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Episode 415 Spoilers: No Exit; February 13, 2009
2/14/09: Episode Analysis Now Available
2/13/09: Episode Recap Now Available
2/12/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
2/12/09: About a third of the episode is "about Ellen," while nearly as much is about Cavil. From Ausiello [The promos haven't shown any humanoid Cylon models, but perhaps Ellen was resurrected in the Cylon fleet.]
2/9/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Adama on the phone in his quarters.
[Now we've probably just never noticed it before, but what is that paperweight on his desk next to the bottle?]

Tory, Tyrol and Tigh.
[The three are outside sickbay.]

Adama and Tyrol look up at something.
[We're fairly sure this is down near the engine room and they are looking at cracks in the ship.]

John Hodgman as Dr. Gerard.

2/8/09: On Colonial One, Roslin tells Lee, "That's a very excellent observation and that I think that you should keep it in mind when you are assembling new representatives." Lee is a bit surprised, "When I assemble the new representatives?" Roslin continues, "I will of course remain by title as President, but..." Lee responds, "Madame President, you can do a lot more than that." Roslin answers, "No, I can't, Lee. It's time that I let someone else do the heavy lifting." Lee is speechless. Roslin takes off her glasses. Lee says, "I don't know what to say... I would be honored if you think I'm the right one." Roslin smiles and then says, "You are the right one, Lee. You have always been the right one. My only concern about you is you're so hell-bent on doing the right thing that you sometimes don't do the smart thing." Lee responds, "I'll try and be smarter... and wronger." That brings a bit of a laugh from Roslin. From SciFi Channel Sneak Peek [Guess now that the mutiny is over and Roslin knows Adama is alive and well, she's again stepping back from being President.]
2/8/09: While aboard the Cylon baseship, Anders' condition releases a flood of visions and crucial memories. From SciFi Channel [Our guess is that Anders is taken to sickbay and everyone gathers there, but Cottle can't treat him. He gets moved to the baseship where he is treated and 'remembers'. Once he returns to Galactica, he tells Starbuck to go get the other three Cylons.]
2/8/09: Ellen says, "I'd do it all again." Ellen awakens in a resurrection tub, alone. Anders, all bandaged up, tells Kara, "Listen to me. A wonderful thing has happened. You have to get the others. Several rapid images: Temple of Five; Anders and Connor [That's purely a guess since we couldn't make out much detail.]; Ellen escorted down a hall by a Centurion; A Raptor [We're guessing that Ellen is on that Raptor, although it could be Anders.]. Tyrol looking at something [Likely that new area already glimpsed pics from NBC's photo bank, which is apparently down in the engine room.]; Adama looking at something [Likely part of the preview scene where Adama notices a crack in the bulkhead in his quarters.]; a POV shot of Kara [It looks like it's from Anders' perspective from a bed in sickbay.]; Anders says, "I remember everything... Earth. Why we're here. Everything." From Space (Canadian) Promo [Looks like we get some answers about the Final Five. Ellen is on a Cylon ship, but there's an absence of humanoid models, so again we think this is related to that splinter faction of Centurions that was with the First Hybrid. They were referred to as Guardians, but once the First Hybrid was dead, they didn't seem to have anything to guard. However, it's possible that guarding the Final Five might have been their true duty.]
2/7/09: Ellen is back. She awakens in a resurrection tub as a Cylon Centurion looks on. She knows the truth. She looks more serious and enlightened, a changed woman. She says that "there's hope for you yet." From SciFi Channel Promo [Considering the Resurrection Ship was destroyed, where did Ellen resurrect? Could she have resurrected with that long rumored third faction of Cylons that was tied to the first Hybrid? That third faction was supposedly Cylon Centurions referred to as Guardians. Guarding the final five might fit that.]
2/1/09: Tyrol, Tigh and Tory are hanging around sick bay. Cottle can be seen in the background as well as head x-rays. From NBC Photo Bank [Since Tory looks concerned, this could indicate that Anders is hurt. Michael Trucco had mentioned that the writers might work in the scar he got from when he broke his neck during the writers' strike. Of course, they could also be there because Ellen is being given a full medical work-up to verify who she is. This was done to Kara when she returned from being presumed dead. Ellen apparently has a greater story and what she has to say could also explain the looks of concern from Tory and Tyrol.]
2/1/09: Tyrol and Adama stand on a set of stairs looking up at something. From NBC Photo Bank [The setting is unfamiliar. It doesn't quite look like it could be the baseship, but we're not sure.]
2/1/09: John Hodgman (PC guy from the Apple commercials) has a cameo as a doctor. From Wired Interview [This was originally posted as a general spoiler back on 10/16/08. Based on promo pics, the cameo is in this episode.]
9/20/08: The episode was written by Ryan Mottesheard and directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton. From Galactica SitRep [Mottesheard is BSG's script coordinator.]
9/18/08: Producer Mark Verheiden confirmed the episode title. From Mark Verheiden Blog
8/11/08: Colin Corrigan returns as Nowart, a Marine. From IMDB
6/15/08: The call sheet lists Adama, Roslin, Lee, Kara, Tigh, Tory, Tyrol and Anders along with shooting on a shuttle set. [Unless that Roslin is a dream/vision Roslin, this would contradict the spoilers that indicated she dies not long after the midseason break.]
6/15/08: A leaked call sheet listed the episode title as "No Exit."
4/20/08: Approximate shooting dates are April 26th - May 5th.
3/8/08: KoenigRules has reported an episode title of "No Exit." From The Doctor and Mrs. Who

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