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Episode 419 Spoilers: Daybreak, Part 1; Series Finale Part 1; March 13, 2009
3/21/09: The extended (DVD) cut of the finale (including part 1) will run 15-20 minutes longer. From Chicago Tribune [We're guessing it'll include the scene in which Kara and Adama argue about plugging Anders in CIC, which was missing from the finale cut that aired.]
3/14/09: Episode Analysis Now Available
3/13/09: Episode Recap Now Available
3/13/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
3/13/09: In his cult's [can it still be called a cult at this point?] compartment on Galactica, Baltar lights a cigarette. Paulla tells him, "While after the blast everyone else's numbers are down, which gives us solid majority on over half the civilian ships in the fleet. No one else comes even close to having that kind of political power. Our time is here, Gaius." Inner Six appears and says, "She's right, Gaius. The end times are approaching. Humanity's final chapter is about to be written and you... you will be it's author." Gaius gazes where Inner Six was. Paulla says, "Gaius, did you hear me? This is it. This is it, Gaius." Baltar just rubs his forehead. In the background, his women can be seen packing up. From Preview Clip [What blast? Boomer's jump and/or the subsequent hull breach? Or something else that we haven't seen yet?]
3/13/09: Adama can be seen addressing the crew on the hangar deck as Inner Six says, "Humanity's final chapter is about to be written." While on the Cylon baseship, Kara tells Adama, "I don't know what I am." Adama is stone-faced. Skulls says, "Frak me. You're not going to believe this," as Racetrack flies the Raptor through an asteroid (or debris) field. Hera sits on a baseship next to Cavil. Boomer stands nearby and tells Cavil, "She is a child, a frightened one." Cavil stands up and replies, "She is a half-human, half-machine that holds the key to our continuing existence somewhere in her genetic code." (Dr.) Simon can then be seen holding up a needle (or some sinister-looking sharp instrument). Back on the hangar deck Adama says, "Let there be no illusion. This is likely to be a one-way trip!" From Space (Canadian) Promo
3/12/09: We promised real spoilers after posting about the speculation the last day or so. What is interesting is that some of the IMDB spec does seem to line up with what we spotted in the video. This info is pulled from mostly stills, some behind-the-scenes footage and a couple of filming clips that were part of a tribute video that was briefly posted online back in July 2008. We previously posted some spoiler-y bits from the video and now that the series is down to the two-part finale, we've revisted the video for a closer look. From BSG Final Days tribute video
  • Baltar's house on Caprica. [Flashback to the miniseries?]
  • Ellen up on stage at a strip club.
  • Starbuck and possibly Adama in CIC.
  • Helo and Athena in flak jackets with Hera on the Colony. [It appeared to be just the three of them, but it was behind-the-scenes footage so the other actors could have just been elsewhere.]
  • Tyrol and Cally in their jumpsuits on the hangar deck. [Flashback to who knows when.]
  • Tigh and Adama share a drink in Adama's quarters at his desk.
  • Baltar and Caprica Six in the park on Caprica where she went on to meet someone else in the miniseries. She even has the little black purse with her. [As much as we'd like to think we'll find out who Caprica was meeting, we're betting that we won't find that out until 'The Plan'.].
  • Adama in a suit and Tigh in casual dress sit along the stage at the same strip club while a blonde is onstage. [We can't tell if Ellen or maybe even a Six is onstage dancing, but it's possible.]
  • Baltar and Caprica Six in flak jackets in a Galactica corridor.
  • Roslin and Adama sit in the pilot and co-pilot seats in a Raptor.
  • A bloody Doral stands in a Galactica corridor. [The Cylons board Galactica.]
  • Romo Lampkin.
  • Tigh leans forward to talk to the blonde dancing on stage who is leaning down to listen to him. [Unless she's a stand-in, it's not Ellen or Six.]
  • On a location shoot, Inner Six (red dress) and Inner Baltar (striped suit) lean forward to look at something.
  • Caprica Six inside Baltar's house wearing the same black dress from the miniseries. [So a flashback and not a projection/vision.]
  • Adama at the club possibly speaking with a dark-haired girl. [Because it's a behind-the-scenes still, we can't tell if she's a part of the cast or a member of the crew.]
  • Turquiose-shirted Doral on a baseship.
  • A light-blue shirted Doral, who has a head wound on the top of the right side of his forehead, stands in a Galactica corridor pointing a hand gun.
  • An Eight dressed in civilian clothes on the Colony. The Eight's shirt is bloody across most of her midsection. [Since Boomer is the only Eight allied with Cavil, we assume that this is her and not some random Eight that's been wounded.]
  • Athena in dress uniform in Adama's quarters.
  • Baltar in his white suit on the deck of his Caprica house overlooking the water. [Didn't Baltar wear a white suit in one of his visions/projections with Inner Six?]
  • A closely trimmed Apollo in civilian (polo shirt and khaki pants) clothes visiting apartment #27. He's also seen sitting on the couch of the apartment playing with the model Viper that was on the coffee table.
  • A short-haired Kara wearing turquiose colored dress stands near short-haired Lee. [The haircuts tip off that this and what we describe above are from a flashback, probably the one showing Lee and Kara's "beginning."]
  • Roslin sits on a rock by the water. [This is from the already spoiled location shoot of Roslin standing under the fountain on Caprica.]
  • What looks to be a dark-haired mannequin strapped down to a table. This is from a behind-the-scenes photo of Director of Photography Stephen McNutt and the mannequin could be standing in for Hera since it looks to be a child-size mannequin. [So maybe Cavil is planning to "dissect" Hera.]
  • Inner Six and Inner Baltar on a busy street and in front of a newsstand that has an poster reading NY Intelligencer. [This is from an already-known location shoot in downtown Vancouver, although it also appears to confirm that the location was supposed to be New York City, which supports the rumored final scene of the series.]
  • Ron Moore wearing Marine gear and sporting an automatic weapon in a Galactica corridor with Helo and Athena. [Look for his cameo during the fighting in which Helo and Athena are involved.]
  • Adama in green fatigues.
  • Flak-jacketed Lee, Kara, Helo and Athena in a Galactica corridor. Lee's got a bloody nose and bruising around his jaw. [We know that Jamie Bamber was off shooting by himself with the second unit and some extras for a while, so perhaps Lee was separated from Kara for a while and that's where he gets his wounds.]
  • Kat in a dress stands in a Galactica corridor [This is a behind-the-scenes still so Luciana Carro could just be there for the wrap party.]
  • Cavil stands on the bridge of a baseship.
  • Helo is on the floor of a Galactica corridor with a pool of blood around his entire right leg. Athena has blood on her hands where she tried to treat the wound. [There's an awful lot of blood, so it doesn't seem to look good for Helo surviving. Also we wonder if that picture of a Doral with gun poised is tied to Helo's wounding/death.]
  • Cally and Tyrol in a storage locker. [We never did actually see when Cally and Tyrol 'hooked up', so maybe one of their flashbacks will show it.]
  • Caprica Six fires off several rounds from her hand gun down a Galactica corridor, taking down someone. She fires a few more rounds to be sure as we see other bodies down the corridor. [The video seems to indicate that this was apparently the final scene that the main unit shot before wrapping.]
3/12/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
3/11/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
3/10/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Lee and Baltar face off while Paulla can be seen in the background.
[Presumably, this is over Baltar "outing" Kara.]

Adama speaks to the crew as Kara and Lee stand by.

The crowd has parted and Tigh and Ellen have stepped forward to speak to Adama.

Roslin and Kara.
[We're really interested in what prompts this moment between two people
that not so long ago pointed a firearm at each other.]

Caprica Six, Tigh, Ellen, Cottle, Ishay and Tory listen to Adama.
[What's interesting here is the pained expression on Caprica's face.]

Hot Dog, Nicholas and Adama.
[Either Hot Dog is begging out of the mission,
or Bodie and Edward Olmos share a moment on the set.]

3/8/09: A call for volunteers is made for a final mission, as Galactica is stripped for parts. From SciFi Channel
3/8/09: Inner Six [or maybe Caprica Six] tells Baltar "End times are approaching. Humanity's final chapter is about to be written." As she speaks, Adama, Baltar (with his women in the background), Kara and Lee are all glimpsed individually. A Raptor flies toward a what looks to be an asteroid field. Racetrack and Skulls are onboard. He turns to her and says, "You're not going to believe this." Adama looks up at the dradis as the back of Tigh's shoulder can be seen. The hangar deck is packed with crew. Caprica Six, Tigh, Athena, Ellen, Cottle, Ishay, Baltar Tory, Helo and Hoshi can be seen in front. Adama says, "No one should feel obligated to join this mission." The crowd has parted between Tory and Helo so we can see Adama facing them. Kara stands behind Adama to his left and Lee is behind him to his right. Caprica Six steps forward and walks through the crowd. Tigh and Ellen step up. Kara walks up. Lee moves up between some Marines. Adama says, "This is likely to be a one-way trip." From SciFi Channel Promo [So Adama's found a good way to put the mutineers to use. The rest of the promo seems to show Adama telling the crew that they are going on a suicide mission to rescue Hera and that it's a volunteer mission. Caprica Six, Ellen, Tigh, Kara and possibly Lee seem to be volunteering.]
3/5/09: The search continues for Hera, who is being held by Cavil and the Cylon rebels, and the fleet's members are forced to choose between taking the mission or staying behind in relative safety. With Galactica nearing the end of its life, Adama leads the charge, accompanied by a faithful handful of followers who believe Hera is their only hope for the future. From LocateTV
2/22/09: "[On February 19th], we completed the last of three orchestral scoring sessions for the BG finale, the final orchestral recordings of the series. It was a very emotional experience, but the music has exceeded my expectations. It will, fittingly, be the most epic, lush, intense and beautiful BG score I've ever composed." From Bear's Battlestar Blog
1/21/09: Another guest character set to appear is Shona. From IMDB
1/2/09: Romo Lampkin (played by Mark Sheppard) will be "back for the end." Sheppard also says that even if the audience read the script and "knew what was going to happen, it still wouldn't come close to how good the actual realization is." From IF Magazine
1/2/09: Another guest character set to appear is Marine Nathanson. From IMDB
11/8/08: Tracey Anne (played by Leela Savasta), one of Baltar's followers, is set to appear along with new characaters named Rafferty and Captain Sarah Alchemer. From IMDB
9/20/08: The episode was written by Ron Moore and directed by Michael Rymer. From Galactica SitRep
9/18/08: Added the episode title. From Mark Verheiden Blog
8/11/08: Crewman Specialist Prosna (Michael Eklund) is listed as appearing. From IMDB [Considering Prosna was killed off in the miniseries, the finale is shaping up to be a flashback episode.]
8/7/08: Take it with a grain of salt, but Zak Adama (Tobias Mehler) is listed as appearing the final three episodes of the series. From IMDB [If this is real casting news, we assume that he would be a vision Zak or flashback Zak as opposed to the Final Cylon Zak.]
7/21/08: This is the first part of what will be at least a three hour season finale and it's still possible that it could be longer. In addition, there will be an extended cut of the finale on the DVD. From Chicago Tribune
6/21/08: This episode is indeed the first part of what is now a three hour season finale. From Chicago Tribune
6/21/08: Looks like it's time to put to rest the Tyrol kills Lee note that we posted on 6/15/08. Here's what Michelle at AaronDouglasFans passed along to us: "I sent Aaron a copy and paste of what was posted on your website and asked him to clarify whether or not he was mucking around with that comment. He said that yes, it was a joke." He's also apparently not laughing over the commotion so we're done with it. We hope that this doesn't affect his interaction with online fandom... though it seems arrogant to even think that TPR could have that kind of impact. In other words, we here at TPR just aren't important enough to have any effect on the relationship between BSG cast/crew and the online community.
6/20/08: Ok. Please stop bombarding Michelle over at AaronDouglasFans concerning the bit we posted on 6/15/08 about Tyrol killing Lee. She's sure it's a joke so don't email her anymore. We're hardly buying into it either, but but thanks to the "kill Cally" references Aaron managed to drop in long ago, we're still putting it out there. Either way, we're sure Aaron's enjoying a good laugh over the commotion we've caused. [6/21/08 Update: It wasn't "kill Cally." It was "dead Cally."] From AaronDouglasFans LiveJournal
6/17/08: Mary McDonnell mentioned wandering over to the Caprica set in a hospital gown with IV in tow and looking bald. The timing would seem to place this during filming of either episode 419 or 420 (series finale). From article [Sounds a lot like what she was wearing for the vision in "The Hub," but the mention of Caprica which just started filming indicates a late season appearance. This seems to be another strike against the rumors that Roslin dies not long after the mid-season break...unless she's just hanging around haunting Adama.]
6/15/08: Probably a foiler, but in a post by Aaron Douglas on June 10th [which is why we're tying it to this episode], he said, "Gotta run, have to go to set and kill lee adama.... whoops, was that out loud?" From FedConUSA Forum [As interesting as this is, we just can't buy it. Even though Aaron has managed to slip some other spoilers out there in plain sight before(Remember the "Kill Cally, Kill Cally" bit?).] [6/21/08 Update: It wasn't "kill Cally." It was "dead Cally."]
6/6/08: The two-part season finale might be stretched to three hours. From Jamie Bamber Interview
6/6/08: Shooting begins June 9th. From KoenigRules
4/20/08: Approximate shooting dates are June 5th - June 14th.
11/3/07: VFX supervisor Gary Hutzel has been told by Ron Moore to watch the FX budget because "there will be a full-on conflict at the end of the season. Develop the last two episodes, which are supposed to be gigantic, never before seen effects and also deliver fast, fast, fast, that's extremely hard." From VFX World [So if they find Earth sooner than "expected," then what is this battle? We're guessing it'll come down to pro-human Cylons and the fleet facing off against the anti-human Cylons in an effort to protect the thirteenth colony.]

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