFy Portal Interview

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