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Episode 420 Spoilers: Daybreak, Part 2 (& 3) Series Finale Part 2; March 20, 2009
3/26/09: According to Ron Moore, extended scenes include "a series of flashbacks that had to do with Boomer [Grace Park] and Helo [Tahmoh Penikett] and Tyrol [Aaron Douglas] back on Galactica when she was a rookie pilot. It was the first time she kissed Tyrol, the beginnings of that relationship, the beginning of Helo having his longing for her, and sort of establishing where that triangle was way back in the beginning... There's another scene where, after Tyrol says, "We have to hook Anders into CIC," we're in Adama's [Edward James Olmos] quarters, and he's adamently opposed to it. It's a really hot, angry scene between him and Tyrol and Starbuck. Eventually he decides to do it.... flashbacks in the strip club, sort of fleshing out the Tigh [Michael Hogan] and Ellen [Kate Vernon] story." From SciFi Wire [Maybe the Cally and Prosna scenes really were filmed, but cut.]
3/24/09: TPR's Finale & Series Final Comments
3/22/09: Episode Analysis Now Available
3/21/09: [If you thought we were done with spoilers, we're not quite finished with 'The Plan' and 'Caprica' still upcoming.]
3/21/09: The extended (DVD) cut of the finale (including part 1) will run 15-20 minutes longer. From Chicago Tribune [We're guessing it'll include the scene in which Kara and Adama argue about plugging Anders in CIC, which was missing from the finale cut that aired.]
3/20/09: Episode Recap Now Available
3/20/09: [Unless some more concrete (detailed) spoilers drop out of the sky in the next eight hours, we're not even going to attempt further speculation on the finale.]
3/20/09: Sneak peak has Adama giving another speech as everyone waits at their positions. Lee in a flak jacket by himself. Kara is also by herself. Caprica Six and Baltar are togther, all geared up. Helo and Athena wait on a Raptor. Tory and Ellen stand next to Anders in his tub. Adama then orders the jump and Tyrol is in CIC to handle it personally. From SciFi Channel Sneak Peek
3/20/09: Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) and Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) never looked so tragically good together while Col. Saul Tigh (Michael Hogan) and his newly resurrected uber-Cylon wife, Ellen (Kate Vernon), are by turns frisky and resolute (though it is depressing to learn that pole dancing was so popular on Caprica). Adm. William Adama ( Edward James Olmos) not only stages one of the better do-or-die rescue missions ever, he even smiles once or twice (though most often in flashbacks). Laura Roslin's (Mary McDonnell) opera-house dream is finally explained, old treachery is paid back in full, and pretty much everyone, including Boomer ( Grace Park) and Cavil ( Dean Stockwell), is allowed a moment of heroism and grace. As for Gaius Baltar (James Callis) and Caprica-Six (Tricia Helfer) both real and imagined, well, let's just say, the red dress finally makes sense. Sort of." From Los Angeles Times
3/20/09: We'll find out why Lee was chasing that pigeon around in his flashback. "there are more deaths, redemptions, reunions and one suicide... Caprica Six (Tricia Helfer) and Baltar's (James Callis) romantic moment is interrupted by the last two people they ever expected to see." [Inner Six and Inner Baltar, perhaps?] "Baltar as a Jesus figure with a dozen adoring female apostles was a particularly odious subplot. Tonight that fervor turns feverish. It's as if some assistant photocopying the script mixed in a batch of pages from an old "Touched By An Angel" episode. I won't spoil the denouement, but these last shepherds of humanity make irrational decisions that fly in the face of everything they've struggled for." The reviewer was unsatisfied with the explanation the "mystery surrounding Kara" and was unimpressed with Hera's "grand destiny." For the ending, the show "jumps 150,000 years in the future for a perfectly silly coda (look for Moore in a silent cameo)." From Boston Herald [Though we agree with the reviews comments about Baltar and his cult, we figure they are a bit harsh in their overall assessment. There's likely a number of satisfying moments to offset the disappointments. The comments about the coda appear to confirm that Inner Six and Inner Baltar turn up in New York on Earth and that Galactica is set in our past. We wonder who commits suicide and why Caprica Six decides to get back together with Baltar?]
3/20/09: Regarding Roslin's flashbacks, "The focus of the flashbacks was sort of to say, "This is where the character's ending," and to [help us] understand where they ended and why. [And to do that, you need to] understand who they were, and see that it's all connected together. That story of losing her sisters, and the subsequent events that you see in the finale, really are the connective tissue that took Laura to Galactica, which also mean that's why she is where she is." From Ron Moore [So there's more backstory flashbacks for Roslin and we figure they pile on her a bit more.]
3/19/09: "The first hour-and-a-half of the finale is so intense, you'll find it difficult to breathe. So many questions will be answered - including some you probably thought wouldn't be addressed due to time constraints." From TV Guide [Maybe there's some hope for some explanations.]
3/19/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

An Eight on the baseship.
[Boomer in the Colony somewhere.]

Adama (with sidearm aimed), Caprica Six and Baltar confront someone in CIC.
{It doesn't look like Cavil. It might be Doral, but we're still not sure.]

Adama, Roslin and Kara all look up at something as they stand in CIC.

Ellen, Saul, Tory and Tyrol look down at something.
[They appear to be on the Colony,
but this pair of pictures almost seem to go with the previous pair
with characters looking up and others looking down.]

3/17/09: The podcast for Episode 417 ("Islanded in a Stream of Stars") has been released finally and around the 34" mark, Ron Moore addressed the persist rumors about Daniel by saying that not only is Daniel NOT Kara's fathe nor does he have any role in the greater mythology. In essence, when Daniel's line was eliminated by Cavil, it was completely ended and so all the theories swirling around that involve Daniel are wrong. From Ron Moore Podcast [So much for that neat fit to explain Kara. Now we have even less hope that there will be any more explanation over what Kara is. We still hope (though it iswaning) that the (false) rumors we posted to the spec section last week don't turn out to be more appealing than the actual finale.]
3/16/09: Adama says he doesn't want to hook a Cylon up in CIC [We don't remember this scene since Athena was hooked up while Adama was in a coma, but we could be wrong and expect someone will let us know if we are.]. Zak and Kara in the kitchen of her apartment. Lee and Kara sit at the table in her apartment and talk over dinner. Kara and a drunken Lee share some kind of moment in her apartment before he leaves. Adama in a Viper. Adama "will be stronger on the very last day" than he was at the beginning. According to Ron Moore, Inner Six "was really there and was a messenger of a higher power." According to Ron Moore, the finale is about the characters. From SciFi Channel's Last Frakkin' Special [We found the spoilers few and far between in the special, but we apparently get at least one more Lee and Kara flashback that appears to be set between the first flashback where Lee arrives and Lee drunkenly chasing the bird around his place. Baltar's Inner Six wasn't a delusion or a chip, but we wonder what was the 'higher power'? The most telling bit was when Ron Moore said that the finale was about the characters, which explains why in the first part of the finale, we got flashbacks that didn't seem to tie to the present storyline and the story moving along very slowly even as it gave many of the characters a chance to shine with little moments.]
3/16/09: From a prop auction for a 'Stripper's Outfit': "When Saul Tigh and William Adama were at a strip club, Tigh tries to buy Adama a lap dance from the stripper wearing this outfit." From eBay Auction [So that obligation that is to take an hour of Adama's life is a trip to a strip club with Tigh? Or is this another flashback?]
3/16/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Zak and Kara in her apartment kitchen.
[So more flashbacks to the first night Lee and Kara met.]

Kara and Zak.
[Presumably, this is over Baltar "outing" Kara.]

Roslin in the fountain's wading pool.
[This looks like it's from the flashback scene that we've already seen.]

3/15/09: Even though the writers planned to bring Kara and Lee back together, Michael Trucco's real-life accident apparently resulted in switching Kara over to ultimately ending up with Anders. From Katee Sackhoff [This would seem to indicate that Kara and Anders end up surviving, but consider that we've already seen that Kara has stayed by Anders' side after his shooting. Even after Cottle tells Kara to move on with her life and she makes peace with her memory of her father, she's right back at Anders' side, so Sackhoff's statement could be referring to a choice that we've already seen Kara make and they could end up dying in the finale still "together." After all, they've already killed Kara once. We don't think that it'll turn out this way, but something to think about espeically in light of the apparent gunbattle in CIC in which Kara is involved in the promo.]
3/14/09: From SciFi Channel Promo
  • Kara poised with her weapon up
  • Helo, wearing fatigues, looks at someone.
  • Lee leads a team wearing full environmental suits
  • Galactica is struck by a number of missiles
  • Ellen turns to look at a dark haired woman. [Tory or Roslin?]
  • Adama points his sidearm.
  • Tigh looks up from the Command and Control station in CIC.
  • Galactica is rocked by explosions.
  • A flak-jacketed Athena walks up a Galactica corridor. Her face is smeared with blood and grim.
  • Tyrol looks down (almost grimaces) at someone/something.
  • Baltar points his firearm at a man. [A Doral?]
  • Roslin sits on Galactica somewhere wearing only her hospital gown.
  • Anders looks up. [He appears to still be in his tub of goo.]
  • Space is filled with small explosions.
  • CIC is rocked by yet another explosion.
  • A Doral and Cavil appear to be in CIC. Doral seems to yell, "open fire."
  • Anders screams. [Still networked in to the organic compound and maybe reacting in pain as the ship is torn apart.
  • A flak-jacketed Caprica Six moves with her weapon up. There's a man following her. [Likely a Marine, but could be Lee?]
  • In a bombed out CIC, Kara fires her automatic weapon with one hand.
  • A hand turns a key on a CIC control panel. [Is that the key for FTL jumps? or for thermonuclear detonation? We're guessing the nukes. This and the previous four or five scenes seem to show that Cavil has taken control of CIC when a counterattack is launched involving Caprica Six, Kara and Marines.]
  • Lee leans against a wall with his environment suit helmet sitting nearby.
  • Kara stands by herself.
  • One last explosion blows out more panels in CIC.
  • Adama is pressed against the Command and Control station by the blast.
  • Over most of the promo, Adama can be heard on the ship's comm saying, "Galactica has seen a lot of history. Gone through a lot of battles. This will be her last. She will not fail us if we do not fail her."
3/14/09: As conflicts reach a climax, Cylons and humans face a stark choice. From SciFi Channel
3/13/09: Different crew armed and wearing flak jackets. Various shots of space battles. Adama can be heard saying that [Galactica] has done well and if they trust her, the old ship will see them through one last time. From SciFi Channel Promo [We need some time to better breakdown this promo.. after finishing our recap and analysis of 419. Check back in the morning.]
3/12/09: We promised real spoilers after posting about the speculation the last day or so. What is interesting is that some of the IMDB spec does seem to line up with what we spotted in the video. This info is pulled from mostly stills, some behind-the-scenes footage and a couple of filming clips that were part of a tribute video that was briefly posted online back in July 2008. We previously posted some spoiler-y bits from the video and now that the series is down to the two-part finale, we've revisted the video for a closer look. From BSG Final Days tribute video
  • Baltar's house on Caprica. [Flashback to the miniseries?]
  • Ellen up on stage at a strip club.
  • Starbuck and possibly Adama in CIC.
  • Helo and Athena in flak jackets with Hera on the Colony. [It appeared to be just the three of them, but it was behind-the-scenes footage so the other actors could have just been elsewhere.]
  • Tyrol and Cally in their jumpsuits on the hangar deck. [Flashback to who knows when.]
  • Tigh and Adama share a drink in Adama's quarters at his desk.
  • Baltar and Caprica Six in the park on Caprica where she went on to meet someone else in the miniseries. She even has the little black purse with her. [As much as we'd like to think we'll find out who Caprica was meeting, we're betting that we won't find that out until 'The Plan'.].
  • Adama in a suit and Tigh in casual dress sit along the stage at the same strip club while a blonde is onstage. [We can't tell if Ellen or maybe even a Six is onstage dancing, but it's possible.]
  • Baltar and Caprica Six in flak jackets in a Galactica corridor.
  • Roslin and Adama sit in the pilot and co-pilot seats in a Raptor.
  • A bloody Doral stands in a Galactica corridor. [The Cylons board Galactica.]
  • Romo Lampkin.
  • Tigh leans forward to talk to the blonde dancing on stage who is leaning down to listen to him. [Unless she's a stand-in, it's not Ellen or Six.]
  • On a location shoot, Inner Six (red dress) and Inner Baltar (striped suit) lean forward to look at something.
  • Caprica Six inside Baltar's house wearing the same black dress from the miniseries. [So a flashback and not a projection/vision.]
  • Adama at the club possibly speaking with a dark-haired girl. [Because it's a behind-the-scenes still, we can't tell if she's a part of the cast or a member of the crew.]
  • Turquiose-shirted Doral on a baseship.
  • A light-blue shirted Doral, who has a head wound on the top of the right side of his forehead, stands in a Galactica corridor pointing a hand gun.
  • An Eight dressed in civilian clothes on the Colony. The Eight's shirt is bloody across most of her midsection. [Since Boomer is the only Eight allied with Cavil, we assume that this is her and not some random Eight that's been wounded.]
  • Athena in dress uniform in Adama's quarters.
  • Baltar in his white suit on the deck of his Caprica house overlooking the water. [Didn't Baltar wear a white suit in one of his visions/projections with Inner Six?]
  • A closely trimmed Apollo in civilian (polo shirt and khaki pants) clothes visiting apartment #27. He's also seen sitting on the couch of the apartment playing with the model Viper that was on the coffee table.
  • A short-haired Kara wearing turquiose colored dress stands near short-haired Lee. [The haircuts tip off that this and what we describe above are from a flashback, probably the one showing Lee and Kara's "beginning."]
  • Roslin sits on a rock by the water. [This is from the already spoiled location shoot of Roslin standing under the fountain on Caprica.]
  • What looks to be a dark-haired mannequin strapped down to a table. This is from a behind-the-scenes photo of Director of Photography Stephen McNutt and the mannequin could be standing in for Hera since it looks to be a child-size mannequin. [So maybe Cavil is planning to "dissect" Hera.]
  • Inner Six and Inner Baltar on a busy street and in front of a newsstand that has an poster reading NY Intelligencer. [This is from an already-known location shoot in downtown Vancouver, although it also appears to confirm that the location was supposed to be New York City, which supports the rumored final scene of the series.]
  • Ron Moore wearing Marine gear and sporting an automatic weapon in a Galactica corridor with Helo and Athena. [Look for his cameo during the fighting in which Helo and Athena are involved.]
  • Adama in green fatigues.
  • Flak-jacketed Lee, Kara, Helo and Athena in a Galactica corridor. Lee's got a bloody nose and bruising around his jaw. [Didn't Baltar wear a white suit in one of his visions/projections with Inner Six?]
  • Kat in a dress stands in a Galactica corridor [This is a behind-the-scenes still so Luciana Carro could just be there for the wrap party.]
  • Cavil stands on the bridge of a baseship.
  • Helo is on the floor of a Galactica corridor with a pool of blood around his entire right leg. Athena has blood on her hands where she tried to treat the wound. [There's an awful lot of blood, so it doesn't seem to look good for Helo surviving.]
  • Cally and Tyrol in a storage locker. [Didn't Baltar wear a white suit in one of his visions/projections with Inner Six?]
  • Caprica Six fires off several rounds from her hand gun down a Galactica corridor, taking down someone. She fires a few more rounds to be sure as we see other bodies down the corridor. [The video seems to indicate that this was apparently the final scene that the main unit shot before wrapping.]
3/12/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
3/11/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
3/10/09: According to Ron Moore, "This is not going to be the ending you're anticipating." From Chicago Tribune [That could be good.. or very bad. We'll just have to wait to see.]
3/10/09: According to Jamie Bamber, "In the finale, it goes back to the beginning of Apollo and Starbuck, and you see where they come from. I think it's as satisfying as it can be." From Chicago Tribune
3/9/09: According to Kate Vernon, "Ron and David don't tie things up nice and neat -- the ending is like nothing you'd ever expect. I don't think all the fans could ever be satisfied by one ending, which is a good thing. So this way, they're be left going, "but, wait!" The minds of all the wonderful sci-fi fans will never stop working and journeying into their own ideas because of how the show has been built... Emotionally the ship is everything to Adama and she's dying. Adama's heart is in the ship and you see this beautiful relationship -- as the ship breaks apart and dies, Adama breaks apart and dies. With every crack and fissure of steam, you feel Adama's heart go with it. The ship is dying, people are dying, everyone's dying... Ron and David have left it so that the fans will journey on in their minds forever, so therefore it's hopeful. It's simply a beautiful ending." From New York Post [Another indication that some things might be left unresolved.]
3/2/09: Katee Sackhoff said, "I'm just going to go ahead and let them believe what they want because there's nothing I could say that's going to convince anyone otherwise. And, the funny thing is, I can honestly say that at the very end of it, people are still going to think it. There's always someone out there that thinks that she is." From Los Angeles Times [Doesn't exactly sound like Kara's origin is fully explained.]
3/1/09: According to Tricia Helfer, "after five years of filming" she found out what [Inner Six and Baltar's] "relationship is, so there will be a conclusion by the finale." Helfer also mentioned that they had a "four hour script in a two hour time frame to shoot that we were maybe given a couple of extra days." From Tricia Helfer Interview
3/1/09: According to Donnelly Rhodes, "Dr. Cottle lives." From [At least someone apparently survives the finale.]
2/22/09: "[On February 19th], we completed the last of three orchestral scoring sessions for the BG finale, the final orchestral recordings of the series. It was a very emotional experience, but the music has exceeded my expectations. It will, fittingly, be the most epic, lush, intense and beautiful BG score I've ever composed." From Bear's Battlestar Blog
2/17/09: According to Kate Vernon, Ellen arc ends with "a peaceful resonance, a mythical resonance at the end." From Zap2It
2/15/09: According to SciFi Channel's schedule, the finale is two hours long. There will be a marathon all day starting at 8pm (EDT). Episodes 408 ("Sine Qua Non") to Episode 418 ("Islanded in a Stream of Stars") will air followed by one last special. The first part of the finale will reair followed by the last two hours of the series bringing Season 4.5 to a total of eleven hours. From SciFi Channel [So either SciFi Channel is airing the last two hours without commercial interruption (very unlikely), or that three hours has indeed been cut down. If that much material has been edited out, that will make the DVD release with the longer cut the "real" finale.]
2/4/09: Both Athena and Boomer appear. From [There is always the possibility that Boomer only appears in flashbacks since we know dead characters like Prosna appear. We'd say the same about Athena, but we already know she's in scenes with Helo in which he's wounded.]
1/23/09: The creditibility (and thus his spoilers) of the SciFi Channel Forums poster has been called into question. Though we did read through some of the more recent threads that appeared to be on the "up and up," we had neither the time nor inclination to go back over his entire posting history. As a result, we welcome evidence that his most recent spoilers that we posted actually came from other sources. In the meantime, we're committed to not revising anything we post so we're stuck with his 'spoilers' for the next four episodes even if we end up wearing a little egg on our faces. [From TPR]
1/22/09: More from the poster who indicated that Ellen was the Fifth: Galactica "goes down in flame." From SciFi Channel Forums This almost read like speculation from the poster.
1/21/09: Jamie Bamber described, "Every scene that we shot was sort of a farewell to a certain event or character or location or set." From Star-Telegram
1/21/09: Another guest character set to appear is Shona. From IMDB
1/19/09: Describing Lee's story arc, Ron Moore said, "His role as leader of the civilian government will become even more important in the second half of the season and Lee will provide a key idea in the final episode that brings the show to its conclusion." From MediaBlvd
1/17/09: Even though Katee Sackhoff wanted Kara to be alone, she says "at the end of [the series]... I'm trying to figure out what I can say. She's not alone." That said, Katee said she "wasn't disappointed. It was a fantastic end for [Starbuck], and the only way I think it could have happened." From IGN
1/17/09: According to RDM, the finale is three hours (episodes, not running time) long, so that's nine one hour stories and then one three-hour story. It's unclear at this time if the final three hours will be shown all at once or broken up. From RDM & DE Press Conference [There has been confusion (which we've probably contributed to) over whether there were eleven hours or twelve and based on these latest comments, there are twelve hours in the second half. This would mean the series ending "two-parter" is actually the length of four episodes.]
1/16/09: According to Jamie Bamber, Lee's climax is "about Adama and Kara." From TV Guide
1/15/09: Jamie Bamber says, "Who's to say the cinder planet the audience saw was a look into Earth's future? Maybe it's the far, far past. It could be prehuman. That question will stand until the climax of the show." From TV Guide [We assume that by climax, he means the finale. His comments seem to indicate that we won't get a definitive answer in episode 411 and will have to wait until late in the season to get a real answer.]
1/14/09: Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin) finished filming a week before everyone else. From Crave Online [We know she wanders around a Caprica fountain in the finale. Her being done early mostly means she's not in the fighting that was the last to be filmed.]
1/10/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
1/10/09: The final scene of the series is supposedly Inner Six (wearing that little red dress) walking through Times Square in modern day New York City. From SciFi Channel Forums & SyFy Portal [Now this does fit with location shooting done by Tricia Helfer and James Callis in downtown Vancouver. They were dressed as Inner Baltar and Inner Six. Now there's no mention of Inner Baltar, so there's likely more detail and presumably a twist to this ending.]
1/4/09: According to Tahmoh Penikett, Helo's ending was "obvious" and he "fought against it." Apparently, the ending was changed and he "had a little bit of influence on that. I'm happy with the end of my storyline and it will surprise people." From Newsarama
1/2/09: Romo Lampkin (played by Mark Sheppard) will be "back for the end." Sheppard also says that even if the audience read the script and "knew what was going to happen, it still wouldn't come close to how good the actual realization is." From IF Magazine
11/8/08: Captain Sarah Alchemer as well as a character simply called 'Police Officer' are listed as appearing. From IMDB [The captain is also listed as appearing in part one.]
10/18/08: Added air date From Official Press Release
9/20/08: The episode was written by Ron Moore and directed by Michael Rymer. From Galactica SitRep
9/18/08: Added the episode title. From Mark Verheiden Blog
9/16/08: From Kristin: According to Helo himself (Tahmoh Penikett), "Everybody dies. We have a dark ending...Obviously you know, those last couple of episodes, they're going to blow your mind. They are going to go down in history as the best television ever done." Now, before you freak out, remember the Six Feet Under finale? Everybody dies eventually. From EOnline [We agree with Kristin. We'll eventually expand on this thought in our speculative section, but the spoilers point to a finale that jumps around in time and so everyone could be seen dying... just not all in one bloodbath.]
9/6/08: Jamie Bamber had this to say about how the show ends: "Ron really made the ending about character because I think there's a lot of pressure with a muscular show like ours to end with story...Well, there's definitely allusions to a future and there's definitely questions asked at the end, but I think that's what good endings are all about. It does pretty even-handedly deal with everyone you love in the show. Everyone gets a really good signing-off note." From ComicMix Interview
8/30/08: James Callis said the ending reminded him of Apocolypse Now. From Cinema Blend
8/11/08: Xeno Fenner (David Patrick Green), Captain Doyle Franks (Susan Hogan) and Judge #2 (William Samples) are listed as appearing. From IMDB [So flashbacks to the labor dispute and Baltar's trial are shaping up in what looks to be a flashback-filled finale.]
8/7/08: Take it with a grain of salt, but Zak Adama (Tobias Mehler) is listed as appearing the final three episodes of the series. From IMDB [If this is real casting news, we assume that he would be a vision Zak or flashback Zak as opposed to the Final Cylon Zak.]
8/4/08: There are some apparently spoiler-y bits from an end-of-shooting montage. If all the footage is from the final few episodes, it's nice to see that Nicki Clyne was on set presumably visiting. Actual spoiler-y bits that we think we spotted: a longer-haired Lee (think President Lee hairstyle) wearing a flak jacket; setup for shooting a scene at Baltar's house back on Caprica [vision time?]; a strip club with both Six and Ellen seen on stage while Tigh sits watching; Adama in a civilian business suit and possibly sitting up at the same stage; Baltar and Six wearing a short black dress [This could be Caprica Six who has always been in black since arriving on Galactica] on a location shoot in downtown Vancouver; Six in a flak jacket and holding a weapon; A bloodied Doral (Four) pointing a gun in what looks like a Galactica corridor; [Head?] Six in the little red dress on location in downtown Vancouver; Roslin standing waist deep in a pool with wet hair; Ron Moore in a flight suit [cameo?]; Lee, Athena, Kara and Helo in flak jackets in a corridor or inside a building; Baltar wearing the same suit that Inner Baltar wore at the city location shoot with red-dress wearing Six [So is it Inner Baltar and Inner Six together?]; Ron Moore calls a wrap on the series after a battle scene in a [Galactica?] corridor where Baltar and Six can been seen in flak jackets; Tyrol back on the hangar deck; From BSG Final Days tribute video [A number of the bits seem to confirm previous spoilers from the finale, although Adama in a civilian suit and the strip club are new. It appears that Michael Rymer directed the finale. There was an interesting clip of Nicki Clyne (Cally) in her orange crewman suit standing along side Aaron Douglas (Tyrol) as they hug Michael Rymer so either Cally turns up in the finale somehow or that clip was added from behind-the-scenes of a previous episode.]
7/27/08: Baltar and a Six (Caprica?) fire weapons as they are involved in a firefight. From Entertainment Weekly [Even Baltar fights back? Who are they and Lee (see below) fighting? We're guessing that they've reached "New Earth" and are battling Cavil's Cylon faction to protect it.]
7/25/08: On the very last day of shooting, someone saw James Callis (Baltar) and Tricia Helfer (Six) on a location shoot in Vancouver. The description lends itself to it apparently being one of Baltar's head conversations since Six was described as wearing that red dress. From Television Without Pity Forum [Tough to guess at what this scene could mean... other than Head Six appears in the finale, which seems like an appropriate bookend for Baltar.]
7/22/08: Jamie Bamber's (Lee) final scene (production-wise) had him filming alone (no other primary cast) with the second unit until 4:45AM. The scene involved him running around "shooting at stuff" with extras. The first unit was somewhere nearby because he heard their cheers when they wrapped. As with a previous interview, he went with a "no comment" over whether Lee lives or not. From Kristin [We're skeptical that Bamber's 'no comment' really is a hint that Lee dies. Even so, that response will likely fuel the dying leader discussion shifting to acting President Lee.]
7/21/08: This is second (and third and maybe more) part of what will be at least a three hour season finale and it's still possible that it could be longer. In addition, there will be an even longer cut of the finale on the DVD. From Chicago Tribune
7/16/08: According to Mrs. Ron, shooting wrapped late at night on July 10th (or early morning July 11th).
7/4/08: Rekha Sharma's reaction to the finale: "I just read the ending, and it's so ----ing beautiful ... at one point my heart was racing for about 10 pages, then for 10 pages I was crying. I was on the plane, and the person next to me probably thought I was insane. It's intense. It's a kind of resolution to all the storylines, but at the same time it's like life, life does go on." From The National Ledger [So Torysurvives to the end, so she's not part of the body count.]
7/4/08: More location shoot photos show Roslin actually walking into the pond and under a water fountain. The poster described her acting as "despondent/desparate." From paulman
7/3/08: The 13th Colony has photos of a location shoot for the finale. Roslin in what looks to be casual summer attire. The scene looks to be back on Caprica in the same location that was first seen as the marketplace in the miniseries where Six killed the baby and then again in Roslin's flashbacks to her negotiations with the teachers' union where she remembered seeing Baltar with Six. From The 13th Colony [Though it could be a straightforward flashback or flashforward scene, we're guessing that it's actually some kind of vision where Roslin isn't really there, but is glimpsing getting a chance to glimpse a once again thriving Caprica likely years in the future.]
6/21/08: This episode has been expanded to two hours as part of what is now a three hour season finale. From Chicago Tribune
6/20/08: The casting of the extras for the finale's location shoot has been completed and included a questionnaire that asked among other things, "Are you comfortable being filmed in a bathing suit?" From
6/17/08: Mary McDonnell mentioned wandering over to the Caprica set in a hospital gown with IV in tow and looking bald. The timing would seem to place this during filming of either episode 419 or 420 (series finale). From article [Sounds a lot like what she was wearing for the vision in "The Hub," but the mention of Caprica which just started filming indicates a late season appearance. This seems to be another strike against the rumors that Roslin dies not long after the mid-season break...unless she's just hanging around haunting Adama.]
6/15/08: The episode will include location shooting with the need for both male and female extras of "all ages and ethnicities" described as having "athletic build and a clean cut look or be slim with long hair or dreadlocks." From [Earth? The real Earth? New New Caprica? Thanks to Patrick for passing this along.]
6/14/08: The second half of the season could expand to up to twelve hours. From Chicago Tribune
6/6/08: The two-part season finale might be stretched to three hours. From Jamie Bamber Interview
4/20/08: Edward James Olmos says that "It's not a happy ending, we end up with almost nothing." " From SciFiNow Interview
4/20/08: Approximate shooting dates are June 15th - June 24th.
4/19/08: Ron Moore has actually begun writing the finale. From Ron Moore's Blog [Based on the much older spoiler, the finale might be a two-parter but no confirmation yet on whether Moore is writing both parts.]
4/2/08: Ron Moore wrote the finale. From Ron Moore Chicago Tribune Interview
11/3/07: VFX supervisor Gary Hutzel has been told by Ron Moore to watch the FX budget because "there will be a full-on conflict at the end of the season. Develop the last two episodes, which are supposed to be gigantic, never before seen effects and also deliver fast, fast, fast, that's extremely hard." From VFX World [So if they find Earth sooner than "expected," then what is this battle? We're guessing it'll come down to pro-human Cylons and the fleet facing off against the anti-human Cylons in an effort to protect the thirteenth colony.]

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