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The Face of the Enemy Webisode Summaries:

Webisode #8
Written by: Jane Espenson & Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Release Date: 1/5/09 on
Characters That Appear: Lt. Felix Gaeta, Lt. Louis Hoshi, Lt. Margaret 'Racetrack' Edmondson, Civilian Eight, Lt. J. 'Shark' Finnegan, Ensign 'Easy' Esrin, New Caprica Eight
Cylons That Appear: Civilian Eight, New Caprica Eight

Webisode 8 Recap:
Gaeta moves to the cockpit to tell Lt. Finnegan and Ensign Esrin that they jumped and are almost home. He tries to shake them awake, but finds both of them are dead with their throats cut.

Gaeta looks at his now blood covered hands and then looks back at civilian Eight who merely looks back at him.

(Caption: Raptor 1029; Search & Rescue Mission)
The Raptor jumps into normal space.

Racetrack looks around and declares "another empty well." She then asks, "Do you want to dig another?" Hoshi quickly answers, "Yes. He wouldn't give up me." Racetrack preps for another jump. Hoshi then asks, "Is this crazy?" Racetrack says it is and then adds that eventually Gaeta would give up on him when "it didn't make sense anymore" and that "he'd understand." After a moment she asks if Hoshi wants to go home. Hoshi quietly says "yeah."

Gaeta realizes that civilian Eight stripped the pliers.

Civilian Eight says that she didn't expect pilot Eight to take them, but "it didn't matter."

Gaeta then says that she used the morpha on Brooks. She says that he started to wake up when she took it from him. She then adds that Gaeta trusted her.

Gaeta is dumbstruck. He finally says, "No, you killed them all."

Civilian Eight responds that they needed the air.

Gaeta still can't believe it.

Civilian Eight says that she picked him even over her own kind and model. She says that she simply did what he couldn't do, but was "thinking all along."

Gaeta's response to this is to reach over and rip the cable out of her palm. She says that he could and no one could.

Civilian Eight counters that such as statement isn't true. She adds that "there is a fine line between ignorance and hope" and that she had expected him to have learned that "by now."

Gaeta wants to know what she means.

Civilian Eight tells him that he needs to "open his eyes and see what the world is really like." She then tells him that he gave her the names.

Flashback #1:
On New Caprica, Gaeta is asleep in a tent. Civilian Eight stands next to the bed. She hands the list to another Eight with the order to kill everyone on it. The other Eight tucks the list away and leaves.

Back on the Raptor, Gaeta is speechless.

to be continued


  • Hoshi has decided to abandon his search for Gaeta.
  • Civilian Eight claims she killed everyone in an effort to save air for her and Gaeta.
  • Civilian Eight also says she merely did what Gaeta was thinking.
  • Civilian Eight had intended for Brooks to be the one to die using the pliers.
  • Civilian Eight says that Brooks started to wake up when she was taking the morpha and so she killed him with it.
  • Back on New Caprica, Civilian Eight tricked Gaeta into giving away names of those in the Resistance by leading him to believe that he was helping save them.
  • Gaeta was too trusting of Civilian Eight back on New Caprica and didn't check up on her story about getting some released. The fact that he was viewed as a collaborator by nearly everyone would have also made it difficult for him to check out Civilian Eight's story. He also was too trusting of civilian Eight on the Raptor. He didn't suspect her over the pliers or the morpha and went along with her wanting to leave the pilot and co-pilot alone.

On New Caprica, Gaeta is asleep in a tent. Civilian Eight stands next to the bed. She hands the list to another Eight with the order to kill everyone on it. The other Eight tucks the list away and leaves.

  • Running time: ~3:00
  • According to Jane Espenson's podcast commentary, the Raptor was closed up for filming so it was cramped and hot.
  • According to Jane Espenson's podcast commentary, the actors playing Esrin and Finnegan had to "play dead" for long takes which led to some fluttering eyelashes and other issues that led to retakes.

Unanswered Questions:
  • If Gaeta was merely her pawn back on New Caprica, why did Civilian Eight "pick" him over her own model?
  • Why was Civilian Eight taking Gaeta's morpha if she hadn't originally intended to use it on Brooks as her answer seems to imply?
  • Why didn't Gaeta verify that Civilian Eight really had gotten some humans released back on New Caprica before giving her another list? For that matter, why was he so trusting of her in the first place?

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