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Episode 414 Spoilers: Blood on the Scales; February 6, 2009
2/7/09: Episode Analysis Now Available
2/6/09: Episode Recap Now Available
2/6/09: The scene of Adama standing before a firing squad is a dream. There are two "major character" deaths. One of the Final Five [Anders] is gravely injured and his fate serves as the episode ending cliffhanger. From TV Addict [Two deaths all but seals Zarek's fate. We'd say that Gaeta would be the other death, but the character is apparently still around in episode 416. That leaves us stumped and left with mostly secondary characters since most of the main characters are known to be alive in the following episodes. So we'll guess that maybe Narcho or Caprica Six (very unlikely) dies. The other (slim) possibility is that Tigh does die, but turns up resurrected almost immediately. Also, we're sure that it's Anders since Tory, Tyrol and Tigh are waiting by sickbay in the next episode.]
2/5/09: Updated Speculation from TPR
2/5/09: 1050 Hours on the Cylon baseship. On the baseship's bridge, an Eight, Six and Leoben want to know why they are under attack from a Viper. Roslin tells them that the Viper was firing at her. They want to know what she did. The Eight that piloted the Raptor says, "their government has lost control." Roslin says that they have not lost control. Baltar then points out that "Adama is a fugitive, Gaeta has an army and Zarek has control of Colonial One." Tory can be seen as Roslin says, "Adama is free." Baltar points out that they last saw him "cornered in an airlock with Colonel Tigh." Leoben figures, "if he was forced to escape, Gaeta and Zarek must have substantial support." Roslin counters, "They don't. In fact, we're here because a pilot refused to shoot us down." She then wants the pilot Eight to confirm what she said. The Eight agrees and then adds, "but the other pilot had no qualms about shooting down the President of the colonies." Tory says, "It's not safe. We have to jump." Roslin says, "No," but the Six agrees. Leoben then asks about Anders, Tyrol and Tigh. Roslin answers, "If you jump, you'll never see them again. If you stay put, you give Adama a chance to save them." She continues, "Put your ship in the middle of the fleet. Use the fleet for cover. Give Adama some time." Tory starts to ask something, but Roslin cuts her off with "Gaeta won't jeopardize the fleet. He doesn't have the guts. Now, come on. Do it." Baltar looks down and shakes his head. From SciFi Channel Sneak Peak [No surprise that Roslin and Baltar survive, but apparently because Hot Dog wouldn't shoot.]
2/3/09: Selected Promo Pics from the episode:

Baltar and Gaeta. [So Baltar ends up back on Galactica. Is he acting as mediator between Roslin and Gaeta/Zarek?]

Gaeta and Zarek.
[This looks like it's from the scene in the promo where Gaeta says he didn't sign up for what he calls murder.]

Gaeta and Zarek in what might be Adama's quarters look at something.
[Gaeta looks somewhat smug.]

Baltar and a Natalie-esque Six on the Cylon baseship.

Kara and Lee make their way down a Galactica corridor, armed and ready.

2/2/09: Zarek says, "It's time to move on." Gaeta replies, "We can't move on until people have answered for what they have done." Tyrol lays on the floor and says, "Just shoot me now." Lee and Kara walk down a Galactica corridor with guns blazing. An Eight [Likely the Eight piloting the Raptor] The Raptor dodges fire from a [Narcho's] Viper. Gage looks over at Gaeta. Gaeta says, "I never agreed to this." Zarek says, "Yes, you did." Gaeta grabs Zarek and says, "No. This is murder." Switching to another scene, Gaeta tells Adama, "You are charged with treason, with desertion, giving comfort and aid to the enemy and you will answer for these crimes" as Adama mutters about the charges being ridiculous and then tells Gaeta to shove it. Zarek appears to be observing. Zarek announces, "Punishment for his crimes is death by firing squad." Adama stands bound and blindfolded in a Viper tube. Gaeta says, "Detail ready. Aim. Fire." Several men open fire. From Space (Canadian) Promo [The promo mostly makes it look like things are looking pretty bad for Adama. We know the Raptor dodging fire has to happen early in the episode, so we wonder what else is out of sequence. Considering Adama is alive and well in the next episodes, we can't help but wonder if this episode is where Zarek dies. It wouldn't surprise us if Gaeta switches sides again.]
2/1/09: Baltar, Gaeta and Zarek have a scene together. From NBC Photo Bank [The photos are now unavailable though the captions remain.]
2/1/09: Opposition in the fleet continues as rebels seize control of Galactica and take steps to eliminate Roslin and Adama. From SciFi Channel
1/31/09: Roslin is on the bridge of the baeship with Eights, Sixes, Leobens and Tory. Roslin starts to say, "Give Adama a chance..." when Tory interrupts to say, "I think we should all talk." Gage reports to Gaeta and Zarek that the baseship is arming itself. Zarek announces to the fleet that it's all over. He adds that Tigh was killed as Caprica Six can be seen reacting to that news in the brig. He continues that Adama was captured and found guilty for his crimes. Adama is seen bound and blindfolded in an airlock. Gaeta gives the order to fire. Zarek wants Roslin to surrender. As Tory and the Cylons look on, Roslin says, "No. Not Now. Not ever." She then says, "I'm coming for all of you." From SciFi Channel Promo
1/28/09: Crewman Specialist Gage from the Pegasus appears as well as Romo Lampkin. From IMDB [We were told that Romo would appear twice, so this listing could be legit.]
9/20/08: The episode was written by Michael Angeli and directed by Wayne Rose. From Galactica SitRep [Our earlier spoiler about Jane Espenson turning in an outline was true, but it was apparently for Episode 16. Another spoiler from Michael Angeli about the episode should have been a tip-off that he wrote it. Wayne Rose is BSG's 2nd Unit Director.]
9/18/08: Producer Mark Verheiden confirmed the episode title. From Mark Verheiden Blog
6/15/08: In a May interview, writer Michael Angeli confirmed the episode's [working] title is "Blood on the Scales." He also described it as "incident-oriented." From Galactica Sitrep Interview
4/20/08: Approximate shooting dates are April 16th - April 25th.
3/8/08: KoenigRules has reported an episode title of "Blood on the Scales." From The Doctor and Mrs. Who
2/26/08: Jane Espenson turned in an outline for this episode just prior to the writers' strike. From Kristin @ EOnline [We assume that means she's going to write the episode.]

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