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The Face of the Enemy Webisode Summaries:

Webisode #10
Written by: Jane Espenson & Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Release Date: 1/13/09 on
Characters That Appear: Lt. Felix Gaeta, Lt. Louis Hoshi, Lt. Margaret 'Racetrack' Edmondson, Colonel Saul Tigh, Civilian Eight, Lt. J. 'Shark' Finnegan, Ensign 'Easy' Esrin
Cylons That Appear: Colonel Saul Tigh, Civilian Eight

Webisode 10 Recap:
The Raptor's computer display shows just over twenty-one minutes of air remaining.

Civilian Eight lays on floor dead.

Gaeta stands over her. He tosses aside the scalpel as he struggles to breath. He sits on the floor.

The computer display continues to count down.

Civilian Eight is covered in blood. Gaeta looks as his own hands covered in blood and starts to cry.

Gaeta takes out the morpha and has two injections left. He gives himself one. He takes out the second and considers taking it as well, but then puts it down and starts singing.

Suddenly, the Raptor is illuminated by light coming through the cockpit. Gaeta struggles to get up and move forward.

Another Raptor can be seen as Lt. Hoshi hails the Raptor.

Gaeta looks out and mumbles, "she did it." Gaeta then reaches over, toggles the radio and hails the Galactica.

In the search and rescue Raptor, Lt. Hoshi and Racetrack laugh with joy. Hoshi replies, "You're nowhere near the fleet, baby, but you're good."

Back on Galactica, Gaeta is being wheeled to sickbay on a gurney as Hoshi walks alongside holding his hand.

In CIC, a lone Raptor is shown on the battle map. Tigh tells Gaeta that "strange things happen when you're away from the fleet. I wouldn't even trust your own memories on this."

Tigh continues that because Gaeta was the lone survivor, Adama doesn't want to pursue the matter and risk the alliance. Gaeta responds that there shouldn't be an alliance. Tigh responds that Cylon technology will keep the fleet moving. Gaeta wants to speak to Adama directly. Tigh wants to know why and Gaeta responds that Tigh is a Cylon. Tigh chews on that for a moment and then tells Gaeta that there's a meeting later in which Tyrol is going to present new idea. Tigh says that Gaeta can let his opinion be known there. Gaeta says thank you and walks out of CIC.

As they walk through the corridor, Hoshi wants to know why Gaeta set up a meeting "with him of all people." Gaeta wants him to drop it, but Hoshi asks again. Gaeta stops and says that he'll protect Hoshi because he found him. He then adds ominously that if he's wrong and it doesn't work out that Hoshi has a bright future. Gaeta then starts to walk off. Hoshi wants to know what it is that might not work out. Gaeta merely responds, "Keep your head down." He then opens a hatch and walks through as Hoshi wants to know what he's going to do.

to be continued


  • Hoshi and Racetrack succeed in finding Gaeta's Raptor, which Gaeta attributes to the Eight having sent the pulse.
  • Tigh's comment to Gaeta about not trusting his own memory is not exactly a vote of confidence in Gaeta attributing the other deaths to Eight. However, Admiral Adama is letting the matter drop in order to preserve the alliance with the Cylons.
  • Based on Tigh's response, they have chosen to continue their alliance based in part on the Cylons' superior technology.
  • Gaeta appears to have an intense distrust of the Cylons now as evident from how he speaks to Tigh.
  • Based on early promos, it's clear that Gaeta has set up a meeting with Zarek which leads to their working together likely to undermine the alliance with the Cylons.
  • According to Jane Espenson's commentary, when Gaeta leaves Hoshi standing in the corridor at the end of the webisode, that is the end of their relationship.

  • Running time: ~ 5:45
  • According to Jane Espenson's podcast commentary, Gaeta will make certain decisions in Season 4 which already fit the story. The webisodes further explain and pinpoint exactly when he made the first of those decisions.
  • According to Jane Espenson's podcast commentary, shots of Gaeta's prosthetic were done by filming him walking in front of a green screen and then replacing his leg with the prosthetic.
  • According to Jane Espenson's podcast commentary, if Gaeta had been involved with Narcho, the relationship would have continued, but instead the scene between he and Hoshi signified the end of their relationship.
  • The final scene filmed was between Alessandro Juliani, Grace Park and a body double in the New Caprica tent. Outside the tent, nearly all the sets had been deconstructed.

Unanswered Questions:
  • How did Hoshi and Racetrack find the Raptor? Was it due to the Eight's pulse?
  • How does Gaeta apparently escape any suspicion for the deaths on the Raptor, considering he's the only survivor?
  • What is Tyrol's idea that will be presented to Admiral Adama in a meeting?
  • Who is Gaeta set to meet with? Is it Zarek? And what has he got in mind that he has to "protect" Hoshi?
  • According to Jane Espenson, Gaeta was originally supposed to be involved with Narcho and that the relationship would continue into the rest of the season. Instead, he is with Hoshi until the end of the webisodes? Since the webisodes were filmed after Season 4.5 was completed, does this mean that Gaeta and Narcho become involved in Season 4.5?

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