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Season 4 Webisodes: The Face of the Enemy Spoilers; January 15, 2009
1/13/09: Webisode 10 Recap & Analysis Now Available
1/7/09: Tigh indicates that the incident on the Raptor will be kept quiet in an effort to keep the Cylon/human alliance intact. [Since we know this episode takes place several days after they found Earth, that means that the alliance manages to somehow survive the disasterous discovery of Earth.]
1/7/09: Webisode 9 Recap & Analysis Now Available
1/7/09: Webisode 8 Recap & Analysis Now Available
1/2/09: In Webisode 10, Gaeta is found by Hoshi and Racetrack. He also has a contentious scene with Tigh upon his return in which he makes it clear that he doesn't trust Tigh because he's a Cylon. There are hints of storylines for both Gaeta and Hoshi carrying into Season 4.5.
1/2/09: In Webisode 9, Gaeta manages to kill Civilian Eight.
1/2/09: In Webisode 8, Civilian Eight reveals that the Cylons got their list of Resistance members from Gaeta because she was setting him up, not helping him.
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1/2/09: Webisode 5 Recap & Analysis Now Available
1/2/09: Webisode 4 Recap & Analysis Now Available
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12/12/08: "The Face of the Enemy" is a ten-part murder mystery. Gaeta is trapped with a pair of Eights and three new characters in a Raptor with a "depleting oxygen supply." Things get worse as they start dying - "victim of a gory slaying while the others sleep." In addition to being involved with Hoshi, apparently flashbacks will show that Gaeta was involved with one of the Eights back on New Caprica and were "in love with each other...or so Felix thought." From TV Guide
12/2/08: The webisodes begin online on December 12th with two appearing per week in the five weeks leading up to the season 4.5 premier. From Chicago Tribune
11/25/08: The webisodes will reveal that Gaeta and Hoshi are gay and involved in a relationship. From Galactica Sitrep [So they're going to sneak it into the webisodes. Question is whether the final episodes will portray it as well or keep the relationship off-screen.]
11/25/08: The webisodes will begin to appear online in December and are apparently titled "The Face of the Enemy." From Ain't It Cool News
11/12/08: The webisodes appear set to air during SciFi's presentation of Pitch Black on January 15th, which is the day before season 4.5 is set to premier. From The Futan Critic
8/30/08: David Eick said, "Like the webisodes we have done before, they will continue on the story threads that don't make the cut." From Newsarama
8/8/08: Jane Espenson is also involved in writing the webisodes. From Chicago Tribune
7/22/08: "Fans can view Galactica Webisodes as they return in the weeks leading up to the final 10 episodes of the show. SCIFI.COM and Universal Cable Production will produce 10 two- and three-minute serialized Webisode chapters, which will complement and enhance the series." From SciFi Wire
6/17/08: James Callis and Jamie Bamber will direct the webisodes. From James Callis Post
6/14/08: Seamus Kevin Fahey (writer of "Faith") expects to be involved with the webisodes. From Interview
5/21/08: There will be ten webisodes that will "link" the first ten episodes of the season to the 2nd ten. From Chicago Tribune
3/19/08: There will be webisodes for this season. From BSG Panel [Guess they'll lead into the second half of the season.]

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