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The Face of the Enemy Webisode Summaries:

Webisode #7
Written by: Jane Espenson & Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Release Date: 12/31/08 on
Characters That Appear: Lt. Felix Gaeta, Lt. Louis Hoshi, Lt. Margaret 'Racetrack' Edmondson, Civilian Eight, Lt. J. 'Shark' Finnegan, Ensign 'Easy' Esrin
Cylons That Appear: Civilian Eight

Webisode 7 Recap:
(Caption: Raptor 1029; Search & Rescue Mission)
The Search & Rescue Raptor flies through space.

Racetrack tells Hoshi that she's glad that he and Gaeta finally got together. Hoshi says that Gaeta has a "fire about doing the right thing." Racetrack calls it a "moral core," which isn't seen very often because it can get "you killed." Racetrack quickly realizes that she stuck her foot in her mouth and attempts to apologize to Hoshi. He brushes it off with "it's ok. Just keep looking."

(Caption: Raptor 718)
The Raptor jumps back to normal space.

The computer status display indicates a little more than eight hours of oxygen remaining as civilian Eight says, "Jump complete."

The lights are blinking in the Raptor.

Gaeta reports that the jump drained most of their reserve power and the dradis also shows no contacts. He adds that could just mean that they are out of range.

Civilian Eight says that she'll send a pulse that the fleet should pick up and bring them in ten or so hours.

Gaeta moves to the cockpit to tell Lt. Finnegan and Ensign Esrin that they jumped and are almost home. He tries to shake them awake, but finds both of them are dead with their throats cut.

Gaeta looks at his now blood covered hands and then looks back at civilian Eight who merely looks back at him.

to be continued


  • Civilian Eight succeeded in jumping the Raptor, but there is still no fleet in sight. She then tells Gaeta that she's sending a pulse that should take the fleet ten hours to track.
  • The computer reports only eight hours of oxygen left, but there are now only two of them left alive so presumably they will have enough air to make it past ten hours.
  • By their appearance, Ensign Esrin and Lt. Finnegan have been dead for some time. They were last seen alive when the computer indicated over twelve hours of oxygen left. Gaeta woke up with nine hours left to find Civilian Eight was free of the shackles, so they've likely been dead for at least an hour and up to almost four hours.
  • With only Gaeta and Civilian Eight alive and the webisodes are being told from Gaeta's perspective, we have to assume that Civilian Eight is the one killed the other four. Even though he still had the scalpel on him, someone lifted the morpha from him without his waking up.
  • Although it is possible that Gaeta was delusional when he killed the others and that Civilian Eight doesn't care because of their past relationship.

  • Running time: ~2:00

Unanswered Questions:
  • If Civilian Eight jumped the Raptor back to the fleet's previous location, where is the fleet then?
  • Now that everyone else is dead, how much longer will the air last for Gaeta and Civilian Eight?
  • Did Civilian Eight kill the other four occupants? If so, why?
  • What will Gaeta do now that Civilian Eight looks to be a killer if as she tries to save him and herself?
  • Why didn't Gaeta check on Esrin and Finnegan before they jumped?

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